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Download KidLogger - An application that can help you monitor your kids' activity on the computer, no matter if they browse the web, chat or write an email. Download SwiftKey Keyboard APK - SwiftKey is a keyboard replacement app that learns from your habits and mistakes, improving the speed and the accur. Manual install keyscape mac.

Kidlogger Pro Apk Download
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Kidlogger Download

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Parental time control for Android

We’ve created a completely new application to keep watch over your children and ensure their safety on Android devices: Parental Time Control. Now you’ll have less reasons to worry about your children’s safety.


Kidlogger Pro Apk Download Pc Windows 10

This program will help save children from addiction to games and web surfing, or prevent such addiction from arising. Their eyes will no longer be under severe strain, and they will be headache-free. They’ll have more time for their studies, exercise, and outdoor activities.

Parental Time Control includes all proven means to monitor how your children use their smartphones, plus the ability to track and limit time spent on games.

How to install Parental time control for Android >>

Basic features:

  1. Limit time spent on games;
  2. Prevent use of phones for games during school or evening hours;
  3. Create a list of entertainment programs which can be used with limits;
  4. Block undesirable applications, such as YouTube, the web, or Play Store;
  5. Remote control through the Kidlogger.net online service;
  6. Monitoring features:
    • Log opened Applications
    • Log visited web sites
    • Save phone coordinates for the day
    • Log calls and SMS
    • In Professional account - typed text and messages in Skype, Viber, Whatsapp.

Advantages of using Parental Time Control:

  • Protect against unauthorized installation of games;
  • Protect against changing settings that you consider appropriate;
  • No worries about your child’s safety on the internet;
  • Peace of mind that your children won’t abuse games and internet browsing detrimental to their schooling and health.

KidLogger PRO with advanced spy features (For Professional account)

In addition records calls in audio tracks and photos taken by camera. Logs messengers chats like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook and other chat log. Invisible and hidden for target user. Has unrecognizable name and view. Don't be a spy - rent kidlogger pro.

Old versions of KidLogger applicaiton for Android:

(the development of these versions is dicontinued)


Parental control for Android

Install our parental time control app on your kid’s Android smartphones or tablets and start monitoring of their activities: web, games and chatting.

System requirements:

For Android 4.x - 7.x choose KidLogger v.1.5.52

For Android 2.2 - 2.3 choose KidLogger v.1.5.43

All KidLogger monitoring features for Android

  1. Total time your kids spend using the phone or tablet.
  2. Log Calls (Incoming, Outgoing ) with phone number and contact name.
  3. Log SMS text (incoming and outgoing)
  4. Log USB connection state
  5. Log opened Applications
  6. Log visited web sites
  7. Save phone coordinates for the day
  8. Optionally uploads log files to your kidlogger.net account

How it works?

  1. Install APK file ( KidLogger.apk )
  2. Open Kidlogger from the application list
  3. Configure application in order to connect device to the server. It can be both the phone and the tablet.
  4. In the KidLogger window that opens setup settings and click 'Start Log'
  5. Done.


Troubleshooting for Kidlogger for Android