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Hymns / Conservative Christian Music

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  • See the music search feature below.
  • GospelRiver.com – free downloadable hymns
  • Hymnal.net – excellent source for playable hymns and sheet music
  • Christian radio
  • Cyberhymnal – free public domain lyrics, MIDI files, scores, etc.
  • Saints Serving – free a cappella hymns with harmony parts
  • Hymnary.org – many public domain hymnals and hymns

Audio Messages

  • As a blogger, I love to create free Christian Resources for you to use. Below are just a few that I have made. 5 Free Christian Resources 1. Identity in Christ. I believe that the Christian faith consists of cornerstone truths that if grasp them- our faith will be strong and deep. One of these cornerstones is knowing who we are in Christ.
  • For pastors some of the best free Christian resources include - Sermon Central which offers over 150,000 free sermons from which to draw inspiration. These include both sermons and sermon outlines with many in Spanish.
  • A Christian Church in Downtown Andover, we are a community of Christians who meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 10:45am. Our purpose states: To invite people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and a community of Christian love, develop in.

Free Christian devotions You can also search by new free Christian devotion content, or find the best classic devotions and the best modern devotions. With our lives seeming to be so full of activities and so time pressured, daily devotions are a good way to regularly stop and focus on God.

Wall Hangings/Bible Verse Texts

Bible Bookmarks

Salvation Testimonies

  • Gospelriver.com (category = testimony)

Free Audio Bibles

More about the gospel

Online Bible study helps

  • Online Bibles (BibleGateway.com)
  • Parallel Bible (BibleStudyTools.com)
  • Bible maps (bibleatlas.org)
  • Tecarta Bible / Mobile app (includes MacArthur Study Bible, Believers Bible Commentary)

Bible Computer Programs

  • E-sword (Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, etc.)
  • TheWord.net (Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, etc.)
    • E-sword may be slightly easier to use, TheWord may have a few additional features or resources.
  • If you just want a basic program with free copyrighted Bibles, try BerBible.

Mobile Phone Bible Apps (Apple/Android)

  • OliveTree (Bibles, commentaries, etc. Less free material but offers some resources that are not available elsewhere.)
  • iOS only: PocketSword (Bibles, commentaries, etc.)
  • iOS only: eSword LT (Bibles, commentaries, etc.) ($2.99)
  • Android only: MySword (Bibles, commentaries, etc.)

New Testament Greek Resources

Online Publications

Free Christian Resources & DownloadshomeFree
  • Words in Season (no longer available for subscription)
  • Assembly Testimony (UK)

Christian books and resources for sale

  • Christianbook.com (music, books, gifts, Bibles, reference materials)
  • GospelFolio.com (books, tracts)
  • Bible Truth Publishers (calendars, books, tracts)
  • Moments with the Book (tracts, pocket calendars, witnessing materials)
  • Amazon.com (definitely not Christian, but good prices)

Free Christian E-Cards

Gospel Outreach and Testimony

For Children

Free Christian Stuff

  • Postal Bible Studies – Free lessons for children ages 4 and up. Rewards and gifts. Downloadable lessons.
  • GospelHall.org: lesson plans, printable activities & crafts, etc.
  • Calvary Kids – more kids activities

Spanish websites

Music Tune & Hymn Search

Christian Freebies

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Free Christian Downloads

Free Christian Resources & Downloadshome


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>Repentance - by Thomas Watson (View Book)

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>The Doctrine of Original Sin, by Dean Harvey (View Article)

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>Free Bible Commentary - Produced by the ministry of Dr. Bob Utley, these verse-by-verse, exegetical video, audio and printed commentaries are committed to the trustworthiness and authority of Scripture, emphasizing the intent of the original inspired author by means of their:
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