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Importing and Exporting Files. You can import and export data from other TurboCAD formats, as well as formats of other CAD systems. To import from another file type: Select File / Open or Ctrl+O. Under Files of type, select the format you want to import. If you want to specify conversion parameters, click Setup. I've tried downloading the shapefile and importing that into a CAD drawing using the IMPORT command and finding the downloaded shapefile (.shp) and I also tried the.shx file, both to no avail. Clearly I'm missing some vital step(s) and getting this wrong, but there don't seem to be any current/relevant video guides or written guides that seem.

When you import a PDF file that includes SHX geometry, you can use PDFSHXTEXT as a post-processing tool to convert the selected geometry into single-line mtext objects. For the best results, do the following: Find a closely matching SHX font against which to compare the selected SHX geometry Be careful to select only SHX geometry. Convert online shp file shx file gis to autocad format below link it is very easy and fast to convert shp file to autocadhttps://geoconverter.hsr.ch/https. In a recent article, I discussed the power of importing vector-based PDF files into AutoCAD. However, there can be one minor challenge. However, there can be one minor challenge. TrueType fonts import fine, but SHX fonts do not—they come in as individual polyline segments.

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AutoCAD Map 3D :: How To Import Shape Files In MAP (with Import Profile Template)

May 27, 2013

I am an archaeologist working with survey equipment and Map3D for a few years but now I have the following problem.
When I import the shapefiles created in my leica/topcon equipment into Map3D (mapimport) there is the possibility to select which attributes are going to be imported with an import profile file (.ipf).
How do I create the above and save it so that I do not have to go through the same process again?

AutoCad :: Import Shape Files Into LT

Jul 28, 2011

Import Shx Files Into Autocad

If there is a way to import shape files into Autocad LT?
I have tried using the freeware converters such as Cad tools but have no way of opening the avx file, also tried Import Shape from ABC Autocad but have hit a wall there too. This made me wonder if its even possible in LT.
I managed to install the Import Shape program but it installs a bunch of files I don't think I am able to use. It gives me the following error when I run the SCR it installs. 'Command: (defun LISP command is not available.'

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Import LiDAR From GIS Shape Files

Jun 20, 2013

I wanted to import a shape file from GIS, but all contours elevations are 0. The attribute data on contours have ID elevation. How do I query those ID elevation to the contours?

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Shape File Import - FDO Provider?

Apr 12, 2013

I am attempting to import a shape file in Civil 3D 2014 and get an FDO error (see attached). I have performed this task nearly everyday for an entire year in 2012 with the same file, method, etc. I change my workspace to 'Planning and Analysis', select 'Map Import' and select my shape file..error!

AutoCAD 2010 :: Import Exported Shape File?

Jan 3, 2014

I exported a building I drew in a program to a shape file. It produced 3 files, a .dbf, a AutoCAD Shape Source file, and a AutoCAD Compiled Shape. Can I import my exported shape file into AutoCAD 2010?

AutoCad :: Import And Trace Picture (shape) Into 2014?

Importing shx files into autocadOct 23, 2013

I want to import a simply picture (flat 'Paint drawn' star, for example) into AutoCAD 2014 then want to trace it there so it can be a AutoCAD 2014 format to be able to scale it very easy it and resize it without any degration.

AutoCAD Map 3D :: Import Of Shape File Contour Lines To Their Elevation

May 29, 2013

I want to import a shapefile into acadmap; this file has contourlines, and in the attribute tables there also is the Attribute for the elevation of the repective line, noted as integer number
after import all lines are on elevation 0
how can I filter all those with same elevation attribute, change them to an AutoCAd object (polyline) and have them moved up to the respective elevation which can be read out from the attribute table?

AutoCAD 2013 :: How To Import And Trace A Picture (shape) Into 2014

Oct 23, 2013

I want to import a simply picture (flat 'Paint drawn' star, for example) into AutoCAD 2014 then want to trace it there so it can be a AutoCAD 2014 format to be able to scale it very easy it and resize it without any degradation.

AutoCAD Map 3D :: Heights From Shape Files

Aug 25, 2013

I have for days now tried to export a 3d polyline from Autocad Map3d into ArcGis so that i may be able to view a height any where along the polyline. I just keep getting a height of zero.

