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Planescape: Torment is a critically acclaimed RPG originally released in 1999 by Interplay, and remastered as an Enhanced Edition for modern systems by Beamd. A Planescape For Today: The Enhanced Edition includes modern features such as tab highlighting, area zooming, combat log, quickloot, and more! Play It Your Way: Enable Enhanced Edition features as you desire or turn them off to experience Planescape: Torment in its original glory. Planescape: Torment is built on BioWare's Infinity Engine, which presents the player with a pre-rendered world in an isometric perspective in which player characters are controlled. The game's role-playing ruleset are based on those of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. Mar 31, 2017 You Have to Play Planescape: Torment.


Before going any further, here's a brief explanation on how the walkthrough works:

Planescape Torment Character Editor


All the quests are discussed in the walkthrough, but some in more detail than others. On some quests I post a link that takes you to it's respective (more detailed) solution. That link is usually labeled as 'Details'.

While reading the walkthrough, you will sometimes see someting like 'action (x exp)', this means you will get 'x' experience points for performing 'action'. Another thing you might see is 'action (x STAT)', this means you can only perform 'action' if you have at least 'x' with that STAT. Yet another thing you might see is 'x=____, y=____', these are map coordinates, I sometimes use them to give item locations or someting like that. Press the 'L' key during the game to see the coordinates of where your mouse is pointing at.

Planescape torment free to play multiplayer

One of the other things you'll find out while reading the walkthrough is that I'm not very coherent ;_;, this is probably most noticeable in my references to currency.


I wrote this walkthrough while using one of Platter's Ps:T's 'fix' packs (v1.36 I think, you can download it via a link I posted in the downloads section). Anyway, if you are not using the 'fix' pack you will notice a few minor differences from the game while reading the walkthrough.

Also, be sure to read the Getting Started section if you are a beginner.

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Planescape Torment Gog

Mortuary: 2nd Floor
Mortuary: 3rd Floor
Mortuary: Main Floor
Hive: NorthEast Area
Hive: Gathering Dust Bar
Hive: SouthEast Area
Hive: Smoldering Corpse Bar
Hive: SouthWest Area
Hive: NorthWest Area
Hive: Ragpicker's Square
Trash Warrens
Buried Village
Weeping Stone Catacombs
Dead Nations
Drowned Nations
Hive Revisited
Tenement of Thugs & Alley of Lingering Sighs
Lower Ward
Godsmen Foundry
Clerk's Ward (Part 1)
Clerk's Ward (Part 2)
Ravel's Maze
Curst Underground
Curst Prison
Outlands & Baator
Curst Gone
Sigil Revisited
Fortress of Regrets
Other Sections
Hive: Mausoleum
Hive: Alley Of Dangerous Angles
Player's Maze
Warrens of Thought
Pharod's Vault
Modron Maze

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