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Support This Game. You play as a rabbit which is followed by merciless pirates. This is a good reason to collect more carrots and to make.

  • Download Playin'TV apk 1.0.2 for Android. Have fun galore with a wide variety of games for the whole family! I'm trying to find this game online its called 'carrot mania' i used to play it on tv on channel 100 and i wanna play it online but i cant find it.
  • Where ca i find carrot mania? I'm trying to find this game online its called 'carrot mania' i used to play it on tv on channel 100 and i wanna play it online but i cant find it. Can someone help me out here?
Name - Playin tv gamesCarrot Mania on Ice
Category - Arcade
Resolution - 128x160
Type - jar
Size - Playin110 KB
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The brand new version of Playin'TV's hit with more carrots, more enemies, 100 wild levels and even more fun! A game you just can't miss!
Thanks to simple but addictive gameplay mechanisms, cartoonish characters and a progressive difficulty throughout 100 levels, Carrot Mania on Ice targets both casual players and gamers. No wonder why it has rapidly became a bestseller and Visiware’s mascot!
* Collect all the carrots to get onto the next level.
* Be careful of not being captured by penguins and yetis.
* Accumulate points by minimizing your movements and collecting the treasures.
* Use bonuses to find treasures or to outstrip your enemies.
* Sometimes bonuses can be found hidden in the sand.look carefully
* During a fall, you can always move to the left or right
* To go through 2 levels of earth, dig 2 holes, jump inside, and then dig a third hole!
Pick up all the carrots while avoiding the penguins and yetis! Use the bonuses and special powerups hidden in the ground. Move the rabbit by pressing UP [2], DOWN [8], LEFT [4], RIGHT [6]. Dig a hole by pressing OK [5]
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Carrot Mania Pirates

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Carrot Mania 2

Subscribers of StarHub Digital Cable’s Playin’TV (Channel 401) will be able to play selected triple-play games, such as Sudoku and Carrot Mania on Ice via StarHub’s mobile platform and the Internet for free, thanks to Visiware’s Playin’Code technology.

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Playin Tv Carrot Mania Download Game

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Carrot Mania Game Dish Network

Playin’TV, a 24-hour interactive games channel, was launched on StarHub Digital Cable in August last year. The channel carries more than 200 game titles in various genres, and reaches more than 120 million people in 77 countries worldwide via 30 networks. In Singapore, customers of Playin’TV can access a total of 19 game titles monthly for S$8.40 (with GST) per month. Customers can play these games with their TV remote controls, and all StarHub Digital Cable customers who have yet to subscribe to the channels can sample short segments of the games via free trials that are available on the channel. Linksmac's literature classes.

Playin Tv Carrot Mania Download Free

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Playin Tv Carrot Mania Download

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