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Save this search. 1 product rating - Motorola MCS 2000 Mobile Radio 806-870MHz UHF M01UJL6PW4AN 250 Channels. Or Best Offer Mods.dk - Instruction, users and service manuals for Motorola Manuals for Motorola This is the manuals page for Motorola. View and Download Motorola MCS 2000 II user manual online. MCS 2000 II radio pdf manual download. Also for: Mcs 2000 iii.

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Motorola Mcs 2000 User Manual User

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What Is With The M01HX+ ....?
I love trying to decipher the M01HX+ codes so I started a cross reference for them:
ID No. Model No. Head Band CH Space Watts
M01UJN6PW6AN M01HX+834W M3 800 20/25 35
M01UJM6PW6BN M01HX+824W M2 800 20/25 35
M01UGM6PW6AN M01HX+822W M2 800 20/25 15
M01UGL6PW4BN M01HX+812W M1 800 20/25 15
M01SKM9PW6AN M01HX+725W M2 450 P 50
M01UJL6PW4BN M01HX+814W M1 800 20/25 35
M01UGN6PW6BN M01HX+832W M3 800 20/25 15
M01SHM9PW5AN M01HM+723W M2 450 P 25
M01KHM9PW5BN M01MX+523W M2 146 P 25
M01RLM9PW6BN M01HX+627W M2 403 P 100
M01WJM4PW6CN M01HX+924W M2 900 12.5 35

I am guessing that the numbers indicate band, head, power.

The Best FlashCode You Could Want:
83F10F-304700-9 (M1)
A3D10F-304700-9 (M2-3)
H35 Conventional Systems Operation
H36 Startsite Operation
H37 SmartNet Systems Operation
H38 SmartZone Systems Operation
H39 Selective Radio Inhibit
H43 Trunked Remote Monitor/Radio Trace
H44 VRM500/Data Operation
H45 SmartNet Type I Features
H46 Trunked One Touch Status Message
H169 Quik Call II Decode/Singletone/Repeater Access
H259 150 Mode Capability (Model I Only)
H260 250 Mode Capability (Models II & III)
H738 MDC Start-Alert Encode Features
H915 International Radio
Q173 SmartZone Omnilink MultiZone Operation
Q181 MDC Start-Alert Decode Features
Q387 Conventional Voting Scan
Q471 Smart Messaging
Sep 25th, 2017
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Motorola Mcs 2000 For Sale

  1. Download Motorola mcs2000 manual >> http://nsp.cloudz.pw/download?file=motorola+mcs2000+manual
  2. quality guarantees the high standard of Motorola products. Your MCS 2000 Model I radio has left our factory only after extensive tests. This user guide describes
  3. Just purchased a MCS 2000 Model II VHF, without a manual. Anyone have a copy of or link to where I can find out what this radio can do.
  4. 19 Jul 2012 The MCS2000 Index page. Motorola index · Back to Home, The MCS2000 Index Page 800 MHz Service Manual, Part 1 (1.5 MB) · 800 MHz
  5. View and Download Motorola MCS 2000 II user manual online. MCS 2000 II Radio pdf manual download.
  6. 7 Jul 2003 3) The MCS2000 Mobile Series radios are part of the FLASHport Program. 151.200 MHz does not meet Motorola's performance criteria & are not valid . status buttons 1-8, a mounting kit, a cable kit and instruction manual.
  7. Title Page. MCS™ 2000. Mobile Radio Non-Frequency Range Specific. Detailed Service Manual. Motorola, Inc. 8000 West Sunrise Boulevard. Fort Lauderdale
  8. 19 Jan 1999 MCS 2000 Mobile Radio Service Instructions. Volume 2g. VHF Frequency Range, 25W Specific Information. Motorola Publication Number
  9. Programming. – Typical Jedi cables (Rib or Ribless). – Current M software is RVN4176U for CPS. – Current M software is RVN4097V for RSS. – RVN4177V
  10. Motorola has chosen this design for your convenience, allowing you to tear out Este manual plurilingue del usuario esta encuadernado con espiral. Motorola
  11. http://xfevqgc.intfor.ru/viewtopic.php?id=128, http://vzqzzfo.rolka.su/viewtopic.php?id=71, http://bhliwod.0pk.ru/viewtopic.php?id=80, https://pastebin.com/Ld0XMrHB, http://fhvnfqf.forumssr.com/viewtopic.php?id=109

Motorola Mcs 2000 User Manual