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Check out the Music Maker Soundpools! Start up your new Music Maker and browse collections in pop, rock, hip-hop, trap, EDM and tons more – the choice is yours. Explore thousands of loops and samples that you easily drag & drop to combine. And best of all - all loops adjust automatically to your song's pitch, so everything sounds great together. Music Maker 16 Profanum wrote on 2/12/2011, 10:58 PM I've been playing around with the MIDI editor ever since I purchased MM16 (Two days ago).

Seen more as a starter’s DAW with an affordable price, the company is now offering Magix Music Maker Free for producers who want to make music.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the free DAW? Get Magix Music Maker for free here

Mac users are out of luck as Magix Music Maker only works on Windows-based computers. It runs on Windows 7 & above. You could, however, install Windows on your Mac.

Although I don’t know any pro music producer using Magix Music Maker to produce music, I think it’s a great beginner DAW software for most starter music producers or non-musicians trying to go into music. The DAW software works with any audio interface that you have, so recording into it isn’t an issue at all.

I like to think of Magix Music Maker as ‘the Garageband’ for Windows computers.

What does Magix Music Maker free comes included with?

Free Instruments For Magix Music Maker

You get 435 sounds & loops, three instruments & eight effects to produce music with the free version. You can freely add as many effects or instrument tracks with no limitations.


It also allows you to record, edit, arrange & mix music just like how you would on a normal DAW. Upon finishing your mix, you can also export your mix in different audio formats, from MP3 to Wav.

An honest Magix Music Maker review

I personally find Magix Music Maker DAW to be quite a non-polished DAW. Then again keeping in mind that the DAW is aimed for the starter producer or the singer-songwriter who doesn’t want to meddle with too much software.


While it feels like a kiddy DAW to me, I must admit simple recording and music-making is possible on it. The DAW is aimed towards quick music-making, where you drag ‘soundpools’ which are loops & samples found under the media pool into your arrange track, quickly making up a track.

Drag effects into your arrangement

Even the effect presets can be dragged and dropped into sections of your arrangement. While I personally didn’t find too much value in that, I honestly think beginners would love this feature.

The premium edition also features very interesting plugins that do time-stretching, pitch-shifting & vocal tuning. You also get VST plugin support with the premium edition, so you can use 3rd party VST plugins within Magix Music maker, which can come pretty handy if you plan on bumping up your music game.

Who is Magix Music Maker for?

Take the free version for a spin & try making a track or two before purchasing the premium version. Chances are you either hate it or love it.

If you’re someone who isn’t looking to go deep into music production and only want to quickly record or create some simple tracks, then Magix Music Maker might feel user-friendly to you.


But if you’re a professional music producer who likes going granular and wants to tweak every single knob or settings, then I’ll advise skipping Magix Music Maker altogether and start out on a more serious DAW, like Cubase, Logic X, Pro Tools, Studio One or Ableton Live.

Have you used Magix Music Maker before? What are your thoughts on the software? Comment below.

Get 50USD Off – Magix Music Maker

Prefer to dive right into the full software suite?

Follow this link to Magix Music Maker to get 50USD off Magix Music Maker Premium. This gives you the full software, its sound pools, including a free copy of Sound Forge Audio Studio 12. (Complete list below)

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  • 3 Soundpools of your choice (loop packs)
  • 1 Soundpool Collection of your choice
  • 3 MAGIX instruments of your choice
  • 2 Tiny instruments of your choice
  • 64-bit version
  • Song Maker
  • VST2 & VST3
  • Project Notes
  • Song parts
  • coreFX VolumeFormer
  • VST Bridge Orange Vocoder
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 (Worth: USD44.99)


Magix Music Maker 2014

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Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker can give you all you need to organize your songs. It helps to record songs simply connect a microphone, guitar or keyboard and create your own songs. With 6000 sounds and loops, individual practical instruments, super mastering plug-ins and even more effects. It is very easy to use interface. Magix Music Maker is ideal for both primary and advanced users. Magix Music Maker Download will let you produce music live, all at the tip of your fingers. You can also record your live vocals and even enhance them further with a set of studio quality sound effects. Through this software, You can also take advantage of the editor that will allow you to edit your melodies.softisfree.com

Magix Musi Maker 2018 free developed by the Magix Musi Technologies that is the software development company. This software keeps the performance of any other functions that occur very reliable environment for the OS. Magix audio and music lab is so much easy to use for anybody. Magix Music Maker comes with an interface that is very intuitive and easy to use that will let you have the best experience possible. The installation process of is very quick and easy without any problem. This software is also premium full version tool. Magix Music Maker Download Free is very easy to utilize music library at single place. By high-class virtual instruments, high-quality mastering plug-ins, lots effects, and 6000 loops or sounds. By using this software, you can create your own songs and tracks of any artists within a minute.

Magix Music Maker free combines the standard features that create songs that highly professional. It also comes with latest and enhanced features. MAGIX Music Maker helps out to create your own studio quality songs and tracks, the record. Your own particular vocals and include genuine instruments that pick the right pitch for your tunes and mixup loops using drag and drop. Using this software, you can easily record, edit, produce songs and perform it live. Magix Music Maker Premium makes your own particular recordings of studio quality. It called music production manager. It helps to record songs simply connect a microphone, guitar or keyboard and create your own songs.

Magix Music Maker Features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • VST3 and VST2 interface.
  • Combine loops.
  • Create and mix your remixes.
  • Sounds Play.
  • Publish your songs.
  • Provides instruments.
  • It includes more than 6,000 professional sounds.
  • Six virtual instruments and various sounds.
  • Import MP3s songs and different video contents from CDs.
  • This software offers practical tools and real effects.
  • This app provides you drum machines, Piano, synthesizers.

License Key:

  • 8N7B6V5C4XCV6B7N87
  • B6V5C4XC5V6B78N7BV
  • 6C5X4C5V6B7N8B76V5
  • CX44C5V6B765CXC5V
  • 6B7M8N7B6V6B7N887B

Activation Code:

  • 8NB7V6C5B7N8M9N8B7V6
  • C5C78NM99N8B7V6C5XCV6
  • B7N8NB7V6C5X45F6GH765
  • D4D5F6G7H8N8B7V6C5CV6
  • B7N8N8B7V6C5X5CVBN8M
  • 99N8B7V6C5X9M8NB7N77

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