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The version 2.0 includes significant improvements for the VC and the external model in terms of display quality and animations. Please read the release history documentation inside the zip file for more information. The aircraft has been developed for FSX Flight Simulator SP1 or SP2 under Windows 7. It has also been tested with Microsoft FSX Acceleration, and P3D simulator but full compatibility is not guaranteed by the author. This package includes the aircraft model (Single-Seater, Two-Seater), a virtual cockpit (VC) and a 2D panel. All three parts have been designed and developed according to a large number of technical documents, descriptions, and pictures from the Eurofighter.

Laser Printed plan on good quality Bond paper or/and Tracing Paper and/or Polyester sheet of the PDF file from this listing, depending on what you have purchased. Rolled sheets, up to 5 in the same cardboard tube. This add-on is free. The Eurofighter Typhoon is a modern military aircraft which needs no introduction. The Eurofighter Typhoon's manoeuvrability is outstanding in every way and can happily.

The 2D panel has been developed for widescreen monitors only. The design goal was to develop an aircraft model along with a VC and a 2D panel as close as possible to the original aircraft. It was, however, not possible to program all the
functions and displays, because of the complexity of the real Eurofighter, due to limitations in FSX, and classified capabilities.

Download Paper Eurofighter Pdf Editor Download

Changes and additional functions have been made for simplification or gameplay reasons. The panel with the MFD displays, HUD, radar functionality, weapon simulation and indicators give a good impression on how the real Eurofighter cockpit looks inside.

A significant effort has been made to test, update and improve the flight dynamics of the model. The model includes and supports the following additional payloads :

  • Three external tanks, 6 AMRAAM missiles (mid-range Air to Air weapons),
  • 2 IRIS missiles (short range Air to Air weapons), 4 PWIV laser bombs.
  • External tanks and the weapons are configurable via a panel MFD screen.

Paints are included for GE, UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, SAAF, NATO, and just the base texture. This is not a load and fly package. Please take your time to read the included documentation carefully. Do not skip chapters because you may think, they are not important to you.

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For copyrights, credits, and installation instructions look at the PDF documentation inside the ZIP file.


In order to install this package some basic knowledge of handling files and folders in FSX/Windows, and on how to edit existing .cfg files with a text editor are required.

The installation is described in detail in the pdf document inside the zip file. Please read it carefully.

Download Paper Eurofighter Pdf Editor Software

Author: Dietmar Loleit