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By default the IP Office will use internal music on hold by uploading a music file from the IP Office Manager PC. For IP500 V2 systems, you can load a file onto the System SD card prior to installing it in the IP Office.

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The file must be of the following format and must be calledholdmusic.wav.



File Type


Bit Rate


Audio sample size

16 bit

Mac mini apple inc stock. Channels

1 (mono)

Audio Sample Rate

8 kHz

Audio Format



Up to 90 seconds.

To loading a music on hold file onto a System SD card

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2.Using a card reader, copy the file into the/system/primaryfolder on the System SD memory card.
3.If the IP Office is or will be configured for additional hold music files (up to 3 additional files), copy those files to the same location. The name of the additional files must match those specified in the IP Office system's configuration.

When you create/convert new MOH file, before attempting to load it onto the system, don't forget to check file properties again and verify if they conform to requirements.

Music Files Game Rate 10

Sysmon trace taken while uploading new file (with default filters) will show if there are any problems loading new file, for example:

11:53:13 71815916mS FILESYS: (34) FilesysReader: Written: A:SYSTEMPRIMARYholdmusic.wav
11:53:14 71816098mS PRN: MOH: A:systemprimaryHoldMusic.wav updated on card
11:53:14 71816098mS PRN: WAVFileReader - reload file holdmusic.wav
11:53:14 71816202mS PRN: Read hold music HoldMusic.wav from memory card
11:53:18 71820849mS PRN: WAVFileReader::Read:File too big

10:03:49 1217835473mS PRN: WAV Hold Music HoldMusic.wav failed to load

Note: For more details, please visit this link: http://marketingtools.avaya.com/knowledgebase/businesspartner/ipoffice/mergedProjects/installation/adding_a_music_on_hold_file_2.htm