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Microsoft and Pluralsight have joined forces to help you learn Azure!

In a great post by Omar Khan on the Microsoft Learn blog it has been made known that Microsoft learn and Pluralsight are joining forces to help you learn Microsoft Azure.

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Both platforms will complement each other to give you the most out of your learning experience. Starting the learning process is as easy as:

  1. Hi Team, Please correct me if this is not the right category to post the question. I am trying to explore the benefits of Visual Studio Dev Essentials program and unable to activate pluralsight training from the portal.
  2. Various Pluralsight Courses: Analyzing Microsoft Azure Subscription Resource Utilization Hidden Content Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Backing Up Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure Hidden Content Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.
  3. Pluralsight is deeply invested in helping you master Azure and prepare for certifications with content that complements what's available on Microsoft Learn. Discover how we've collaborated with Microsoft Azure to provide you with tools to develop deep expertise in all things Azure.
  1. Get started with Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight.

As well as this Pluralsight, in honor of their annual skills conference Pluralsight LIVE, they are making their full library of video courses on machine learning, IT ops, Software development, security, cloud and more free for the week.

Make sure you join the Microsoft Azure virtual booth where you will find loads of resources, live chat, games and opportunities to engages from the Microsoft folks.

Additional resources

Announcing brand new Common Data Service training from Pluralsight by Microsoft Regional Directory and MVP Vishwas Lele

The Microsoft Power Platform is one of the fastest-growing low-code platforms for building high productivity PaaS applications, and Common Data Service (CDS) is an integral part of the Power Platform. This course will teach you the basics of CDS.

At the core of any low-code development platform, like the Power Platform, is the ability to secure and easily store and manage data used by business applications. This is where Common Data Service (CDS) comes in. In this course, Introduction to Common Data Service (CDS), you will learn the skills you need to work effectively with CDS. First, you’ll learn about the critical use cases and the high-level architecture of CDS in the context of the overall PowerApps Platform. Next, you’ll explore CDS’ capabilities like entities, relationships, auditing, annotations, REST API, business rules, and workflow. Finally, you’ll learn about the security, governance, and integration aspects of CDS. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of CDS that will help immensely as you move forward and use CDS in your low-code applications.

To register or find more information about this new class please see: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/common-data-service-introduction

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If you are looking for other training by Vishwas Lele, check out:

Line of Business (LOB) Apps with Canvas PowerApps and Flow

At the core of the PowerApps development is a thorough understanding of mobile-enabled functionality, existing domain entities, and connections to external systems. In this course, Line of Business (LOB) Apps with Canvas PowerApps, you will learn the basics of PowerApps development. First, you will discover how low-code development like PowerApps, combined with the overall Business Application Platform, is changing the way you address the needs of information workers. Next, you will take a deep dive into the capabilities of PowerApps development, including controls, expression language, and external-sources binding. Finally, you will look at a real-world example, combined with deployment considerations and security. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the knowledge to start building PowerApps for your organization.

Power Platform Envisioning: 5-Hr Workshop

AIS Power Platform Envisioning Session educates business and technical leaders about the platform, providing a proven, structured way to connect your business challenges to actionable next steps.

We’ll work together to understand your business challenges, demystify Power Platform’s components, identify workloads for migration, and discuss initial design.

Microsoft Teams Training Pluralsight


Microsoft Pluralsight Free

This session is intended for large enterprises interested in adopting the Power Platform and need a framework to provide scalable management.

For more information about this course please see:

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Vishwas Lele
CTO and Software Engineer in Washington, DC
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Vishwas Lele serves as the CTO at Applied Information Sciences, Inc. Based on his firm belief that public cloud is becoming the backbone of *all* IT, Vishwas assists organizations with envisioning, planning and realizing their public cloud objectives. Vishwas brings close to 30 years of experience and thought leadership to his position. A noted industry speaker (Channel9, Ignite, VSLive) and author (Pluralsight & books) Vishwas also serves as the Microsoft Regional Director for Washington D.C. and has been a recipient of the Azure MVP award for the last five years.
Vishwas is also the creator of several tools and apps including Netizen, MyFOIA, Media Center App, WAMS Manager, Excel Calc Engine, and Azure Service Catalog.