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Yesterday I was trying to ELIMINATE my own BIOS password in my ACER
AS3410, for the first time. So I proceeded like in any other computer:
ENTER CURRENT PASSWORD: [ I entered my current password ]
ENTER NEW PASSWORD: [ I just typed Enter to left it blank ]
RE-ENTER NEW PASSWORD: [ I just re-typed Enter to left it blank ]
then I pressed F10 to save the settings and restarted the computer.
But the computer never started again because it doesn't recognize my
new BLANK PASSWORD, nor the previous one, and currently,
it seems not recognizing anything as CURRENT PASSWORD.
I know that it's the usual problem people have with stolen laptops,
but I thought there was no way of demonstrating it is my own laptop.
On the other hand, I've been searching the net for LOCKED INSYDEH20
BIOS information. So I
- tried disconnecting MotherB battery for 8 hours. Nothing was erased.
- tried to re-type every unique character in the keyboard as password
and restart over, but nothing works.
Now I'm
- disasembling the laptop in search for the BIOS chip, to reset it.
- writting help notes in specialized forums like this one.
- reclaiming attention from customer attention services in ALCAMPO
(AUCHAMPS in Spain) where I bought the unit. In aceronline.es,
and even in Acer.com, but I need / I want my laptop now, and by my
own means, if possible.
- looking for a BIOS backdoor, but there is nothing on the internet.
- anyone who knows what happens with this 'SUPERB' BIOS ???
- anyone who knows the correct JUMPER ???
- anyone who recognizes the ghost character or string I TYPED 2 times ???
- any advice to avoid paying Acer service (time and money).
- any help with the BIOS chip and pins, if it exists.

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InsydeH20 Any help is appreciated - posted in Internal Hardware: first of all thanks for taking your time to read this. Nxt 2.0 wax. And sorry for my grammar/english as this is my second language,(sorry if. Re: How to use the HP BIOS update (uefi) utility 08:56 PM To save everyone time and frustration, HP BIOS update UEFI utility is for HP computers that support HP BIOS Update and Recovery from UEFI. It is intended to update the BIOS Update and Recovery capability built into your computer. Bios; Was this information helpful? WookieeFer On 2018-05-23, 14:28 PM Can this be used to modify gen2 to gen3 speeds for nvme on the bios?? Thanks Community Guidelines. Please review our Guidelines before posting.

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