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Paper Mario: Master Quest is a mod made for “Paper Mario” on the N64. It was made by EmperorThamz, Rainchus, JaThePlayer, and Brotenko. It re-tries the old substance and incorporates a great.

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Welcome to the world of Kanto. A region full of excitement, and adventure. Travel throughout the land, while catching mysterious creatures called Pokemon. To become successful, you will have to battle many trainers who raise these fantastic beasts.A few hackers who have collaborated over the years to bring you this new adventure. Autotune vst plugin download windowsrdyellow. The Kanto Region is not unknown to the majority of us. However, the game Master Quest brings you a fresh viewpoint of the 20-year-old fan favorite.

From the screenshots shown below, you can see Master Quest is filled with new scripts, interactions, dialogue, and trainers who will fight you along the way. As you, the player, partake in this adventure, you might find most of these events are based on the show/anime. And if you made this assumption, you would be correct! The inspiration behind this game came from the anime, but in addition to this-there are some story plot points added for additional excitement.

Master Quest also features a decision based mechanism where your actions and choices will have a direct impact on the story that unfolds. Play alongside Eve Green, Bonnie Amarillo, Alan Rouge, and other individuals as you make your way through the Kanto Region. Battle old rivals, and new heroes alike, as you complete your master quest!

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Name: Pokemon MasterQuest Version
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English
Creator: Team Masterquest


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  • Expanded story
  • A unique starter
  • New rivals
  • Good/Evil choice decision making system
  • Potential additional regions


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Pokémon: Master Quest
Season 5
English front cover of the Pokémon: Master Quest collection box
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes65 (Japanese version)
64 (International version)
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseAugust 9, 2001 –
November 14, 2002
Season chronology

Pokémon: Master Quest is the fifth season of Pokémon and the final part of Pokémon the Series: Gold and Silver, a Japanese anime television series known in Japan as Pocket Monsters: Gold and Silver (ポケットモンスター絹と銀, Poketto Monsutā Kin to Gin). It originally aired in Japan from August 9, 2001 to November 14, 2002 on TV Tokyo, and in the United States from September 14, 2002 to October 25, 2003 on Kids' WB. It was the first season of Pokémon to be digitally animated as opposed to cel animation, starting with the episode 'Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid'.

The season follows the adventures of the ten-year-old Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum and his electric mouse partner Pikachu as they collect Gym Badges in the fictional Johto region so they can compete in the Johto League competition.

The episodes were directed by Masamitsu Hidaka and produced by the animation studio OLM.

The Japanese opening songs are 'Aim to be a Pokemon Master' (めざせポケモンマスター 2001, Mezase Pokémon Masutā 2001) by Whiteberry for 29 episodes, and 'Ready Go!' by Naomi Tamura for 36 episodes. The ending songs are 'Face Forward Team Rocket!' (前向きロケット団!, Maemuki Roketto-dan!) by Team Rocket trio for 29 episodes, and 'Pocket-erring Monster-ing' (ポケッターリ・モンスターリ, Pokettāri Monsutāri) by Kana for 36 episodes. The English opening song is 'Believe in Me' by David Rolfe. A shortened version of the English opening song was used for the end credits.


