Online Examination System Source Code In Java Free Download


Online Examination project in java. A java web application to perfrom online examination. Java web project with free source code (Online examination system). Online examination system focuses on creating effective assessment questions and focusing on exam’s feedback delivery to students. In the paper we present techniques that are pertinent to the elements of assessment process: answers submission, computerized grading, and feedback after submission.As the modern organizations are automated and computers are working as per the instructions, it.

  1. Online Examination System Project In Java Source Code Free Download Pdf
  2. Online Examination System Project In Java Source Code Free Download
  3. Online Examination System Source Code In Java Free Download Free
  4. Online Examination System Source Code In Java Free Download Pdf
  5. Online Examination System Source Code In Java free. download full


Conducting a paperless examination is made available by using the concept of web based online examination, which includes automated processing system for all the works which was previously done by using human work power. This online examination system will able to work as two way road just by single system. Through this web application, it can be possible to conduct examination through internet or to a particular geographical region using the concept of LAN or through intranet for particular organization.

Online Examination System Snapshots

It can be possible to conduct either objective type examination of subjective type examination through this web based application. In case of objective type examination, question checking process will be carried out directly by the system and in case of subjective type of examination, each candidate’s answers will be sended to the examiner which will be reviewed by them and assign marks based on their answers. The other security features which are available are: – keeping each candidates invisible to others, providing different questions for each system at same time, disabling answer option after time limit and passing the session to next questions. It marks displaying section will be configured by the admin as per the requirement. Candidates will able to get their results either after completing their examination or through email.

Existing System

Under the existing system data redundancy and consistency was not introduced and entering same data under different tables were not always be possible. Even when updation requires, need additional work load thus increasing database workload. One to one and one to many relationship were not introduced and checking process of child tables before entering data in master tables mechanism were not implemented. Presenting graphical based questions to the appearing candidates were not possible and thus questions were only be displayed using simple texts.

Online Examination System Project In Java Source Code Free Download Pdf

Proposed System

The concept of CMS and graphical tools has been fully integrated with this new web based online examination system. Here the examiner will of two different types one for the checking objective type questions and other for descriptive type questions. Browser configuration and setting will enable the system to identify its type and disable the function of minimization and using other devices. There will be dual timer, one for the questions and other for different sections. Upon each specified time limit questions will be change and on completion of each module, servlet will be forwarded to another module.

Software Requirements

  • Operating System : Windows 95/98/NT
  • Back End : Oracle8I or SQL Server 2000
  • Front End : JAVA using SERVLETS
  • Database Connectivity: JDBC, Microsoft ODBC
  • Driver for Oracle

Download Project

Online Examination System Abstract
Online Examination Source Code

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Online Examination System Source Code In Java Free Download

Online Examination System Project In Java Source Code Free Download

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Online Examination System Source Code In Java Free Download Free

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Online Examination System Source Code In Java Free Download Pdf

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Online Examination System Source Code In Java free. download full

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