Dataradio Integra Tr Software Testing

END OF LIFE NOTICE - Calamp Integra-TR - The last time order date for these products was February 23rd, 2018
Dataradio Integra Tr Software Testing
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Products reach the end of their product lifecycle as changes occur in market demand, due to technology innovation, new product development, or simply when a product ages and can no longer be produced.

The manufacturer's warranty statement for this product is available in our manuals or by contacting Dataradio COR Ltd. 299 Johnson Avenue, Suite 110, Waseca, MN. Phone (507) 833-8819. Www.dataradio.com Dataradio provides product brochures, case studies software downloads and product information on our website. The use of a trade name or product name does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of that product, device, or software. This article was written and provided by Harry Ebbeson, Manager of Technical Services at Dataradio COR Ltd. Dataradio is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced wireless data products and systems for mission. . Integra-TR Technical Manual Version 0.02 PRELIMINARY The entire contents of this manual and the Software described. Learn more From Overblog.

This is now the case with CalAmp’s Integra TR family of products as several unique components have become obsolete and can no longer be readily obtained.
As a result of this situation, CalAmp is forced to officially discontinue manufacture

Dataradio Integra Tr Software Testing Tool

Integra-TR Wireless Modem

This programmable, transparent modem provides advanced features without complicated system setup. It features CWID for identification and CSMA to minimize retries and reduce channel interference. Redballhome. With enhanced diagnostics it is the perfect choice even in the harshest environments.The Integra-TR is available in UHF and VHF frequencies and delivers error-free data at up to 19200 bps over the air in a 25 kHz channel, 9600 bps in a 12.5 kHz channel, or 4800 bps in a 6.25 kHz channel.DOX or RTS/CTS capable. The data-activated transmit mode automatically activates the transmitter in the presence of data without needing an RTS handshake from the terminal equipment. Integra-TR supports CTS flow control for cases where the terminal rate exceeds the network rate. Supports user selectable data rates on a per sitre basis. No more dribble bits. The Integra-TR prevents transmission of any extraneous data bits to the terminal device. This makes the Integra-TR a perfect choice when working with protocols that cannot tolerate any extra data bits. With separate application and setup/diagnostic ports, you can monitor the health of your RF network without taking your application offline. Ideal for troubleshooting, online and offline diagnostic tools minimize costly downtime.

  • Supports Data Activated Transmit (DOX) or RTS/CTS flow control
  • On-line Radio Network Diagnostics to monitor and maintain your communications link
  • Diagnostic output supports OPC Enabled Diagnostics feature
  • Separate Application and Setup/diagnostics ports
  • Prevents transmission of any extraneous data bits
  • Approved for Non-Incinderary (Class 1, Division 2) by Factory Mutual
  • Front panel LED's
  • DIN-rail mount options available
  • Two-year limited factory warranty

Dataradio Integra Tr Software Testing Kit

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