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  1. Dec 29, 2016 They have put up and maintain a website with testimonials, numerous resources, and even created an app called God Over Porn. Their devotional journal is free to anyone who cannot afford it, limited to one copy per customer. There you have it, the best places to get free Christian books by mail.
  2. Order a free Bible and free Christian books. We give away copies of the New Testament Recovery Version study Bible and Christian books by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

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Addiction recovery is a huge commitment of time and energy, and it can be a large financial commitment as well. Not all treatment programs are expensive, however, and there are plenty of additional free resources available that are tremendously beneficial to those looking for Christian rehab.

A great place to start looking for addiction help is your own church or community organization. Individual churches and church bodies often have connections with drug and alcohol recovery centers. Some will be able to recommend treatment facilities, and most will be able to direct you to support group meetings, life skills programs, and self-help resources.


Keep in mind a word of caution: free resources are beneficial and can help individuals as they work toward sobriety, but many are designed to act as a supplement for regular Christian rehab programs rather than help the user achieve sobriety on their own. For sustained recovery, a qualified Christian rehab program is the best option. As the individual completes rehab, free resources are helpful to keep the person on the right track, provide support, and enrich their sober living.

The Cost of Addiction Treatment is a Barrier to Recovery

Out of the 21 million people in America who require treatment for a substance abuse disorder, only about 1 percent actually received specialty treatment (SAMHSA). According to SAMHSA, the two most commonly reported reasons for not receiving substance use treatment among people aged 12 or older who knew they needed treatment, were that they were not ready to stop using or that they had no health coverage and could not afford the cost of treatment. The cost of addiction treatment is a barrier to many who know they need help but are afraid to make the commitment to pay for treatment.

When adding up the price of addiction, however, it becomes clear that the cost of remaining in an addiction is much more than the cost of rehab. Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is costly not only because drugs and alcohol aren’t cheap, but because of lost wages at work, health care costs, and legal fees. When these costs are added up over the lifetime of the addiction, they greatly outweigh an addiction rehab program’s costs.

Not only is the cost of rehab less than the cost of addiction, but rehab facilities now offer a variety of ways to help clients afford treatment. Most facilities accept insurance for treatment, and many also offer payments plans, scholarships, or loans. The goal is to help more people overcome their addiction, and treatment centers are working to make their programs as affordable as possible.

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Free or Reduced Options For Faith Based Treatment

There are also a number of free or reduced rehab programs and resources available to those in need of treatment who can’t afford it. Many of these are offered through churches, charities, or community organizations.

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the best-known resources for those struggling with alcoholism and other addictions. Based on the 12-steps model, AA meetings take place throughout the country and provide a strong faith-based support system to those going through recovery.

Celebrate Recovery originated in Southern California over 8 years ago, and now has over 500 ministries across the country. This fellowship program provides a strong Christian spiritual orientation to the 12-step approach to the recovery process and is open to individuals with any type of addiction.

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Catholic Charities operates a support network or more than 160 agencies across the country. Each agency offers solutions to local needs by offering an array of social services, including self-help and support groups for addiction recovery.

The Salvation Army is a social service organization that works to meet community needs throughout the country. This organization uses work therapy, counseling, spiritual direction, and life skills development to help individuals through addiction recovery.

SAMHSA Faith-Based and Community Initiatives is an online resource for faith-based rehab centers and the individuals they serve. Through this initiative, SAMHSA supports mental health services, substance use prevention, and addiction treatment programs, providing funding and training, and connecting those in need of treatment with these programs.

SAMHSA Faith-Based Coalitions and Collaborative Partnerships has established teams of community and faith-based leaders who are working together for recovery. A list of these partnerships can be found at the link above and serve as a resource for those looking for faith-based programming.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides toolkits, fact sheets, and other resources to organizations that are involved with faith-based recovery. The Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, or Partnership Center, engages and supports nonprofits and faith-based organizations who serve their community with addiction services. The goals of this Center are to make addiction treatment affordable, address current topics related to addiction, address mental illness, and remove barriers faith-based treatment centers face to serving their community.

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Christian Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

The staff at JC’s Recovery Center is committed to providing world class care and outcomes for our patients. Our treatment programs from our IOP, Outpatient Rehab to our SonShine programs are designed to provide maximum impact for recovery shaped from the Biblical perspective.

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Our staff at JC’s Recovery Center can also help you find free Christian and faith-based resources. Ezvid download free. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you in your recovery.