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Book: Band of Brothers

'The Breaking Point' is the 7th Episode of Band of Brothers. It is seen from the point of view of 1st Sgt. Carwood Lipton as he watches as several men near the breaking point. دانلود سریال Band of Brothers 2001 جوخه برادران دوبله فارسی و کیفیت عالی. دانلود با لینک مستقیم و کیفیت های 480p BluRay,720p BluRay,1080p BluRay. قسمت 10 (آخر) فصل اول اضافه شد نام: جوخه برادران-Band of Brothers لینک IMDb.

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In July of 1944 the men were rapidly and effectively came back to Aldbourne. As the principal fighters to come back from Normandy, the men were renowned. They took advantage of it by fiercely celebrating in London. Others voyaged or recovered from wounds. Gordon was the main man in his clinic ward who was injured in battle and was appreciated by the other people who had been injured in Britain. He had the option to come back to his organization per Airborne approach, which was to return into their unique units once they recouped (109).

As per Ambrose, a few men like Lipton, who stifled Malarkey and another trooper after they called him “crip,” were “stressed over lasting inability” (109). The men were distinctive after Normandy: they had lost a large portion of their number and needed to go up against “the truth [they] had confronted and their fear about what they would confront” (110). One Private Webster told his folks: “? I am living on re-appropriated time. I don’t figure I will live through the following passing.

In the event that I don’t return, make an effort not to take it excessively hard. I wish I could convince you to view that as calmly as we do here… dislike non military personnel life, where abrupt demise is so unforeseen'” (111). Ambrose clarifies that “[t]hank God it was him and not me is an inclination regular to many battle fighters when their confidants fall; later it can deliver blame emotions” (111). Ambrose saw this frame of mind as regular to most World War officers on all sides (111). Back in Aldbourne, military life proceeded onward.

Band of brothers 75th

Officials gottheir advancements. The men had agreeable billets in the mid year of 1944. They tuned in to Military System (AFN) radio, tuned in to German publicity radio stations, went to USO shows when allowed, and went to a dedication administration for all the lost men. Utilizing Private Webster’s letters, Ambrose paints representations of the enrolled men and officials of E Organization. Something that Webster sees is the distinction between vocation men and regular citizen warriors.


Band Of Brothers 7

The non military personnel enlistees would in general be youthful, not keen on Armed force guidelines, blended openly with the enrolled men, and came to Europe without having served in the Pacific (114). Winters utilized the time gainfully to prepare newcomers utilizing live ammo he had carried from Normandy. He needed them to be prepared for goals like Brecourt Estate (116). The individuals who had battled in Normandy additionally needed to take an interest in the preparation works out, which they abhorred yet did in light of the fact that they regarded Winters. All things considered, their time in Aldbourne was tense.

All through the mid year the men heard bits of gossip that they were returning to Europe. The continually changing circumstance on the ground implied that in excess of sixteen activities, including ones for Chartres (France) and Tournai (Belgium) were arranged and afterward dropped that late spring. The veterans of Normandy were not anxious to battle. They trusted that General Patton, the Partners in Italy, and the Russian Armed force would win before they needed to come back to fight, a result made almost certain on the grounds that “the Wehrmacht central leadership [was]in strife after the July 20 endeavor on Hitler’s life” (117).

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Webster, conversely, needed to take the detestations of war legitimately to Germany to carry an unequivocal end to the contention (117). In September, the U. S. 101st, U. S. seventeenth, U. S. 82nd, the Clean first Parachute Detachment, the English first and sixth Airborne, and the 52nd Lowlanders consolidated to frame the Primary Partnered Airborne Armed force for MARKET-Nursery, an unsafe, confounded goal intended to get “English defensively covered powers on the north German plane, on the most distant side of the Rhine, with an open street to Berlin” (121).

