Nintendo Ds Games Cartridge Multi Games Console


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Description Description: 100% brand new and high quality. Plug and play, easy to enjoy games. Supports all DS, NDS, NDSI and NDSL game consoles and all current and past firmware revisions that we are aware of.

Gameboy MultiGame Compatibility with NDS

Nintendo ds games cartridge multi games console games

Nintendo Ds Game Cartridges

All of our multi cartridges are compatible with the NINTENDO DS (dual screen) console. This is true for both new carts and the ones sold before the release of NDS. Nintendo DS is backward compatible with GBA games packs - all the games from our carts have been tested to work on it.

Nintendo Ds Games Cartridge Multi Games Console Download

Smallest DS games need 1 Memory Block and the larger ones need 2, 4, 8 and the largerst reaquire 16. So in theory you can have 110 games on the cart, but in most cases it is about 25-in-1. And there are more good new - You are able to pick the games you want to see on the multicart. Store - specializes in custumised Nintendo DS / NDS Lite. Just plug it in as you would with a normal games cartridge and select the game you want to play. Q: Where else can I use my game cartridge? A: You may only use your card on the Nintendo DS, DSi, DS Lite and new Nintendo 3DS consoles. DS Multi-Game Cartridges are not compatible with Gameboy Advance SP. Buy at NDS / DSi / 3DS multi-game store.

Nintendo Ds Games Cartridge Multi Games Consoles

You should know that Nintendo has EXCLUDED GBA Link port from the DS console. NDS has Wi-Fi Wireless Link built in but that works only for the new NDS only game cards. To play multiplayer games our multicarts have to be used with GAMEBOY ADVANCE or GBA SP - Games will work in Nintendo DS but the multiplayer option will not be available.


Same as GB - NntendoDS has no region coding and can play games from anyware in the world. All NDS consoles play games from any country without any need for hacking or a mod-chip.

Customizable NDS multicarts with DS GAMES you select!

If You are looking for Nintendo DS multicarts with NDS GAMES on them head over to NDS multicarts.com . There you can build your own custom DS cartridge with a compilation of games that you want - all games will be burned to a special DS Multi-Cart and shipped to you..

Nintendo Ds All Games Cartridge

- price of the custom DS multicart is fixed and does not change no matter what games you pick.
- your only limit is the amount of DS memory blocks you can use (110)
- most games are ~4 Mem Blocks big so you can fit around 25 full Nintendo DS Games on one NDS multicart.

From Nitendo.com - Backward Compatibility
Nintendo DS features a separate media port for Game Boy Advance cartridges. NintendoDS allows you to play all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in a single-player mode.

Nintendo Ds Game Cartridge Repair

NOTE: GB COLOR cartridges will not work on the new NDS console as they do not fit into the GBA media port and so the only way to enjoy GBC games on Nintendo DS is using our MultiCart Game compilations that include Game Boy COLOR titles.