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Jun 19, 2017 Weird problems with Phoenix cable/dongle on new Win10 machine: jasmine2501: Simulators: 2: Feb 23, 2017 01:41 AM: Discussion: Phoenix USB dongle with FMS and Flight Simulator X: Lon33: Simulators: 8: Dec 29, 2008 10:00 AM: Question: Using Clearview with DX7 + Phoenix dongle: Kadath: Simulators: 0: Oct 11, 2008 07:26 AM: Discussion: Problem with. Mount and install Phoenix RC 5.5k -Update Phoenix 5.5k to 5.5l: PhoenixRC5.5.kto5.5.lupdate.zip extract and install via launcher we fly with version 5.5l More program versions and installation instructions here (ty @Tero): rc-thoughts.com - Phoenix Simulator Downloads -New in 04/2020! Ultimate Phoenix Plane, Heli and other flyers.

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Dongle Emulator

Dongle emulator
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Phoenix Rc Dongle Crack Corporation Western Cape

Phoenix Rc Dongle Crackcorporationwestern
Anyone interested in RC Sim?
Need a little practice before you put that new wing in the skies? (I do)
I ran across an advertisement for RC Sim while on Ebay, and thought why not? the price was right $12
This also has Phoenix, Aero flight and others (see the disc contents below)
Here are the contents of the disc.
FYI, I have a decent computer (I7 core and 16 ram) and still it took a LONG time to install it from the disc.
I installed Phoenix 5.5
Set up a Sim model in Taranis, no mixes. Be sure to set radio to ppm.
I have the internal and external RF set to OFF.
Connect the supplied cable from the Taranis trainer port to the dongle. There are 4 settings on the dongle, chose the one
that works for whatever Sim you are using. I chose #4.Phoenix RC.
With the radio OFF, plug the dongle into the usb port and the dongle cable into the radio trainer port. Now turn on the radio and
the dongle led will be solid until the radio is calibrated to the program.
Note: Just like on a normal quad/wing start up, if the radio has a switch/stick warning it will not connect.
Start the Sim program, calibrate the Taranis (the Phoenix software would not recognize any switches, just the control sticks)
I have not tried any of the other software.
This version has fixed wing, heli's, only 2 quads . But hey, it beats shoveling snow.
I'm ready for winter
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Dongle emulator

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