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The individual cards can then be cut out and the information filled in and mailed to the intended recipient. You have the option of printing a single QSL card or printing up to four cards per page. The cards are printed 5.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches high. This is a standard size for a QSL card. About Cheap QSL cards and postcard The resource is currently listed in dxzone.com in a single category. The main category is QSL printing and other supplies that is about Links to QSL card printers. This link is listed in our web site directory since Friday Apr 10 2015, and till today 'Cheap QSL cards and postcard' has been followed for a total of 132 times.

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  1. My very first QSL card was from a 2 meter simplex contact. When I was a widdle boy, my parents were into the CB thing, which in the 60s was much different than it is now. Ma and Pa collected QSL cards from everyone they talked to on the air. I would love to have them, but they got discarded over the years.
  2. If you are looking for quality QSL cards and someone who is great to work with, look no further; Randy is the person you want to make your ideas come to life! 73 de Jim - KE8G-Earlier 5-star review posted by KE8G on 2011-12-13 I've recently become the QSL manager for KK6BT/4, Wayne, so a new QSL card needed to be designed.

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One of the joys of working stateside and DX amateurs is the exchange of the QSL card verifying contact between two stations.

I posted some of my small QSL collection online to allow others that have worked my station at one time or another the opportunity to verify whether I ever received a QSL from

If you have worked me and we have yet to exchange QSL cards then please contact me the SKED link below and I will see to it that we exchange QSL’s (either direct or via Bureau). Smooth edges tutorialrule the rail models !.


Without the QSL then none of the awards or other amateur radio related wallpaper would be possible. While some stations feel put off by a request for a QSL it would seem they have possibly lost that feeling of ‘working a new one’ because they have likely already achieved the award. Hopefully more amateurs will respond when the favor of a return QSL is requested (especially when someone has included an SASE).

See Full List On Rsgb.org

Wallpaper isn’t the only reason to be involved in amateur radio, but it does help attract others to our hobby as they see the exotic locales one has communicated with. Winning an award denotes competition and most folks become interested in anything competitive.

The more folks are attracted to amateur radio then the better understood will be our back yards dotted with towers, poles and wires.

RadioQSL – Custom QSL Cards

A lot of folks have declared amateur radio as old news and that it has been replaced by the Internet but amateurs know it just ain’t so. Proof of this is anytime a disaster takes place, who do you see in the thick of it? Amateur radio operators. Hurricane Katrina proved the worth of amateur radio versus the Internet. Yet, with all those that say amateur radio is dying they have yet to learn of the adaptation of the Internet to augment amateur radio using such cutting edge systems such as VoIP, EchoLink, WinLink 2000 and where would we be without telnet clusters and DX spotting nets?