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  • LiveVue Geo is a remote viewer for GeoVision PC Digital Video Recorders LiveVue Geo is a remote viewer for GeoVision PC Digital Video Recorders. Created as a desktop alternative to the GeoVision Remote Viewer and Multicam.It utilizes the GeoVision Web Browser ActiveX Control, but the Graphical User Interface, Camera views, and Additional Features were produced by our programmer in Nassau.
  • Download Support Software TeamViewer for Windows TeamViewer for Mac. Veteran Owned Business. Email Us [email protected] Provides an overview and comparison of the following dvr cards: GV-250, GV-600, GV-650, GV-800, GV-1120, GV-1240, GV-1480. This chapter also contains minimum system requirements, packing list, connection.
  • SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD & UPGRADING: IP Camera: Video Management Software: Access Control: License Plate Recognition: Digital Signage: Network Storage: SNVR System: Hardware Accessory: Others: Smartphone App: Video Server: The download links are not available in Brazil. IPhone / iPod / iPad. GV-Eye V2.3.1 more GV-Access V1.1 more GV-Selector V1.

Download Access to Geovision Software Download Page: In order to provide the best support to our CCTV Customers, we offer software downloads for our GeoVision Surveillance systems and our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) range. Also available for download are helpful Programs, Video Codecs and User Manuals. Below you can download gv-650/800(s) v3.51 software driver for Windows. File name: gv-650-800sv3-51software.exe Version: 1.1.7 File size: 12.830 MB Upload source: other website Antivirus software passed: Kaspersky Download Driver (click above to download).


Gv 800 Software Download


IP CameraVideo Management SoftwareAccess ControlLicense Plate Recognition
Digital SignageNetwork StorageSNVR SystemHardware Accessory
OthersSmartphone AppVideo Server

The download links are not available in Brazil.
IP Camera

Primary Applications



  • Support for setting a limit on each channel’s playback time in the ViewLog tab of Local Account Edit
  • Support for automatically assigning storages to multiple camera channels
  • Support for smart streaming of GV-IP cameras
  • Support for QView display which enables the projection of a live view display onto another monitor
  • Support for recording storylines in live view, playback and Qview
  • Support for push-to-talk on live view
  • Option added to Text Overlay Setting to display GV-ASManager’s data and the license plate recognition (LPR) data on the camera screen
  • Software license management support
  • 3D E-Map display
  • Point of Sale (POS) integration with up to 32 channels
  • H.265 compression type added to AVI Repair Utility
  • Automatic login with GV-PCR310 Enrollment Reader
  • Support for local backup and remote backup with GV-Backup Center
  • Support for GV-PPTZ7300 to automatically track moving objects under 360 degree view
  • Support for GV-3D people counter
  • Support for GV-Cloud Center
  • User privilege control when connecting with mobile app GV-Eye


  • Double password function to execute Remote ViewLog
  • ‘Apply All’ button added to the Address Book in Remote ViewLog to apply the same ID and password to all hosts
  • Reduced database loading time when connecting to Remote ViewLog
  • New information recorded in System Log: newly added, modified and deleted user accounts, adjustment of recording status, change of recording paths and missing / resuming disks
  • E-mail notification support upon video resumption and removing the USB dongle
  • Disconnection icon shown on E-Map upon video lost
  • Support for changing the property of the view zone on E-Map
  • Polygonal area setting for I/O icons on E-Map
  • Support for connecting to hosts automatically when Bandwidth Control is started
  • Improved backup mechanism with GV-Failover Server and GV-Redundant Server by detecting if the recording data has been written to the hard disk


  • The possibility that the live view of unspecific channels might be green screens if cameras get disconnected and connected frequently
  • Support for simultaneously listening to audio of all the connected cameras
  • Iris Open / Close option removed from the PTZ control panel for ONVIF PTZ cameras
  • GV-TM0100’s motion detection setting to be configured manually on the device
  • The size of ViewLog’s Preview Window scaled to be proportional to the window size of GV-VMS
  • Time range to search for log data changed from 7 to 5 days in Advanced Log Browser
  • Removed support for GV-Skype Video Utility


  • A change in the camera’s image color before and after the PTZ control panel is enabled on the live view
  • The camera names not updated on the timelines of all camera channels
  • Failure to display event and device items in Advanced Log Browser if 7 days of log data are retrieved
  • The issue where the Heat Map function is not turned off when selecting or unselecting Start Schedule Monitoring
  • Problem with starting the WebCam Server if the camera name contains a double quotation mark
  • Problem with starting GV-VMS after reboot upon restoring the system default using the Fast Backup and Restore (FBR) program
  • Connection issue with the LPR Plugin when Control Center Service is not activated from GV-VMS
  • Control Center Service’s startup issue when the WebCam Server and Control Center Service are enabled on GV-VMS simultaneously
  • Query failure in Backup Time due to a mismatch between the start and end times of a single recorded file
  • The end time of the recording file exceeding default 5 minutes
  • Possible E-mail alert failure in GV-Center V2 on the PC where previous version of GeoVision software has been updated
  • Inability for Remote E-Map to connect to GV-VMS server
  • Problem with unusual CPU usage when synchronizing Windows Active Directory accounts to GV-Authentication Server
  • Failure of Camera Popup function if the GV-VMS has been restarted under the service mode
  • Failure to call up the soft keyboard when logging onto GV-VMS on GV-Desktop
  • Problem of Remote ViewLog to apply the first alignment setting to all fisheye cameras
  • Inability for Remote ViewLog to play back recordings properly when the time zone settings of GV-VMS and GV-SNVR / NAS System are different
  • Failure to access live view after connecting to American Dynamics ADCi400-D011 through ONVIF
  • Abnormality of GV-VMS when connecting to Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I through ONVIF
  • Inability for GV-SD Card Sync Utility V1.0.5.0 to backup recordings to GV-VMS
  • Failure to retrieve the recordings in I/O log from backup recordings using the EZSysLog program
  • Inability for Remote ViewLog to update new codec properly when connecting to GV-VMS



  • Display of a system running error message when trying to use Windows 7 (without SP1) or earlier versions of Windows
  • Inability to reset the GV-5016’s frame rate to its default value when the birate is reduced
  • Inability for the Advanced Log Browser to display the filter results of POS events
  • Crashing of the Advanced Log Browser when switching between the POS table and other tables
  • Crashing of the Quick Search application after right-clicking its window to open the menu
  • Rare chance of motion events not being recorded, resulting from that the recording files might open and close immediately

Note: Seamless gutter machinemac's gutter works inc. GV-System has ended support for Windows XP and Vista.


GV-Recording Server/GV-Video Gateway Version History