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Intel Widi App Windows 10


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  • Intel WIDI Win10 drivers for 1st and 2nd gen processors zapped

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      • Here you can find 22 pages of complaints in intel forum related to intel hd 3000 2nd gen mobile CPUs.

        Intel failed to add WiDi support in windows 10. Failed to add OpenCL GPU support, failed to update openGL 3.1 to openGL 3.3 in all windows versions unlike Linux which supports openGL 3.3 (and Apple OSX which supports openGL 4.0).

        Had to add eGPU (external GPU through express card dock) to compensate for these deficiencies. Shame on you intel.

      • When I was setting up my tablet with WiDi and tried to set up my Gen-1 Intel core-i5 Toshiba Satellite laptop, the folks who make the ScreenBeam receiver said their FOB would not work even under Windows 8.1 with Gen-1 or Gen-2 Intel core-i3 through core-i7 processors, as Gen-1 and many Gen-2 chips of that series never had WiDi capabilities.

        I believe GK is mistaken in stating that Gen-1 Intel processors had WiDi capabilities under any Windows OS version. Gen-2 maybe, and Gen-3 probably had support in Windows 8.1, but not the earlier processors in this series.

        In any event, this is an Intel issue, not a Windows 10 issue. It is up to Intel to write and update its drivers, not Microsoft. And as we all know from the Skylake fiasco, Intel has been very reluctant to provide an upgrade path for its older processors. Or a downgrade path for its newest processor family.

        FWIW, I connected my Toshiba laptop to a Wireless HDMI transmitter and the other (receiver) end to my HDTV, and Wireless HDMI worked perfectly well. My laptop has HDMI Out, but there are other options. It isn’t built in like WiDi, but it works.

      • Hmmm? MS will not support Win 7 for the new Skylake chips past 1918 (even though MS still says it will support Win7 through 2020 on older chipsets) and now Intel will not write Win10 WiDi drivers for the Gen 1-3 of the i3/i5/i7.

        It this a tit-for-tat or a vast upgrade or else conspiracy?

        Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Believe me woody, Intel screwed and low-balled users with 1st and 2nd gen processor-based machines bigtime by not making any Windows 10 specific drivers for such hardware. Complaints are piling up in that Intel forum page.

      • You mean 2018, not 1918, Bill C?

        That’s Intel for you sometimes – “planned obsolescence” as Intel calls it.

      • Hi,

        Actually I am being trapped in this wondows 10 BS. Weebly themes.

        I happily upgraded to windows 10, and one nice day tried to connect it to widi, just to find out it won’t ever be supported, and my one month turning back time was also over.
        It really screwed me hard.

Intel Pro Widi App Windows 10

Connecting to a wireless display with Windows® 10. Open the Intel® WiDi application. This will open the Connect bar and show a list of available wireless display receivers. Select your wireless display. If you are connecting to a display for the first time, you may be prompted to enter a PIN. The PIN will show on the wireless. Intel WiDi is a solution that enables a user to wirelessly project his or her PC display to a TV across the living room or a projector conference room. The experience is similar to a consumer connecting his or her Notebook PC to a TV via an HDMI cable.