Daemon Prince Of Chaos Undivided


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COMMISSION: Night Haunter

Godhood Seeker: The end goal for most, if not all, servants of Chaos is to become a Daemon Prince, a quasi-Physical God with immense physical and magical power after being ascended by one or all of the Chaos gods to wreak havoc on the galaxy for all eternity. Abby mcgrew. Fortunately, the vast majority die (or worse) long before they can even get close to. Daemon Prince of Tzeentch INF 15cm/30cm 3+/4+ 3+ 3+ Warp Tempest (15cm). Chaos Undivided. Name Type Speed Armour CC FF Weapons Range Firepower Notes Furies. Ingethel the Ascended is a confirmed canon Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided in very recent lore. In addition to Lorgar and Perturabo. Chaos Undivided can't be retconned at this point unless they rewrite major chunks of the Horus Heresy. Lorgar's entire fall is basically Chaos Undivided, even AoS is full of Undivided champions like Archaeon.

COMMISSION: Genestealer Patriarch
COMMISSION: Imperial Guard Commander
COMMISSION: Nurgle Terminators
COMMISSION: Sgt Centurius
COMMISSION: Iron Warriors Siege Cannon
COMMISSION: Kholek Suneater
The Immortal God-Emperor of Man
Centurion Dreadknight - The Knightknightknight

Cultist Chan
Fulgrim - Daemon Prince of Slaanesh
Perturabo - Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided
Magnus the Red - Daemon Prince of Tzeentch
Mortarion - Daemon Prince of Nurgle
Angron - Daemon Prince of Khorne
Rogal Dorn - Primarch of the Imperial Fists
Painted by That Paint Guy
Lorgar - Primarch of the Word Bearer
Sanguinius - Primarch of the Blood Angels
Mortarion - Primarch of the Death Guard
Fulgrim - Primarch of the Emperor's Children
Painted by That Paint Guy
Conrad Kurze - Primarch of the Night Lords

Daemon Prince Of Chaos Undivided

Leman Russ - Primarch of the Space Wolves
Warmaster Horus - Primarch of the Sons of Horus

Chaos Daemons Wahapedia

Roboute Guilliman - Primarch of the Ultramarines
Lion'el Johnson - Primarch of the Dark Angels
Ferrus Manus - Primarch of the Iron Hands
Perturabo - Primarch of the Iron Warriors
Painted by That Paint Guy
Angron - Primarch of the World Eaters
Jaghatai Khan - Primarch of the White Scars
Alpharius and Omegon - Primarchs of the Alpha Legion
Vulkan - Primarch of the Salamanders
Corax - Primarch of the Raven Guard
The God Emperor of Mankind
The Emperor: Small Edition
No longer available
The Emperor
No longer available
The Golden Throne
Grey Knight Grandmaster
Grey Knight Venerable Dreadnought
Grey Knight Strike Squad
Tactical Squad Tarkus
Sanguinius - Primarch of the Blood Angels
No longer available
Black Templar Dreadnought
Black Templar Venerable Dreadnought
Black Templar Marshal

Black Templar Chaplain
Imperial Guard command Chimaera
Imperial Guard Commander (DoW style)
Imperial Guard Commander
Heavy Weapon Team
Sgt. Harker
Witch Hunters Land Raider
Chaos Giant (old)
Chaos Dragon
Chaos Raptors
Chaos Cultists
Chaos Terminator (Unfinished)
Dark Apostole
Chaos Lord
Abaddon the Despoiler
Space Marine Tactical Squad
Ogre Tyrant (old)
Ogre Bruiser (old)
Ogre Bruiser (old)
Mounted Chaos Lord (old)
Chaos Lord (old)
Chaos Champion (old)
Chaos Champion (old)
DaemonChaos Lord (old)
Chaos Spawn
Chaos Spawn
Chaos Spawn
Un-looted Battlewagon (unfinished)
Eclipsion Crowmissar
Warp Beast
Power Armour (unfinished)
Gorkken Morkann (unfinished)
Empire Hero (unfinished)
Chaos Lord (unfinished)
Chaos Chariot (old)
Ork Meganob
Ork Kommissar (old)
Stormtroopers (old)
Hive Tyrant (old)
Orc Warboss (old)
Ork VS Genestealer (old)
Ork VS Gaunt (old)
Lion El'Jonson (SOLD)