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Call Recorder for Android is a simple and easy-to-use app to record all incoming and outgoing phone calls on your Android phone. It is easy to switch automatic call recording on and off within the app, and there is no need to click a button or launch the app with each phone call as all phone calls are automatically recorded. See a list of your past phone calls, complete with various statistics like number called, talk time, and time of day. Simply click the play button to replay or pause the phone call.

There are various features to prevent the Call Recorder from filling up your phone's memory with every phone call. The app supports automatic synchronization with your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts, so you can easily backup all of your important phone calls to the cloud. Free script writing template. The app also supports automatic cleaning out of old phone calls and you can even set the frequency with which your phone cleans itself out. Upgrade to the Pro version of the app to enable features like sharing recorded items to social media or having the app prompt you to ask if you want to save each phone call.

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  • A simple-to-learn interface makes this app easy for everybody to use.
  • Protect your recorded phone calls with a password.
  • Supports automatic synchronization with Google Drive and Dropbox so that you always have copies of your phone calls in the cloud.
  • Automatic cleaning makes sure your phone memory doesn't fill up with phone calls. You can set the frequency of automatic cleaning or lock certain phone calls so they are not cleaned automatically.
  • The Pro version allows you to set the 'save this call?' option which will ask you after each call is completed whether or not you want to save that call.

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  • Some features are only available in the paid Pro version.
  • Some Android devices have compatibility issues wherein the manufacturer's audio driver does not permit recording the opposite side of the conversation.

Download Call Recorder app for Android. Record your phone calls and listen later at a convenient time.

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  1. Download Call Recorder app for Android. Record your phone calls and listen later at a convenient time.
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