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Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death. Spoils of War (Remake) Size C Author. Main; Best; With a review; Tourneys; Top authors; Top. Actually is easy to create maps for Heroes My favorite game that i played was Heroes 3,so actually let's get started with it,and i am going check for other previous Heroes versions,and theyr respective map-making. So,getting started,you have to open Heroes Of Might And Magic III Map Editor.It is in the Heroes III Folder. Dec 09, 2015 This article will help solving most frequently reported issues by new users of the Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 modification. Posted by mmh55 on Dec 9th, 2015 - Basic Other If you can't solve your issue with these guidelines, then please include in your bugreport the map and gamemode (SP,Hotseat,LAN) you were playing.

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Heroes 5 Maps - Heroes 5 Tribes of the East. The Biggest collection Maps for Heroes of Might and Magic 4(IV), Heroes 5(V) and Heroes 3(III). Latest news, cheat codes, screenshots, walkthroughs, hints, downloads and articles in English and Russian languages. I'm wondering where to place my downloaded custom maps? I've bought through steam and installed in standard location, but I can't seem to find the library where the game is installed (running win 8.1). Could anyone help me getting custom maps up and running?

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Campaigns for Heroes III and IV

Maps for heroes 5Heroes Of Might And Magic 5 Custom Maps

Heroes IV Campaigns

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Title and Images Maps and Sizes Author Game Version
Megom Chronicles: Memory Crystal
8 (M, M, L, XL, M, M, L, XL). Michal KrajewskiH4 Equilibris

The world of Aalondor is finally at peace. After ten years of Rebelllion Wars, the borders are finally delineated. During the war, a small Duchy of Gloath secured its freedom. This land, located between two huge nations – Veneth and Preturia, was mainly inhabited by thieves, conmen and moneylenders. Who would have thought that this small country will change the fate of the whole continent? Especially one man and his actions..
A young thief - Behart Coldfeet – and his three academy mates – are sent on a very important mission of returning the Crystal of Memory from the enemy’s territory. This artifact has a strange influence on the main hero but its purpose is unknown. It may have something in common with four ancient artifacts scattered across the continent. This is the beginning of the end of Aalondor.

The Tale of Young Mudgeon
5 (S, S, M, M, M) - 10 more maps planned. KarmakeldH4 Equilibris

The game tells the story of young Mudgeon, who's about to be apprenticed to a sorcerer. One day his life is changed abruptly, when his family and he himself becomes enmeshed in a tangle of plots, treachery and evil plans to destroy all things living. In a race against time, Mudgeon tries to find his family, solve mysteries and fight evil. Eventually he realizes that he is just a small piece of a puzzle with more than a 1.000 pieces. The destiny of the whole world, does not lie on his shoulders, but with the help of his faithful followers, they assume their responsibility for making the world a safer place.. For their own sake, of course.

Megom Chronicles: Tales of Souls
9 (L, M, S, M, L, S, S, L, M) Michal KrajewskiH4 Winds of War

Megom - half robot, half golem, tries to find his origin and place where he belongs. He find himself on a vast wasteland without memory of his past. Shana Rock, a fierce woman barbarian wants to help him and unite the tribes. But journey of Megom is far longer and he will face lot of troubles and heroes. For example Three Tree Organisation who wants to destroy him, or a necromancer vampire, who seaks for ultimate power. The plot is seen by every side of the confict so that the player can identify with one.

The Astral Romance
4 (M, M, S, L) Michal KrajewskiH4 Winds of War

Wanadium - a capital city of Pinetum hasn't reported for a month. To investigate this case, a young leader named Prolixus is sent to the city of Wanadium. There, he sees that the city is subject to one big massacre. It has been invaded by a huge army of undead. A perpetraitor called Schwarzstain has an evil plan to destroy the Pinetum region. At the head of undead armies, Schwarzstein sends a very beautiful girl named Asu, who becomes a part of mysterious intrigue. Nothing is what it seems to be.

Lamentia's Story
Lamentia's Story (German)
6 jeffH4 Equilibris

This campaign is the sequel to Dragon's Fate but is standalone. It picks up the story seven years later, and Lamentia is offered the chance of resurrecting her lover, Nathaniel.

Dragon's Fate
Dragon’s Fate (German)
8 (M, M, M, M,
L, L, L, XL)
jeffH4 Winds of War

Talon arrives in Sequoia for the planned reunion. He quickly learns his former love Vixen is missing. The rest explain she had sent word that she could not make it, but may try and join them later. The remaining five begin to search the area for clues to the general unrest that permeates the land. The group will investigate the emergence of a Coalition between Sorcerers and Necromancers, the disappearance of several races of Dragons and the appearance of several strange new creatures. Are they related to one another or just a coincidence? Talon learns early that he must find and talk to a mysterious individual named Jarvis. The group itself is an odd mixture Talon a half-elf is the leader, Nathaniel an accomplished knight always attempting to prove himself, Lorelei carefree, an accomplished thief and continually in trouble and finally the twins Karth a priest traveling with his sister acting as her body guard and his sister Lamentia a former priestess recently banned from the study of life magic. Over the course of the campaign many battles will be fought and friends will be lost. The player will make choices that will affect the games eventual conclusion. The members of the group will reflect on their past and many will be given choices, some will find love and others will subsequently lose love. The choices you make will influence their fates. (German version translated by Koni)

Sorcerer King6 (M, S, M, L, L, XL) RobenhagenH4 Winds of War

Take a long journey through generations of a bloodline and through the realms and countries of the world. Reconquer the lands that was taken from your ancestors and revenge your family.