AutoCAD LT :: Missing Shape Files

Jan 13, 2009

We're using AutoCAD LT 2009, so we of course do not have Aeccland.shx. I am aware that I do not have it. I don't particularly care that I don't have it.
AutoCAD, on the other hand, is very concerned. So concerned, in fact, that it will ask me for this file every time I open projects that involve baseplans shapes from this file. I would like to allay AutoCAD's concerns, and inform it that aeccland.shx is not necessary, and it can get along quite happily without aeccland.shx, and any other shape file. I would like to do this very much, as I am currently working on a project with 60 or more separate files I must pull information from to compile baseplans I can use.

AutoCAD Map 3D :: Importing Shape Files

Dec 31, 2012

I am working in AutoCAD map 3D 2011. From my research online, I understand it should be able to import shape files whereas normal versions cannot. I am unable to get my version to recognize the cesus tiger shape files. I am interested in the road information only. I have noticed online that that there should be a 'map' or 'mapping' option on my toolbar and there is not.

AutoCad :: Missing Shape Files

Aug 20, 2009

I received some drawings from a client that is missing some shape files, it looks for file names like Z.shx when opening the dwg's, I have asked and he says he has the same problems when he opens them so is unable to send these to me, the drawing seems to open fine and I can not seen anything that looks wrong.
Iv also had this in the past with fonts and it will change the font to another one but nags you for it each time I open the file so i would like to know how to stop that as well if its different to above.

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Exporting To Shape Files For GIS?

May 23, 2012

I have to convert my ACAD drawing to shape files for a GIS user. I have figured out how create a polygon, point or line and add object data with the tables. I have my ACAD drawing setup to the requested coordinate system but when I send them the shape files they are telling me that they get a error in ArchGIS stating 'an extent that is not consistent with the associated spatial reference information'. I am using Civil 3D 2012.

Import Shx Into Cad

AutoCAD Map 3D :: New Database And Shape Files Creation

Sep 26, 2013

I have started a new project and would like to use the database table from a previous project with this one. Basically what I want to do is create a new shape file using the a previous database table so I do not have to create a whole new data base.

AutoCAD Map 3D :: Deal With Shape Files From Different Sources?

Dec 4, 2011

I got some shp files from different sources and I tried to connect all together to a new (MAP 3d 2010) .dwg file.
Besides the two different positions, the size of one is too bigger than the other. However, when I use mapdist command, the measurement are practically the same.
I figure out that I can deal with some of those shp files when I assign LL coordinate system, but other files run when I assign UTM coordinate system. For example, using buffer command.
There is no defined coordinate system in any of the shp files I have.
What should I do to overlay all features on the fly?

AutoCAD Map 3D :: Text Files In Shape File

Jan 23, 2013

When I import my shape file into my drawing I am not getting the text file to come in with the roads.

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Export Shape Files From GIS To It

Sep 5, 2012

In Civil 3D, what is the best method to import ESIR GIS shapefiles or geodatabases into an existing CAD drawing?
It is possible to export shape files from GIS to CAD, but how within Civil 3D, are shape files imported into a drawing?

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Shape Files And Attributes

May 3, 2012

I have a shape file containing property boundaries with ownership names and parcel numbers. I have a cad map of town where there is a creek running thru the part of town I am working on. How to get a print out, or map of all the parcels that this creek is running thru? My main goal is to create a list of property owners adjacent to this creek. I think I have all the data, but not sure how to use it.

AutoCAD Map 3D :: DWG With Few Shape Files - Multileaders Disappear

Sep 3, 2013

I am using map 3d 2011 and i am running into issues with the use of multi-leaders. I have a dwg with a few shape files in it and I have added multileaders to the dwg. When I save, close and then reopen the file the multileaders show up for a brief second during the loading process but then they disappear. All my settings are correct (layers, visibility, scales) as far as the leaders go but I can't figure out what the heck is going on. I tried adding another, select similar and only the one shows up that I just added. Saved the file and reopened. Same thing, the leader I just added shows up with the others for a brief second and then 'poof' gone!!!

AutoCAD Map 3D :: How To Control Transparency For Shape Files

Insert Shp File Into Civil 3d

Dec 17, 2013

I just upgraded to Map 3d 2014 from 2010 and cannot figure out how to control the transparency for shapefiles. I thought that it was a glitch with the upgrade so installed the servepack and still no luck. So when I go to edit style and then to the style polygon dialouge there is no control for the foreground and no control for the trasparency, there is just a the word tranparency option with '0' but no way change it. I have installed 3d on 2 computers and the same on both.

