Hollow Knight Steel Soul Modencpro

Aug 21st, 2018

The Steel Heart achievement in Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition worth 427 points Achieve 100% game completion and finish the game in Steel Soul mode Showing only comment. Leave a comment. Fl studio 12 torrent free download. When you're bad at games but want to 100% + Radiance on a Steel Soul run.

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Hollow Knight Steel Mode

  1. Collect City Crest
  2. Defeat Hornet
  3. Collect Mothwing Cloak
  4. Collect Greenpath stag journal
  5. Collect Fungal Sporg seal
  6. Collect Mantis Claw
  7. Collect Mantis Village journal
  8. Cash in all relics, +1750 (2165)
  9. Defeat West Tower arena, +50 (2215)
  10. Buy Lumafly Lantern
  11. Buy Shaman Stone, -220 (1910)
  12. Walk to Crossroads Stag
  13. Buy Lumafly Lantern, -1800 (60)
  14. Walk to, and collect Crystal Heart, -50 (10)
  15. Stag to Crossroads, and travel across Blue Lake to City of Tears
  16. Go directly to Watcher Knights, and defeat Lurien
  17. Collect the chest after Watcher Knights
  18. Walk to, and defeat Uumuu, then defeat Monomon
  19. QGA, then walk to and defeat Herrah
  20. Stag from Distant Village to Dirtmouth
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Hollow Knight Steel Soul Run