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Active Directory Service Interfaces Editor (ADSI Edit) is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) editor that allows modification for the objects and attributes in Active Directory. 1) The ADSIEdit tool is a tool that allows the administrator to see the data stored in the Active Directory database. Now let us try to connect to the AD LDS Instance CONTOSO using ADSI Edit. Click on Start - Search “ADSI Edit” and open it. Right Click on ADSI Edit Folder (on the left pane) and choose Connect To. Fill the following values and Click OK. If the connection is successful, we will be able to browse the Directory CN=MRS,DC=CONTOSO,DC=COM. Tags: administrative tools, ADSI edit, ADSI Edit tool, Default domain, Domain Admins group, Fine-Grained Password Policies, group members, Password Settings Container, shadowgroup, TestOU Search for: Recent Topics. In the console tree, click ADSI Edit. On the Action menu, click Connect to. In Select or type a domain or server: (Server Domain:port, type the Domain Name Service (DNS) name, NetBIOS name, or IP address of the computer on which the AD LDS instance is running, followed by a colon (:) and the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) communication port that the AD LDS. On various versions of Windows the tools are sometimes included and sometimes they need to be downloaded from the Microsoft website and installed. In Server 2016 these tools are included as optional features and can be installed using the Add Roles and Features wizard in Server Manager; no download is required.

These tools are called Role Administration Tools (RSAT-Role-Tools) and include following features.

  • Active Directory Users and Computers
  • Active Directory Sites And Services
  • Active Directory Domains and Trusts
  • Active Directory Administrative center
  • ADSI Edit
  • Active Directory Module for Windows Powershell

Use Get-WindowsFeature cmdlet to get the list of Windows features.

Get-WindowsFeature –Name RSAT*

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Use Add-WindowsFeature cmdlet to install new features.

ADD-WindowsFeature RSAT-Role-Tools

Check the result with Get-WindowsFeature cmdlet

Get-WindowsFeature –Name RSAT*

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Managing Active Directory Queries

The Active Directory Query Manager in Hyena has been extensively modified with a new GUI, and many new features to make even complex Active Directory tasks easier to manage.

  • Hyena AD Query Screenshot
  • Managing AD Queries Video

Hyena provides extensive Active Directory (AD) reporting, with built-in tools for customizable queries, filtering, management of object properties, advanced attribute management, and many other AD administration features.

Due to Hyena's ease-of-use and rich feature set, AD environments of all sizes can be managed more efficiently and quickly. Hyena has numerous features that you won't find in the standard built-in Microsoft administration tools or other solutions including:

AD Queries and Views

Download Adsi Edit Tool

Hyena was the first AD management product to support customizable Active Directory queries at every object level. Define your own queries, or use any of the predefined queries to display custom 'views' of exactly what directory attributes you want to see for organizational units, users, groups, or computers. Hyena's queries can also contain a customized LDAP filter, if desired, for the ultimate in server-side AD filtering and query performance.

See the 'Managing Active Directory Queries' video panel to the right for an introduction to this powerful capability.

Bulk and Mass Updating

Active Directory is a database, and like all databases, being able to perform mass changes is a crucial capability. Any tool can manage object properties one-by-one; Hyena excels at making mass changes to the directory, all in a safe yet powerful manner. Starting with the built in ADSI-Edit like Attribute Manager, Hyena also includes a number of other specialized components for bulk administration:

The 'Active Editor' is a powerful spreadsheet-like directory editor that allows you to freely navigate around and change most common directory elements. Visual indicators show what attributes have been updated, the number of uncommitted changes, data validation, and more. The Active Editor also supports importing data into the Editor from a delimited text file. Changes that are imported are clearly indicated.

See AD Bulk Editing for more information on bulk editing with the Active Editor.

Hyena's 'Active Task' component automates the tedious task of mass importing and updating Active Directory, without the need for complex and error-prone Powershell scripts.

Take any input file and use it to create or update directory objects quickly and easily. Task settings and options are saved automatically, so repeated updates can be performed with minimal steps.

See AD Importing for more information on importing using the Active Task.

Flexible AD Management

Not every organization can upgrade all its domains all at once. Whether you are using Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016 or the latest Server 2019 release, with Hyena you only need one tool, not a confusing array of different snap ins.

Hyena allows management of the directory through either the container/OU structure, or by object class: users, groups, or computers. You decide and control how to manage your organization's directory, not the tool.

A powerful Find feature is available for any OU, allowing selectable criteria for finding and filtering AD information. OU properties are also available, including full support for management of Group Policy Object (GPO) information.

If Microsoft's optional Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) is installed, Hyena will provide access to both the GPMC interfaces and context menu functions, plus the GPMC reporting options.

Reporting and Exporting

All of Hyena's query results, including all Active Directory displays, can be easily exported directly to external sources, including text files, the Windows clipboard, or Microsoft Excel.

Exchange Support

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Hyena supports management of any version of Exchange including creating and disabling mailboxes, all in an easy to use and powerful GUI. Manage common Exchange account properties without needing to use another application.

Plus, the Exchange Administration tools no longer need to be installed.

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