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  • For Windows 7 and earlier, legacy versions of Audacity are available on the Legacy Windows downloads page.; For macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and earlier, legacy versions of Audacity are available on the Legacy Mac downloads page.; For Linux, the appropriate version of Audacity for your operating system is usually included in your distribution’s repository. Due to reported problems.
  • Jul 29, 2011 im recording songs on audacity and i really wanted to use auto yune and other effects but i cant find any.

1) Gsnap. After lots and lots of testing, my personal favorite free pitch correction plugin is Gsnap. You can download two versions here:

Twitter: de descarga: https://mega.nz/#!ZzxhTB5T!o6B9Yyg7uKdBPHsJf3CJshYrhf0rorCAiIRLleEQI.

http://www.gvst.co.uk/gsnap.htm(Newest Version)
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gza2ayr4ylfuqe3/AADelAd4TdoDFr8UXQff-nUna?dl=0 (Older version)

Autotune Audacity Download Yellow Yi Feng

2) Kerovee. My 2nd favorite free pitch correction plugin is called Kerovee. Kerovee can give your voice an awesome T-pain sound if you want. It can be downloaded at the following link:
3) Autotalent version 2. My 3rd favorite free pitch correction plugin is called Autotalent (version 2). Autotalent is extremely simple, yet surprisingly effective. Here's the link!
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Have you tried recording your song in Audacity, but it is off-tune? Don’t worry! We’ll give you a solution to that, and that is the Aucaity autotune, which is a device that corrects an out-of-tune or off-key vocal presentation. It is created by Antares Audio Technologies in 1997. Usually, music producers use this in a digital audio workstation like Audacity software for live performances.

The official plugin for auto-tuning comes at a very expensive price. However, there are many available programs that can be an alternative to the Autotune for Audacity. One of them is a plugin called GSnap.

You can download it for free, install in your Audacity, and fine-tune your live vocal performance. It helps expand the Audacity’s functionality through vocal pitch correction. There are also many Audacity plugins that you can download for free. Autotune runs in Audacity for Windows, Audacity for Mac, and Audacity for Linux.

  • 2 GSnap: Getting Autotune for Audacity

    How Does Auto-tune Works?

    Singers are prone to negative feedback coming from their listeners. They need to give their best and perfect production numbers to satisfy their audience. But there are instances that they need the help of devices to hide their mistakes or to avoid making mistakes. That’s why they lip-sync the song and auto-tune their prerecorded music.

    Actually, it is not only the singers and the music producers who use auto-tune. More often, ordinary people who made music as part of their lives are using it. But how do auto-tune works?

    When a person sings and the key is off (out-of-tune), auto-tune shifts the pitch to the nearest correct tone. It can also distort the human voice so that the out-of-tune part (especially the highest and lowest pitches) is not obvious in the whole performance.

    GSnap: Getting Autotune for Audacity

    GSnap (from GVST) is a plugin that enables the auto-tune effect. It is free to download and install in your Audacity. It can be used to correct your pitch and create a robotic voice effect.

    Here are the steps to follow if you want to get a free autotune for Audacity. Make sure you do every step to avoid any issue.

    Step 1. On your browser, go to Google and find GVST – GSnap. When you open the website, you can see the information about GVST.

    Step 2. Go to Downloads, it is located on the upper part of the web page. Click that and it will redirect you to the Download page.

    Step 3. Once it opened, you will see lots of plugins for effects. Find the GSnap which is the plugin for autotune. Go ahead and click that, the download page will open.

    Step 4. There are two options for GSnap plugin, the 32- and 64- bit. The download is compatible with your device. Or you can also use the download buttons prepared below. Note that this is for Windows only. There is a separate link for Mac OS and Linux. Wait for a few seconds to complete the download.

    Download GSnap x32Download GSnap x64

    Step 5. Open the download folder on your computer and find the GSnap. After that, extract all the files.

    Step 6. Look for the .dll file, and paste it to the plugin directory for Audacity. Just go to the Program Files on your computer and find the folder for Audacity. Go to the sub-folder for plugins and then paste the copied file. The plugin will be added to your effects.

    Audacity Free Download

    Try the Auto-tune Effect

    Autotune Audacity Downloadyellowyi

    Step 7. Open your Audacity and record your audio or import a prerecorded sound to auto-tune. Select the part of the audio you want to correct and click the Effect Menu. Look for the GVST GSnap plugin and the commands for adjustment will appear.

    Autotune Audacity Download

    Step 8. Configure the settings and turn your audio into a nice vocal presentation. You can rearrange or fix the vocal presentation into a better sound that you want to produce.

    Note: For Mac and Linux users, you can follow the same steps except for downloading. When you click Downloads on the website you can see on the bottom part of the page the download link for Mac and Linux. Click the “porting.project.page” and this will open the download page. Choose your platform and download the plugin.

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    Now, there’s no need to perfect your voice to create a great vocal presentation. Get GSnap for free, and make your recordings sound like professional.