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There is a better way to make music together as a band, and it’s called The Nashville Number System (NNS). Download the free high quality, printable, easy-to-use PDF Chart below.

The Nashville number system is a great way to notate chord progressions in music. It requires a bit of transposition skills by the player. But if the song is in multiple keys, the chord progression can be written out only one time with notations of the key changes. The Nashville Number System is a method of transcribing music by denoting the scale degree on which a chord is built. It was developed by Neal Matthews in the late 1950s as a simplified system for The Jordanaires to use in the studio and further developed by Charlie McCoy. It resembles the Roman numeral and figured bass systems traditionally used to transcribe a chord progression since as.

To teach my own bands the NNS, I created a high quality, printable, easy-to-learn version of it for learning the system yourself, and for handing out to your fellow musicians. I’m giving it away free; just download it below.

What Is The NNS?

Musicians all over my city of Nashville use the NNS in the studio and in live settings to communicate musical changes quickly.

The basic principle is this. Each chord in a key has a number assigned to it. Many songs are fairly simple in their chord structure. In my world of worship music, this is often the case.

Nashville Number System Chart Pdf

The I chord (1), IV chord (4), V chord (5), and vi (6m) chord are the most common. I won’t get into all the details here, but if you know these chords for one key, in your head, you are ready to go for every key.

Nashville Number System Pdf

Download the PDF, review the instructions, and get started!

Nashville Number System Piano

How Does The Chart Work?

Watch this and show it to your band. Dan teaches you how to use the PDF chart, and how to speak in numbers.

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Download the NNS Chart here: Nashville Number System PDF.

Nashville number system symbols

Join the movement.

Nashville number system chart pdf
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