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Throughoutits three decades of existence, one of the many things that the Final Fantasyseries has become renowned for is its scores. Each game has been accompanied bya soundtrack masterfully crafted by Square's composers, chief amongst themNobuo Uematsu, who was solely responsible for almost every one of them beforehis 2004 decision to depart the company and become a freelancer.

The game sold well over 7 Million copies worldwide and earned an impressive score of 91% from Gamerankings. It was released in Japan on July 19, 2001, in North America on December 20th, 2001 and in Europe on May 29, 2002. Final Fantasy X's soundtrack, like many other Final Fantasy titles, was composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu.

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  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a rhythm video game, developed by indieszero and published by Square Enix for Nintendo 3DS and iOS.Based on the Final Fantasy video game franchise, the game involves using the touch screen in time to various pieces of music from the series.
  • Cheese Game Cabinet Uses Music from Final Fantasy. A cabinet at Chuck E. Cheese plays a clearly bootlegged Final Fantasy theme, and another instance of the cabinet is playing different music.

Tracksfrom the games are regularly performed in concert by orchestras around theworld, whilst several have soared into Classic FM's prestigious Hall Of Fame,deservedly ranking amongst classics by the likes of Bach, Brahms and Beethoven.

Throughthe course of this article, each game's soundtrack is ranked in turn. Thecriteria for inclusion has been as follows:

· Eachnumbered single player entry from the series (including direct sequels) hasbeen individually included.

· Onlinetitles have been included as a single entry each (so each is judged on thesoundtrack of both its main game and its expansions together).

· Spin-offshave either been individually included, grouped together when part of acollection or omitted entirely to avoid cluttering the list (such as mobiletitles that received their own soundtracks or the Crystal Chronicles series).

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Final Fantasy
Developer:Square Co., Ltd.
For other games in the series see Final Fantasy.

Best app for voip sennheiser mac. Final Fantasy is first game of the largest fantasy RPG franchise in history. It uses a pretty standard RPG system that was already popular by the time it came out; you create a party of four members, walk around an overworld map, fight random encounters, enter towns, talk to randomly roaming NPCs, etc. However, expecting the game to be their last, the developers of Final Fantasy added a great deal more to the experience with lots of little details: the player attacks are animated, the enemies are beautifully drawn and show up in large bands, there is a strategy to the spells you learn, the dialogue can include upper and lower case letters, the is a wide variety of equipment, and many more positive nuances.

The story is so common these days that it has become cliché. The power of four orbs, each representing one of the four elements, has been extinguished. As the heroes of light, you must go and defeat each of the four elemental fiends in order to return light to the orbs. To do this, you must go through numerous quests, battle plenty of bosses, and drink an obscene amount of potions.

The game is a whole lot of fun, and while it has a few annoyances (having to buy items individually for example), it sets the stage for an uncountable number of imitators.

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Final Fantasy's soundtrack was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, and it's quite large for a 1987 NES game. Uematsu made a cohesive soundtrack; though the songs have their own distinct sound to fit their area of the world, they still share common factors. For example, many of the more passive songs (menus, towns, etc.) lack rests, and notes are constantly played. Likewise, most of the songs lack percussion entirely, which is very unusual for an NES soundtrack. The music also successfully conveys an orchestral sound even at low fidelity.

There is a lasting quality to the soundtrack as well. A couple of the tunes, especially The Prelude, are reused in later games, and several songs from the soundtrack are often found in fan's top-ranked NES tunes.


01The PreludeNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:48Download
02Main ThemeNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:01Download
03Cornelia CastleNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:48Download
04TownNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:52Download
05ShopNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:00Download
06Battle SceneNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:37Download
07Victory!Nobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:39Download
08Menu ScreenNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:41Download
09Chaos TempleNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:01Download
10Opening ThemeNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:26Download
11ShipNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:26Download
12Matoya's CavernNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:14Download
13DungeonNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:58Download
14Gurgu VolcanoNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:13Download
15AirshipNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:52Download
16Floating CastleNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:12Download
17Final DungeonNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:01Download
18Dead MusicNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:53Download
19Ending ThemeNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai1:50Download
20Save MusicNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:05Download
21RestNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:01Download
22Got ItemNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:01Download
23Got TreasureNobuo UematsuToshiaki Imai0:03Download


  • Ripper: necrosaro
  • Recorder:TheAlmightyGuru
  • Game Credits:
    • Not Credited Composer:Nobuo Uematsu
    • Not Credited Programmer:Toshiaki Imai

(Source: Nobuo Uematsu has claimed credit for the music, the game lacks credits)


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Title:ファイナルファンタジー (Final Fantasy)
Publisher:Square Co., Ltd.
Title:Final Fantasy
Publisher:Nintendo of America, Inc.
Title:Final Fantasy
Publisher:Nintendo of America, Inc.

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