Fallout New Vegas Perk Requirements


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  1. Fallout New Vegas Perks Guide
  2. Fallout New Vegas Perks List

More Perks from Fallout 3 continues in New Vegas! If you come across a problem, first look at the perk details in datamore perksperk details folder, all perks have each of thier own perk detail.txt and the file includes specific condition and script and some abilities that are now shown in the little perk description screen. Fallout: New Vegas Do implants help you meet Perk requirements? Dk22 10 years ago #1 Say for example you want to get the perk Nerves of Steel, which requires 7 Agility to obtain. Use the command player.addperk Base ID to give yourself the perk. Example: The command player.addperk xx00f218 will give you the And Stay Back perk. Opening the Console: To open the console in Fallout New Vegas, press the key while you are in the game. This key is usually to the left of the 1 key and below the Esc key. General information Unlike in Fallout 3, the Perk Rate in Fallout: New Vegas is one perk every two levels. To counter how easy it was to max out the player character's skills in Fallout 3, most of the skill-boosting perks have been removed or replaced. There are 88 regular perks, eight companion perks, 16 challenge perks, and 18 special perks.

Fallout: New Vegas
RequirementsLevel 8
Guns 45
Melee 45
Effects25% more damage when using any revolver, lever-action firearm, dynamite, knife, or hatchet.
base id00138562

Cowboy is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


Fallout new vegas perk id

This perk increases damage dealt with dynamite, lever-action firearms, hatchets, knives, and revolvers by 25%, as well as any unique variants of the weapons. This includes:

Fallout New Vegas Perks Guide

Fallout New Vegas Perk Requirements
  • Dynamite
  • Fire bombHonest Hearts

Fallout New Vegas Perks List

  • Bowie knifeLonesome Road
    • Blood-napLonesome Road
  • Combat knife
  • TomahawkHonest Hearts
  • War clubHonest Hearts
  • .357 magnum revolver
  • 5.56mm pistolGun Runners' Arsenal
  • Brush gun
    • Medicine StickGun Runners' Arsenal

Level 2Black Widow/Lady Killer ·Cherchez La Femme/Confirmed Bachelor ·Friend of the Night ·Heave Ho! ·Hunter ·In Shining Armor ·Intense Training ·Junk Rounds ·Light Touch ·Old World Gourmet ·Rapid Reload ·Retention ·Swift Learner
Level 4Cannibal ·Comprehension ·Educated ·Entomologist ·Rad Child ·Run 'n Gun ·Travel Light
Level 6Bloody Mess ·Demolition Expert ·Ferocious Loyalty ·Fortune Finder ·Gunslinger ·Hand Loader ·Lead Belly ·Mad Bomber ·Shotgun Surgeon ·The Professional ·Toughness ·Vigilant Recycler
Level 8Commando ·Cowboy ·Grunt ·Home on the Range ·Living Anatomy ·Pack Rat ·Quick Draw ·Rad Resistance ·Scrounger ·Sneering Imperialist ·Stonewall ·Strong Back ·Super Slam! ·Terrifying Presence ·Tribal Wisdom
Level 10And Stay Back ·Animal Friend ·Fight the Power! ·Finesse ·Here and Now ·Math Wrath ·Miss Fortune ·Mister Sandman ·Mysterious Stranger ·Nerd Rage! ·Night Person ·Plasma Spaz
Level 12Alertness ·Fast Metabolism ·Ghastly Scavenger ·Heavyweight ·Hit the Deck ·Hobbler ·Life Giver ·Long Haul ·Piercing Strike ·Pyromaniac ·Robotics Expert ·Silent Running ·Sniper ·Splash Damage ·Unstoppable Force
Level 14Adamantium Skeleton ·Center of Mass ·Chemist ·Jury Rigging ·Light Step ·Purifier
Level 16Action Boy/Girl ·Better Criticals ·Chem Resistant ·Meltdown ·Tag! ·Weapon Handling
Level 18Computer Whiz ·Concentrated Fire ·Infiltrator ·Paralyzing Palm ·Walker Instinct
Level 20Atomic! ·Explorer ·Eye for Eye ·Grim Reaper's Sprint ·Mile In Their Shoes ·Ninja ·Solar Powered ·Them's Good Eatin'
Level 22Irradiated Beauty ·Laser Commander ·Nuka Chemist ·Spray 'n Pray ·Voracious Reader
Level 24Slayer
Level 26Lessons Learned ·Nerves of Steel ·Tunnel Runner
Level 28Rad Absorption ·Roughin' It
Level 30Burden to Bear ·Implant GRX
Level 36Broad Daylight
Level 40Certified Tech
Level 50Ain't Like That Now ·Just Lucky I'm Alive ·Thought You Died
Companion perksBetter Healing ·Enhanced Sensors ·In My Footsteps ·Quiet As The Waters ·Ravenous Hunger ·Regular Maintenance ·Scribe Assistant ·Search and Mark ·Signal Interference ·Spotter ·Stealth Girl ·The Way of the Canaanite ·Unclean Living ·Well-Stacked Cairns ·Unshakeable Tracker ·Whiskey Rose
Unique companion perksBlood of the Legion ·Bonds of Steel ·Calm Heart ·Camarader-E ·Causeless Rebel ·Elijah's Last Words ·Faithful Protector ·Full Maintenance ·Hand of Vengeance ·Old Vaquero
Challenge and special perksAbominable ·Animal Control ·The Bear-Slayer ·Beautiful Beatdown ·Brainless/Big Brained ·Bug Stomper ·Camel of the Mojave ·Coin Operator ·Day Tripper ·Dead Man's Burden ·Dine and Dash ·Divide Survivor ·DNAgent ·DNAvenger ·Elijah's Ramblings ·Fast Times ·Free Radical ·Friendly Help ·Ghost Hunter ·Heartless/Cardiac Arrest ·Never Axed For This ·Lonesome Road ·Lord Death ·Machine Head ·Marked ·Meat of Champions ·Melee Hacker ·Mutant Massacrer ·Power Armor Training ·Scourge of the East ·Set Lasers for Fun ·Sierra Madre Martini ·Spineless/Reinforced Spine ·Stealth Suit Mk II Perk ·Tough Guy
Implant perksAgility Implant ·Charisma Implant ·Endurance Implant ·Implant C-13 ·Implant M-5 ·Implant Y-3 ·Implant Y-7 ·Intelligence Implant ·Luck Implant ·Monocyte Breeder ·Perception Implant ·Strength Implant ·Sub-Dermal Armor
Unarmed perksKhan Trick ·Legion Assault ·Ranger Takedown ·Scribe Counter
Cut contentCut contentBrain-full ·Child at Heart ·Corpse Finder ·Deathclaw OmeletQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original source ·Heart-full ·Spicy Casserole ·Spine-full ·Survivalist
Italics denote perks available through add-ons.
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