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Florida Drivers License Test Questions and Answers (part 5 of 7) Practice first with these questions before taking the Florida Driver License Written Test! Congratulations - you have completed Florida Drivers License Test Questions and Answers (part 5. Take our FREE FL Driver's License Practice Test now! It's an online quiz with 25 unique questions, in-depth explanations, and instant test results. Be totally prepared for the Florida DMV Driver's License test in no time! This Florida drivers license renewal test quiz contains just a handful of permit test questions on each of the above-mentioned topics, just as the real DMV renewal written test for 2021 applicants will.

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they may not turn right or left during the red light.
they must wait for the traffic signal to turn green before turning right or left.
2. Drivers may not cross ______________ unless turning left when it is safe to do so.
red lines
double solid white lines
3. When approaching any intersection or driveway, drivers should:
pass other vehicles and then stop.
drive at the fastest speed just before entering the intersection.
decrease their speed if passing the truck on a downgrade.
pull in front of the truck before they can see the cab.
let the truck driver know they are passing by blinking their headlights.
heavy fines, loss of license.
All of the above.
6. At 40 MPH, the average driver’s reaction time accounts for __ feet travelled.
control the speed of vehicles entering a freeway.
control the weight of trucks entering a freeway.
a reduction of lanes sign.
a side road sign.
9. Which of the following is NOT a defensive driving tip:
It is better to drive off the road than skid off when avoiding a crash.
Hitting a car moving in the same direction as you are is better than hitting a car head-on.
It is better to swerve right instead of toward oncoming traffic to prevent a crash.
the highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways. Drivers should keep to the right.
there is a winding road ahead.

Florida Drivers License Questions And Answers

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Florida Drivers License Practice Book


Get Ready with the Florida Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Before you get your Florida motorcycle permit, you need to pass the test. Our practice test can help you to prepare for the actual test.

All Motorcycle Drivers Must Take the Motorcycle Permit Test


Questions For Drivers License Renewal

Did you know that even if you have your driver's license, you still need to take a motorcycle permit test before operating a motorcycle in the state of Florida? A motorcycle permit is available for those who first go through and pass the Basic Rider Course. The Florida Rider Training Program is responsible for administering those courses. Though the state doesn't necessarily require that all drivers obtain a Florida motorcycle permit, the state does require that drivers pass a written test.

Florida Drivers License Questions

Loty crewgraffiti movies & documentaries. Motorcycle licenses are only available to those who are at least 16 years old, and all applicants must have a valid Florida driver's license. Drivers will also need to show proof that they have had their licenses for a minimum of one year. Those under the age of 18 will also need to bring a parent or guardian with them. Parents and guardians will need to sign paperwork and grant approval for the underage driver to obtain a motorcycle license.

Our motorcycle permit practice test specifically covers the laws in Florida. The full test that you'll take in your local branch is comprised of 40 total questions, but our tests only have 12 questions. Each time that you attempt to take the test, you'll get a combination of new and old questions. We will give you a passing score on the test when you answer at least 80 percent correctly, which is the same score required by the state for a passing grade. You might find that you need more preparation beyond simply reading the driver's handbook. Our motorcycle permit practice test will make it easy for you to verify if you've retained the knowledge that you picked up from the handbook before you take the test in person.