Champions3 (L, L, XL) CrusardH4 Standard 3.0

'You are chosen from among the city guard to investigate a group of thieves that are causing trouble for the Kingdom. As you progress in your adventure, new challenges arise, and so do your responsabilities. 'Champions..' is an epic story based in a pure RPG styled gameplay. Unlike other RPG maps around, this campaign includes some aspects that differ from common HoMM4 maps, such as quests with many solutions and endings, neutral towns in which to spend your well-earned gold pieces, a sense-making distribution of adventure and landscapes objects, etc. Two endings, one of which is a 'false' ending, add replay value with different scripts and events for the second time you play the map.

The Hundred Years War5 (L, L, M, XL, M) Rakne FneH4 Winds of War

'In the first scenario in the exciting campaign on the famous Hundred Years War, you are the young king Edward III of England. After three years of domination by your mother and her lover, Roger Mortimer, you decide to take control of the government! Also the heritage of the French throne is uncertain after the death of Philip IV (of France) and his sons. The new king of France could be your cousin, Philip of Valois, or it could be you, as your mother, Isabella is the daughter of Philip IV.. The »Hundred Years War« was a series of wars between England and France that actually lasted for 116 years from 1337, when Edward III claimed the French throne, until 1453, when the English lost Bordeaux. England repeatedly invaded France on the pretext that their kings had a right to the French throne. As the player, you will play the side of the English from year 1337 to 1415.

Planeswalker II7 (M, L, L, XL, XL, XL, L) Thomas RobenhagenH4 Winds of War

'The archon Ramiel must face the difficult task of retrieving what has wrongfully been stolen from his beloved home; Mount Celestia, the Seven Heavens.' Also see Planeswalker I below.

Resolution, Part One4 ( M, M, S, S) RifeH4 Winds of War

'A wizard struggles to create a new life for himself in Axeoth, but is forced to deal with personal demons from his life in Erathia.' Sequel to the Heroes III Unification campaign.

The Science of Darkness5 (S, M, M, M, M) Rakne FneH4 Standard 3.0

'This is a death campaign with crazy scientists, good replay value, many choices to build up your character and includes a touch of Heroes III. You can research five new death skills: Death Construction, Death Summoning, NecromanZy, Darksmithery and Mysticism. All skills can be developed up to the grandmaster level. You will only be allowed to develop about half the skills during this campaign, so choose carefully!'

Nosferatu: Blood of the Ancients3 (S, L, XL) Thomas RobenhagenH4 Winds of War

'The young and valiant knight Melkor, unwillingly becomes involved with a dark society.'

Planeswalker7 (S, S, S, M, M, L, XL) Thomas RobenhagenH4 Winds of War

'Lead the Unnamed across the planes in an inferno of blood, killing and mayhem.' Based upon the Planescape Campaign Setting and originally inspired by Planescape: Torment. Even if you are not familiar with this universe, the campaign should provide some challenge and enjoyment.

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The Gambler4 (S, S, L, M) Rakne FneH4 Standard 3.0

'This is a chaos campaign focused on gambling, challenging battles and less story. You have to earn your chaos magic and improve your gambling skills by.. wagering.'

The Saga of Depierrelles, Pt I5 (S, M, L, XL, XL) Ururam-TururamH4 Standard

'The first part of the story Of Depierrelles. We meet him as a young bard ready to go adventuring. What will he achieve - play and see. Gameplay is about three years of the inner time of the game.'

8 (L, M, L, X, L, L, L, L) wimfritsH4 Winds of War

'Betrayal, valor, growth, humor and life changing decisions combine to create a massive and challenging campaign. The choices you make in these 8 maps change the alignments, power ups, and whole story line which makes for excellent replay value. '

The Hunt For Adanis6 (S, M, M, S, M, S) EtrymH4 Gathering Storm

'This is a campaign. You control two heroes on their quest. Good chance for making strong heroes. Both large and average armies thoughout the campaign.'

Robin Hood3 (M, M, M) Rakne FneH4 Gathering Storm

'Year 1189-1195: King Richard Lionheart is on the Third crusade in the Holy land. Meanwhile, his brother, prins John Lackland is ruling England. It is Robin Hood and Lionheart's task to reclaim the country, to bring forth peace and order by any and all means.'

The Adventures of Wren2 (M, M) Jörgen LindeH4 Standard

'You are Wren, a young elvish woman, on a quest trying to reunite the Old Peoples before it is too late..'

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Heroes III Campaigns/Map Series

Heroes of might and magic 5 custom maps

Heroes Of Might And Magic 5 Custom Maps Download

Average difficulty is based on ranking each individual map's difficulty from 1 to 5 (1 is easy) and then finding the average of the total.

Ascent of Chaos4 (M, M, L, L)Normal / HardTiong Bin
Elodram Series2 (S, M)Normal / HardNicklas Renstrom
Eternal Love8ImpossibleHans C.
Evil is Good2 (M, M)NormalJonah Falcon
Exile Trilogy3 (M, M, XL)NormalTim PeBenito
Le Cycle de l'Ambre5 (XL, L, M, L, L)HardSlaim
Le Cycle de Ténèbres5 (M, XL, L, L, M)ExpertSlaim
The Legacy of Qun-Jin4 (M, L, L, M)HardDan Heath
Masters of Sighisoara4 (M, L, XL, XL)NormalMaygwan, Yurian Stonebow, HeroOfPunk
Masters of Sighisoara II5 (XL, L, L, L, M)NormalMaygwan, Yurian Stonebow, HeroOfPunk
The Song of Valorin (AB)4 (S, M, L, L)HardNine Senshi
The Shimuna Wars4 (L, S, L, M)NormalEl Boricua
The Shimuna Wars II4 (XL, L, S, M)NormalEl Boricua
Shimuna III: The Last Chapter7 (XL, S, M, S, S, L, XL)NormalEl Boricua
Unification 4 (M, M, M, XL)NormalRife