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Addoncrop’s YouTube To Mp3 Converter Browser Extension Again, this is a YouTube to MP3 downloader Chrome extension, which works on all leading browsers. It supports MP3 bit rates 96Kbps, 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, and even 320 Kbps. The best part is that it doesn’t redirect you to another website, which means one more step removed. YouTube Downloader for Chrome is a small tool that can help you get back all the videos that you managed to upload to YouTube before the last hard disk format. The tool integrates into the Chrome.

Ever since the acquisition of YouTube, Google has been vigilant in regards to Chrome browser extensions that help users download YouTube content. New YouTube extensions come and go after yet another block, so you can’t be dependent on one, no matter how low-profile it is. But there is a solution! We’ve created a steady YouTube downloader for Chrome that doesn’t require extension installation and still allows saving YouTube videos online, with no registration or desktop software setup.

Google chrome youtube downloader add-on
  • Remarkable Simplicity

    Chrome YouTube Downloader is suitable for users of any experience and doesn’t require reading into long instruction or doing complex actions. You don’t even have to install an application or extension! Just a couple of clicks within your browser to download YouTube videos and music online and save them to your computer.

  • Fast Conversion

    We value your time and understand how frustrating it is to wait for favorite videos to parse and convert. Some services may process YouTube links up to several minutes, but with Chrome YouTube Downloader you won’t need to hang around for long. It processes YouTube URLs in seconds and saves media as fast as your Internet connection only allows. Doctor who news.

  • Audio Extraction

    Extract audio from YouTube videos and listen to favorite tunes offline whenever and wherever you are. On the road, in the gym, while shopping and in any other place and activity you are always accompanied by quality sound of your favorite tracks you’ve got with this online YouTube downloader.

  • No Video Duration Limits

    It doesn’t matter whether a YouTube video of your interest is under one minute or longer than an hour. Any YouTube video, short or long, you can save from a browser directly to your computer without the need to acquire a premium subscription or license. Chrome YouTube Downloader also grants the downloading of an unlimited number of videos from YouTube.

  • Compatibility with All Browsers

    It’s not only a Chrome YouTube Downloader, it’s a versatile online video saving service that supports not only Google Chrome but all modern browsers. Whether you are on Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, we’ve got you covered. Save YouTube videos online from any device that has a built-in browser and an Internet connection.

  • Free of Any Charges

    Ever tried to download a dozen of YouTube videos in a row and received the message warning about the free version limitations? Something like this will never happen when you use this service. Chrome YouTube Downloader is absolutely free to use for any number of YouTube videos and any time. Download YouTube videos all day everyday without a worry in the world.

How to Download YouTube Videos from Google Chrome

  • Step 1 - Copy a link to a video.

  • Step 2 - Paste it into input field of Chrome YouTube Downloader.

  • Step 3 - Press 'Parse Link'.

  • Step 4 - Choose the format. New tab containing the file will be opened in your browser.

  • Step 5 - Click the file preview using the right mouse button and select 'Download'.

Chrome Youtube Downloader Install