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MySQL Database Viewer – Complete Solution for You!!

SysInfo SQL file viewer is a free application that lets users view and open SQL database files without SQL Server. This free SQL Opener supports viewing of all the data types of SQL files like tables, columns, classes, triggers, keys, indexes, etc. Free SQLite Viewer The product is a freeware to open and read SQLite database files on Microsoft Windows operating system. The SQLite Viewer works with corrupted as well as healthy SQLite files of the server. Browse and explore SQLite DB files of unlimited size. DbVisualizer is a database management and analysis tool for all major databases (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, SQLite) on Windows, macOS, Linux and Unix platforms. SQL LDF Reader helps you in opening and analyzing SQL Server Log file information. The LDF Viewer software is capable of recovering data from Transaction Log file and provides users with expected results. In addition, the free SQL Log Analyzer can also be used to perform forensic analysis of SQL Transaction files. Aryson SQL Viewer is a standalone free tool which help users to view and open corrupt MDF and NDF files with ease Read More The software is loaded with an amazing interactive software making it a cake walk for non-technical users to use it without any help.

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Free Sql Database Viewer

MySQL is one of the best relational database management system. It let the users add, access, and manage the content in a database. The thing which makes it one of the most prominent systems is its flexibility, reliability, and quick processing power. You can easily retrieve or store the data using the structured queries, but you do need the MySQL environment setup on your system.

MySQL uses the SQL queries to store and retrieve the data. But if you are a person who doesn’t have enough knowledge about these queries or doesn’t have MySQL environment setup, then you do need a solution to open SQL database. For doing this, Aryson has brought you a solution which is MySQL Database Viewer utility. The software is free to use, and you can easily open and view MySQL database using this.

Simplest Way to View MySQL Database File

A Quick Overview of MySQL Database Viewer

  • Step 1. Add MySQL database file followed by browsing button.
  • Step 2. Now select Database file of MySQL for viewing.
  • Step 3. The software scan and load the selected MySQL (DB) database files.
  • Step 4. Allow to previews tables, table properties, data types, and triggers of the database.
  • Step 5. Select the destination path to save views items.
  • Step 6. Click on OK button to Save recovered MySQL Database as a new Database file.

Features of Free MySQL DB Viewer Utility

As the name suggest the tool can be used to open and read the MySQL database. It offers some great features which make it easy for you if you don’t have the environment setup or don’t have enough knowledge about SQL queries. Some of the advanced features that the Free MySQL Reader offers are listed below:

  • Scan and Open Corrupt MySQL Database
    Like other files, database files are also prone to corruption. They often get corrupt and as the user, we face inaccessibility and inconvenience to access our data. This utility scans the corrupt database and opens all the objects of that database file. You can then easily read all the data stored over that corrupt file.
  • Open InnoDB and MyISAM Tables with Ease
    The Free MySQL Database Viewer can open tables created using InnoDB(.frm, .idb, .ibdata) and MyISAM(.frm, .myi, .myd) engines. You can easily view relationship constraints, table properties, and keys of both InnoDB and MyISAM engines.
  • Successfully read all the Database Objects
    The tool makes it possible to open and read all the objects of the MySQL database. You are allowed to open objects like tables, table properties, views, triggers, data types, etc. The tool represents the data in a tree-structured layout which makes it easy to analyze the database.
  • Supports Database File of all the Major MySQL Versions
    It really doesn’t matter which version of MySQL was used to create the database. The MySQL Database Opener utility makes it possible to open the database file created using any version of MySQL. So, don’t worry about the version.
  • Easy to Use and Intuitive GUI
    GUI of the tool is easy to understand and it makes it easy to handle the tool. The preview gets generated in a tree-structured layout which makes the user comfortable to read and analyze all the database records successfully.

How to Open MySQL Database Using Viewer Utility

For opening the SQL database file, all you need to do is to follow the 4-easy steps:

  1. Download Free MySQL Database Viewer Full Version on your system.
  2. Add the database file(.frm, .idb, .ibdata, .myi or .myd) to the tool and click on the OK button.
  3. Wait for a while till the tool scans all the database objects.
  4. Soon, all the database objects will get displayed in a tree-structured layout.

All the process of opening the MySQL database will get done in no time and you will get the preview of all the scanned data. This will allow you to open MySQL database without using any single query or installing the MySQL environment. I hope this MySQL Database Viewer tool will help you out to easily open and read SQL database. Thank you.

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Product Overview

What is Sqlite Database Viewer

Possibility is, you might not have noticed it, but certainty is you must have used Sqlite in one way or the other. In many terms, Sqlite is compared to the client/server SQL database engines like Oracle, MYSQL; but the truth is, it is trying to work around another type of problem. For example: While database engines emphasize more on scalability and availability, Sqlite focuses on rendering local data storage that is meant for distinct applications and devices. User can use this free application to read Sqlite DB files successfully because it is a high quality software to browse Sqlite files.

Advantages Of Sqlite DB Browser

Sqlite is an excellent relational database management system that used by most developers for private and commercial use because it has ability to use without configuration so this viewer application plays an important role to read Sqlite data files as.

Browse and view Sqlite files, Scan and repair corrupt database file to preview, No size limitation to require to browse the files, View overall components like tables, triggers

Product Screenshots
Step 1: Launch The Tool
Step 2: Browse & Add Sqlite File
Step 3: View Sqlite Database
Step 4: Export Option
Watch Live Video Here
Sqlite Viewer Specifications

Demo Version Limitation

The demo version of the tool provides you with complete preview of data. But to export the carved evidence, the demo version need to be switched with the upgraded PRO version.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 8 & All Below Windows Versions
  • Processor: 1 GHz Processor
  • RAM: 1 GB of RAM
  • Disk Space: 55 MB of free hard disk space
General FAQs
Is it capable to view and repair corrupt Sqlite data?

This application is fully able to view, recover corrupt Sqlite files, but you can't export these files by using this freeware utility. 6th grade argumentative writing.

How many databases can add at once?

The software allows to add one Sqlite data file at a time.

Can I install this freeware app with every version of Windows OS?

Free Sql Database Viewer Download

Yes, it is Windows base software and users can install it with all Windows Operating Systems including latest version 8.1.

What are Sqlite versions that supported by this application?

The toolkit presently supports Sqlite‚ 3.7.7‚‚ 3.7.8‚ 3.7.9‚ 3.7.11‚ 3.7.12‚‚ or 3.7.13‚ versions and preview .db, .db3, .sqlite, .sqlite3, .fossil and other formats.

Free Sql Database Viewer Sql Server

What are the minimum system requirements to install this tool?

Free Sql Database Viewer Software

To install the software, you must have minimum 1 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM and 10 MB free space on the hard drive.