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Free Soccer Video Highlights Download

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Amazing Skills Invented by Lionel Messi Football's Scientist

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As is known to us all, Messi's height is 1.7 meters, only 2 centimeters taller than his idol, Diego Maradona, which is a tiny frame in today's football. But precisely his 5'7' frame gives him a marvelous body balance. Thus he can keep his body low but stable when dribbling. Lionel Messi's sublime dribbling skills are not confined to this. He has strong ability to skip sliding tackles. Usually when facing with tackles, he could evade the past by flicking the ball, but still keep the ball under his feet, which makes his dribbling more ornamental. And he rarely used his right foot when he made the breakthrough, but his left-footed control gave him the edge to finish. Still, he runs in small but fast pace, which make Lionel Messi starts very fast. But owing to the height restriction, he may not as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo, and Gareth Bale. But as for other aspects, he is perfect and his quality is the ability to maintain possession in tight space.

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Besides, the sublime dribbling skills, Messi is also generous as a forward. Sls wooden slab universal panelsugars legacy stables. For example, after finishing a hat-trick against Zaragoza, Messi sent his own penalty kick to the more demanding Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Though Lionel Messi prefers to shoot at the goal in angles, which will not be strenuous, it doesn't mean he is incapable of shooting outside the penalty area with great force. He proved this with long shots vigorously against Stuttgart.