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Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived. Does not know he is a wizard. He lives with worst muggles. He gets letter and goes to hogwarts. He finds out dark wizard called voldemort had killed his parents. And he could not kill harry potter. Harry survived with his scar. In his first Year he saves the philoshpers stones to go to voldemort. Which would bring him back. Then came second year. With a diary of Tom Riddle (voldemorts past) he opens the chamber of secrets. Harry goes in the chamber and destroyes the diary and the basilisk which killed people looking in eyes. He later realized he had destroyed a horcrux with basiliks fang. Third year. Sirius Black Escapes From Azkaban. Harry thinks it is sirius who is supporter of Voldemort but in the end he realized it is not. And saves Sirius from going back to azkaban. Peter Pettregue was the secret keeper and the supporter. It was not known till harry third year. Fourth Year. Harry is let in to the tri wizard tournament. He wins it. But in the end cup is the port key. But moddy (actually barty crouch junior, supporter of voldemort. Changing his body. Made a wrong port key). It took Harry and Cidric to grave yard. Where Voldemort returned with harrys blood. And sixth year harry knows about the Horcruxes and dumbledore dies. Seven Year Harry potter hunts horcruxex

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Harry Potter Torrent Downloadcleverboat

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