Evette Schaeffer Serial Numbers Saxophone Players


Evette and Evette & Schaeffer Identification

For anyone searching serial number lists.
First, you have to identify the model of clarinet. Is it an “Evette”, or an “Evette-Schaeffer”, or a true “Buffet”. Around 1978 the Evette and E&S models were dropped for the name change to B12, E11, etc.

Jean Louis Buffet was already making musical instruments as early as the 1840's. In 1871, Leon Crampon became a partner. If you come across an 'F' preceding the serial number of an R13, this indicates that the instrument has been built to an A442 - A444 and is intended for use by European ensembles. Their saxophone production really took off in the 1. From the serial numbers from the years. Cryptigo P7m Viewer 4 5 Serial Killers. I ask all these questions because I am really a sax player learning to double and brand. Bb Evette & Schaeffer. I recently came across an Evette Buffet Crampon saxophone on Craig's List for $175.

Then you have to identify the location of manufacturing.

  • Evette – If it is made in Germany then it is a Shreiber made
    clarinet. And these serial number lists have no correlation to Buffet.
    You have to call Shreiber. If it is made in France then it may be on
    the list below. If it is made in France with a letter prefix (such as “A”,
    “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”) then it is made by Malerne.

  • Evette-Schaeffer – if it is made in France with a letter prefix
    (such as “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”) then it is made by Malerne. Their serial
    numbers have no correlation to Buffets. If it is made in France then
    it may be on the list below.

Buffet Crampon Clarinets
NOTE: The K series Evette-Schaeffer
clarinets are well known. But BUFFET has another K series serial number
and that is with the Buffet Limite (with silver plated keywork) clarinets.
These have the Buffet emblem on them versus an Evette-Schaeffer emblem and is
not related to this list.


New factory(ish) serial number list

Who made the earlier Evette and E&S clarinets ?

Many of the earlier Evette and E&S clarinets were made by Malerne. They are recognizeable by the keywork, compare them to the Marlene page

Evette Schaeffer Serial Numbers Saxophone Players

So with Evette and Evette & Schaeffer that basically means the A, B, D
and E series are Malerne made, which ironically coincides with Malernes
serial number conventions. Unless they are stamped “Made in Germany”
and those were Schreiber made.

Buffet made K41xx is based on a pre-R13 Buffet. Looks like one via
the keywork and matches the R13 keywork introduction. Remember, Buffet
did not introduce the separate throat keys posts until 1955ish. This
is the same with the E&S / Evette model line if it was made by Buffet.

Evette Schaeffer Serial Number Dating

Pixel os download x86. This is obviously a Buffet professional model just with the
added Modele Evette & Schaeffer stamp added on
(pictures from eBay, April 2013)

Malerne made Evette & Scheffer B30xx – notice the small barrel trill key guide (Malerne
like) and this is an early non-adjusting screw model with shared post (Malerne
& Buffet like). Also notice the top key of the lower joint ring keys,
the top pad cup arm bends upwards – aka Malerne’s !!

Malerne made Evette, sn E1198

As an example, here is a higher quality Malerne stenciled Ledoux clarinet
sn D3693

E-S information provided by Rich Holmes

“Plastic Evette became the B12.
Wooden Evette became the E11.
Evette Master Model became the E12.
Evette & Schaeffer became the E13.
Evette and Schaeffer Master Model is supposedly an R13 with cosmetic flaws (this one
is debateable as Buffet won`t give much info on this – some say it is an
acceptional sounding E13 – either way it`s a good clarinet)”
Evette-Schaeffer Master ModelFrom other discussion it appears the story about cosmetically flawed R13s
being sold as E&S Master Models is incorrect — and that cosmetically flawed R13s
have been sold as Buffet Academy models.Other recommendations include that some Master Models are R-13 (as are Olds
Opera’s). But during what part of the R13 process were they declared not
fit for R13s? This could occur any time in the R13 process.
Therefore, theoretically a Master Model could be from the same wood selection
only of an R13 all the way to the end of production after some visual flaws are
found. So, theoretically, a Master Model could be an R13 in all ways
except for a few visual flaws OR could only be from the wood selection of an
R13, and all other things potentially different.Evette-Schaeffer Master Models range from K5000 to K11000 which corresponds
to 1953 to approx 1961. These can be considered the best as they also
correspond to the R-13 introduction.1960 Buffet Brochure about the E&S Master Model: “Instruments that embody
considerable hand craftsmanship, as do all the Buffet products, will vary
slightly from instrument to instrument. Those Evette & Schaeffer clarinets that
surpass the superb quality characteristic of al E&S instruments, are set aside
to comprise the ME-13 Master Model Evette & Schaeffer clarinets.” The 1968
price list for an “E&S E13” clarinet is $250 and for the E&S Master Model ME-13
is $299. The E13 would finally get a Buffet logo in the 1980s

The words “Master Model” may be above or below the logo; Upper
and/or lower joint and/or bell
Evette Master Model
The words “Master Model” may be above or below the logo
Serial Date Source Markings Case and notes
2027eBay 9/06On bell and top joint: “Evette & Schaeffer” / “Paris” /
“France” in oval. “Modele Buffet-Crampon” below oval.
Rectangular case, brown w/ brown lining, w/ lift clasps,
holding barrel separate (maybe room for 2nd barrel or reed case), rear
56xxeBay 9/06Modele Buffet-Crampon.Rounded rectangular case, black w/ blue lining, w/ lift
clasps, holding barrel separate, L side compartment.

Trying to figure out what year my alto was manufactured. The serial number is 5521. Any ideas? Photos included.

3 years ago

Evette & Schaeffer saxes are almost always stencil horns. This means that they have been made by one company on behalf of Buffet, for which the Evette & Schaeffer name is their budget line.

Serial numbers nero

There have been quite a few different makers of this name over the years. This particular one was made by an Italian firm by the name of Grassi, which operated from 1958 until the early 2000's.

Serial number info prior to 1976 is pretty sketchy, but my best guess is that your sax was made in 1961 or 1962.

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