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Express Accounts est un logiciel compta pour l'entreprise professionnel. Ce programme de gestion comptable fonctionne avec d'autres logiciels pour l'entreprise de NCH Software: Combinez Express Accounts.

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  1. Express Accounts is a freemium accounting software for Windows and Mac that allows you to easily organize, track, and report incoming and outgoing cash flow.
  2. Express Accounts is professional business accounting software, perfect for small businesses needing to document and report on incoming and outgoing cash flow.

How to Change Currencies in Express Accounts

Change Express Accounts Currency to Euro, Pound, Rupee

Changing the default currency sign in Express Accounts is quick and easy to do. The currency tracked by this robust accounting software can easily be changed to the Euro, Pound, Rupee, Yen or any other currency using the Options menu.

Navigate to the Options Menu

To Navigate to the options menu, click on the icon that says 'Options' in the top bar menu of the program window. The Options menu includes many options that can personalize invoices, quotes, and sales orders, as well as currency preferences.
Once you have opened the Express Accounts Options pop-up menu, click on the 'Regional' tab in the left hand menu.
This will open the regional options dialogue, where you can change the currency symbol, currency name, currency subunit, and more.

Simply click to edit any of the currency options.
You can change how currency is displayed in Express Accounts by editing the Currency Order.Accounting

Free Accounting Software Download

You can also change the decimal symbol and thousands symbol on your invoices in the Regional section of the Express Accounts Options menu. Printed date format can also be changed here.
When you are finished, click 'OK' to save and continue.

Use Multiple Currencies in Express Accounts

If you need to record invoices, quotes, and other account information in multiple currencies, you can set up a second business within Express Accounts in order to use a second currency.

Setting Up a Second Business In Express Accounts

Express accounts by nch software
To set up a second business, navigate to the 'Accounts' Tab in the top menu bar, and select 'Multiple Businesses' from the drop down list.

This will open a window that will list your current businesses. Click on the button titled 'Add New Business' to add a new business.

Follow the set-up guide to enter your business information for your second business.
Once you are done adding business information, you can select a currency for your second business by following the steps above. Changing the settings for your second business will not effect your original business settings.

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Express Accounting software, free download

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Available on Windows and Mac, Express Accounts has a range of features including reporting on cash flow, tracking payments, recording recurring orders and more, making it a perfect option for small businesses. Download Express Accounts for free today and see how it can help your business.