Ambrose depicts the activity as “a move of the bones, with the Partners placing every one of their chips into the wager” (121). For the Main United Airborne Armed force, “this was to be the biggest airborne arriving ever, three divisions solid. It would be a sunshine arrival. In contrast to Normandy, it would come as an astonishment to the Germans. Fire would be, similar to the underlying ground resistance practically nonexistent” (121).

  1. What were the greatest challenges Easy Company faced in trying to take the town of Foy?Their challenges were that they had a bad leader and dyke was a coward. They had a hard time because dyke wasn't following orders and it lead to casualties and it showed dykes lack of ability to lead.

  2. How important is morale in wartime? Why? If they didn't keep morale up they would be 10 times more miserable also they had to show on video to the american people that everything was going to be okay. They had to reassure the people that all was well

  3. Why didn’t the men of Easy Company have confidence in the leadership of Lt. Dike? He never was there for them when they needed him. He could never make a decision for the soldiers. He always abandoned them and went on walk to avoid responsibility. He sucked as a leader and was very unreliable.

  4. What do you think Winters, the battalion commander, thought of Dike? Winters obviously has a soft spot for Easy company and i think that he thinks that dyke is a coward and i think it frustrating to him that he can't follow orders correctly. ALso i think he wanted easy company to be in good hands and to see that it wasn't the case that was very disappointed.

  5. Why did Lewis Nixon decline a furlough back to the United States to raise money for war bonds? He thought the war was pretty close to over so he didn't want to spend the money on the troops when it all was basically over he considered it to be a waste.

  6. How would you describe the psychological state of Easy Company at the end of the episode? They were very psychologically destroyed and exhausted. They were constantly watching their friends get violently killed and lived in a state of fear. They were also just constantly battling themselves.

  7. What were the major themes of this episode? Explain I think the theme of trust and alliance were very important because this episode showed how much they relied on each other. And they had a bad leader for awhile and you could see how that affected the entire company.

Personally I think that Winters has the best leadership qualities. He cares for the men and they trust and care for him. His leadership showed through easy company and held the men to a higher standard. Sobel even though he was a total control freak and cruel he was a good leader in the way that he prepared the men for the war in the best way possible. And Dyke was a terrible leader because he was so scared and a coward the whole time. He constantly abandoned the company and left his men in dangerous situations with no leadership. A unreliable leader is death to a company.

Episode 8

  1. What was the reaction of the narrator, Pvt. David Webster, upon his return from the hospital to the condition of Easy Company? I think he felt distant from the company because they ostracized him. He felt left out and guilty for having to be taken to the hospital. He was determined to earn back his reputation though.

  2. Why did he have a different perspective from that of most of the other members of the company? What did they think of him? It was hard for them to relate to him because he hadn't been through the Battle that had really take a toll on all the men. They were mad at him because many of the men were injured just as bad as Webster was. They thought he was weak because he went home when they had to go fight.

  3. Why did the company resent the newly arrived platoon leader, Lt. Hank Jones? Whom do you think they had a harder time accepting, Jones or Webster? Why? I think they both had a hard time being excepted into the company. They didn't have to live through those two battles and that separated them from the rest.

  4. What was the goal of the night patrol? To go in and gain german intelligence, so to take POWs from the town they were going into to gain information.

  5. Why did Winters decide not to send out the second night patrol? Because it was unnecessary and the men needed a break. It was basically over and there was no reason to send them. The men were really relieved because in the patrol the night before the man who died because of the bomb really took a toll on them.

  6. By the time the company left Haguenau, at what stage was the war? The war was basically over. Many of the men were being sent back home. They still had some time before that war was over but they had seen the worst of the fighting already it was dying down and coming to an end.

  7. Soccer betting systems. What were the major themes of this episode? Explain.

Band Of Brothers Episode 7

I think closure and mercy are two very important themes in this episode. I think winters shows that mercy when he does not make them go on that second patrol. Everyone was tired and the closure of the war coming to an end I think brought them a lot of relief. They could see the end and i think that brought them a little happiness and they felt to mercy of the end.

Band Of Brothers 7