AutoCad :: Converting Shape Files To Old DXF Version

Importing Shx Files Into AutocadOct 10, 2012

I need to convert shapefiles to a pretty old version of dxf. Shapefiles is a file format used in geographical systems.
For example a shapefile could contain points, lines or polygons, and attributes for each point/line/whatever.
Now I need to convert shapefiles to an old version of the dxf format, I don't even know exactly what version so I'll have to find out by trial and error I guess. (But a gut feeling says somewhere in the 90's.)
Luckily there are tools to convert shapefiles to the modern versions of DXF, but where do I go from there?

Illustrator :: Import Vector Shape Layers To Photoshop?

Nov 19, 2013

I'm on this project that i need to digitize an old artwork. It requires vector (AI) & shading (PS).
I have all line art done in AI. There's like 50 layers on it. The original artwork has 'shading' and 'highlight' on it used by Air brush.
I just want to import all the layers in photoshop at once. It will be time consuming if i do it one by one SO is there any way that I can transfer all the vector path from AI to PS?
I tried Meshtool and its hard to control. Unlike in Brush tool in PS, I got the freedom to adjust the opacity, softness, etc.

After Effects :: How To Import Shape Paths And Their Fills To Illustrator

Mar 27, 2014

i had imported a few hundred Illustrator paths to After Effects, then used 'Create shapes from vector layer' to make them editable Shape layer paths to then run scripts that equalize the number of vertices on each path.
After this i thought via online tutorial that Edit > Edit Original. would replace or update the originating paths to same number of vertices back in Illustrator, but this was proven wrong.
1) how import AE Shape paths and their Fills to Illustrator?

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Working With Imported Shape Files

Sep 12, 2013

I'm new to working with GIS data imported into Civil 3d as shape files. I'm working on setting up base drawings for a new project area and I have a lot of data displayed as polygons with attributes. This is nice but I would like to be able to copy these to polylines on layers that I can have a little more freedom to work with.
Personalized motorcycle license plates. For example the polygon boundaries are not exactly the boundaries that I need to show and editing the borders would be nice. Is there a better alternative to tracing the polygon boundaries? I have noticed when I extract feature geometry for line strings I get a polyIine I can use but the polygons' extracted geometry is a Mpolygon with solid fill.

AutoCAD Map 3D :: Turning On / Off Shape Files Layer On Viewport

Nov 29, 2013

Turning on / off a shape files layer on viewport, I couldn't figure out why turning off a shape file layer in a particular viewport (attached) does turn it off in all other viewports.

Autocad Import Shp Files

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Creating Surface Using Shape Files?

Dec 13, 2013

I was given a job where i need to create a surface from a gis file. have been messing with my civ 3d 2013 a little bit and have been able to get a surface comprised of a bunch of polylines to appear (not a true surface). I will need to create profiles so i need a true surface. I downloaded a compressed shape file from the county and need to know how to insert this into a drawing and build a surface using my own surface style.
The files i have to work with:
'autocad shape source'
'autocad complied shape'

AutoCAD Map 3D :: Transparency - Solid Color Shape Files

Jun 18, 2012

Open Shx File In C3d

I have some shape files that data connected to my drawings and shown as a solid color polygon. I set the foreground transparency 40% in order to see the USGS map on the background. But When I print out, it print out as a solid color, not transparency.
How to work with a solid color shape files so I can see the USGS map when it prints out.

AutoCAD Map 3D :: Bulk Export Of ESRI Shape Files

Mar 11, 2011

At present I am needing to export a large number of ESRI shape files from AC Map 2011 for use in a GIS application. I know that Map 3D has the export features but after completing 50 exports its does get repetitive and is time consuming.
Is there any way of specifying the name or names of the layers you wish to export and apply attributes to them without having to use the Map 3D Export process?

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Importing Shape Files In 2013?

Import Shx To Autocad

Jul 23, 2012

How can I import an ESRI shape file in 2013? Are the map commands no longer available?

Importing Shx Files Into Autocad

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Suddenly Lost Linetypes That Use Shape Files

Nov 16, 2006

i have a drawing i am working and somehow i lost my linetypes that use shape files, anything with text in the linetype work fine. I have tried to reload the shape file, compile it and to no avail. my file directories are pointing in the right direction and everytime i load and compile it goes to correct file and directory.
The reason i say i caused it is they were in the drawing working fine, and 1 or 2 commands later gone, I tried to insert the drawing into a new drawing and that did not work. if i start a new drawing it works fine.