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Excerpts from the
'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves' script:

Scene 1:

NARRATOR 1: Long ago in ancient Persia there lived a king called Shahryar.

NARRATOR 2: The king was a man who liked to stick to a routine. For example: on Mondays he wore blue socks; on Tuesdays he ate boiled ostrich eggs with ice-cream for breakfast; and, on Wednesdays at twelve o'clock, when he had just woken up, he enjoyed a good long bubble bath.

Home / Scripts / Musicals/Plays / Plays / Arabian Nights Arabian Nights Long, long ago, in a faraway land of mystery and wonder, a cruel king listens as a beautiful princess tells him stories – magical tales of princes and fishermen, flying horses and fabulous treasures, talking animals and powerful genies. Looking for Arabian Nights fonts? Click to find the best 1 free fonts in the Arabian Nights style. Every font is free to download! Download the Arabian Knight font by weknow. The Arabian Knight font has been downloaded 67,106 times.

NARRATOR 1: And, how King Shahryar loved to sing in the bath. In fact, the only things in the world he valued more were: his wife, his frisbee and being a king, of course. Unfortunately, King Shahryar was also insanely jealous and possessive, which made him an extremely dangerous ruler.


(Kassim begins systematically crossing out words on the scroll. Enter Ali Baba.)

ALI BABA: Greetings, dear brother, Kassim. Is that our father's will?

KASSIM: Yeah, and it doesn't even mention your name. Here, have a look yourself. (Briefly showing scroll to Ali Baba.) So, I get everything,okay?


ALI BABA: Aghh! Bandits! Cut-throats! Hide!

(Nadeem hides behind Ali Baba.)

ALI BABA: No, not behind me: in the bushes!

(Ali Baba and Nadeem each stand and hold a small branch in front of them. Nadeem is shaking uncontrollably.)

GRANNY: The bandits were the toughest and meanest thieves in all of Persia without mercy or pity, even for mangy old donkeys.

(Nadeem shakes even more.)

GRANNY: They had just robbed a caravan of jewels and gold and were about to hide their loot in a secret cave.

BANDIT 1: Hey, that bush is shaking like a leaf and I'm sure I heard it bray like a donkey.


BANDIT LEADER: Akifah, stop examining the flora and fauna and let's store our treasure before we are spotted. Of course, if anyone spotted us you know what we'd do to them, don't you?

(Bandits 1, 3, 4, and 5 nod and smile cruelly.)

BANDIT 2: Offer them a nice cup of tea?

BANDIT 3: No silly, we'd do something unimaginably mean. Like make them eat a mountain of Brussels spouts.

BANDIT 2: Ooh, that's mean.


BANDIT LEADER: Great work, my robber sisters! Now let's get back to doing what we do best.

BANDITS 2: Maths?

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ALI BABA: I'm proud of you son. Your first day as a merchant. I'm absolutely, one hundred percent sure, that this will only lead to good things for our family.

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HAMAL: Leg warmers and beauty accessories for camels! Make your camels look lovely! Because your camel is worth it! Form an orderly queue, please.

GRANNY: And, indeed it was a superb idea. Soon, every self-respecting camel owner was shopping at Hamal's stall.

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