J#E#English title
Japanese title
Original air dateEnglish air date
212210'Around the Whirlpool' (The Whirlpool Islands! A New Challenge!!)
Transcription: 'Uzumaki Rettō! Aratanaru Chōsen!!' (Japanese: うずまきれっとう! あらたなるちょうせん!!)
August 9, 2001September 14, 2002
213211'Fly Me to the Moon' (Poppo and the Enormous Poppo! Towards the As Yet Unseen Sky!!)
Transcription: 'Poppo to Deka Poppo! Mada Minu Sora e!!' (Japanese: ポッポとデカポッポ! まだみぬそらへ!!)
August 16, 2001September 21, 2002
214212'Takin' It on the Chinchou' (Set Out to the Sea! Line of Chonchie!!)
Transcription: 'Tabidate Umi e! Chonchī Gyōretsu!!' (Japanese: たびだてうみへ! チョンチーぎょうれつ!!)
August 23, 2001September 28, 2002
215213'A Corsola Caper!' (Sunnygo the Amigo! Showdown on Yellow Rock Isle!!)
Transcription: 'Sanīgo de Amīgo! Ō Gantō no Taiketsu!!' (Japanese: サニーゴでアミーゴ! おうがんとうのたいけつ!!)
August 30, 2001October 5, 2002
216214'Mantine Overboard!' (Mantain and the Sunken Ship!! The Secret of the Mysterious Pokémon!)
Transcription: 'Mantain to Chinbotsusen!! Nazo no Pokemon no Himitsu!' (Japanese: マンタインとちんぼつせん!! なぞのポケモンのひみつ!)
September 6, 2001October 12, 2002
217215'Octillery the Outcast' (Okutank and Teppouo! Whirlpool Cup Preliminaries!!)
Transcription: 'Okutan to Teppouo! Uzumaki Kappu Yosen!!' (Japanese: オクタンとテッポウオ! うずまきカップよせん!!)
September 13, 2001October 19, 2002
218216'Dueling Heroes' (Whirlpool Cup! A Big Battle in the Water Colosseum!!)
Transcription: 'Uzumaki Kappu! Mizu no Koroshiamu de Daibatoru!!' (Japanese: うずまきカップ! みずのコロシアムでだいバトル!!)
September 20, 2001October 26, 2002
219217'The Perfect Match!' (Satoshi vs. Kasumi! The Final Battle in the Whirlpool Cup!!)
Transcription: 'Satoshi Tai Kasumi! Uzumaki Kappu Saigo no Tatakai!!' (Japanese: サトシVSカスミ! うずまきカップさいごのたたかい!!)
September 27, 2001November 2, 2002
220218'Plant It Now.. Diglett Later' (Protect the Digda Village! The Big Pitfall Strategy!?)
Transcription: 'Diguda no Mura o Mamore! Otoshiana Daisakusen!?' (Japanese: ディグダのむらをまもれ! おとしあなだいさくせん!?)
October 4, 2001November 9, 2002
221219'Hi Ho Silver.. Away!' (The Legend of Silver Wings! Battle at Silver Rock Island!!)
Transcription: 'Gin'iro no Hane no Densetsu! Gin Gantō no Tatakai!!' (Japanese: ぎんいろのはねのでんせつ! ぎんがんとうのたたかい!!)
October 11, 2001November 16, 2002
222220'The Mystery Is History' (Mysterious Pokémon X!!)
Transcription: 'Nazono Pokemon X!!' (Japanese: なぞのポケモンX!!)
October 18, 2001November 23, 2002
223221'A Parent Trapped!' (The Captive Lugia)
Transcription: 'Torawareno Rugia' (Japanese: とらわれのルギア)
October 25, 2001November 30, 2002
224222'A Promise is a Promise' (The Promise with Lugia!)
Transcription: 'Rugia to no Yakusoku!' (Japanese: ルギアとのやくそく!)
November 1, 2001December 7, 2002
225223'Throwing in the Noctowl' (Fly Flight Hoho! Head for Asagi!!)
Transcription: 'Tobe Hōhō-gō! Asagi o Mezashi!!' (Japanese: とべホーホーごう! アサギをめざし!!)
November 8, 2001December 14, 2002
226224'Nerves of Steelix!' (Asagi Gym! Vs. Haganeil!!)
Transcription: 'Asagi Jimu! Tai Haganēru!!' (Japanese: アサギジム! VSハガネール!!)
November 15, 2001December 21, 2002
227225'Bulbasaur.. the Ambassador!' (Farewell, Fushigidane! Adventure at Dr. Okido's)
Transcription: 'Sayonara Fushigidane! Ōkido-tei no Bōken' (Japanese: さよならフシギダネ! オーキドていのぼうけん)
November 22, 2001September 23, 2002
228226'Espeon, Not Included' (Eifie and Sakura! Enju City Once Again!!)
Transcription: 'Ēfi to Sakura! Enju Shitei Futatabi!!' (Japanese: エーフィとサクラ! エンジュシティふたたび!!)
November 29, 2001September 24, 2002
229227'For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!' (Suikun and Minaki! The Legend of Houou!!)
Transcription: 'Suikun to Minaki! Hōō no Densetsu!!' (Japanese: スイクンとミナキ! ホウオウのでんせつ!!)
December 6, 2001September 25, 2002
230228'Extreme Pokémon!' (Run Quickly Along the Pokémon Ride!!)
Transcription: 'Pokemon Raido de Tsuppashire!!' (Japanese: ポケモンライドでつっぱしれ!!)
December 13, 2001January 4, 2003
231229'An EGG-sighting Adventure!' (Famous Detective Junsar! The Mystery of the Disappeared Egg!!)
Transcription: 'Meitantei Junsā! Kieta Tamago no Nazo!!' (Japanese: めいたんていジュンサー! きえたタマゴのなぞ!!)
December 20, 2001January 11, 2003
232230'Hatching a Plan' (Egg, Hatch)
Transcription: 'Tamago, Kaeru' (Japanese: タマゴ、かえる)
December 27, 2001January 18, 2003
233231'Dues and Don'ts' (Rocket-dan and Delibird!)
Transcription: 'Roketto-dan to Deribādo!' (Japanese: ロケットだんとデリバード!)
January 10, 2002January 25, 2003
234232'Just Waiting On a Friend' (The Kyukon in the Fog!)
Transcription: 'Kiri no Naka no Kyūkon!' (Japanese: きりのなかのキュウコン!)
January 17, 2002September 26, 2002
235233'A Tyrogue Full of Trouble' (Balkie and the Karate King Nobuhiko!)
Transcription: 'Barukī to Karateō Nobuhiko!' (Japanese: バルキーとからておうノブヒコ!)
January 24, 2002February 1, 2003
236234'Xatu the Future' (Natio's Big Prediction!)
Transcription: 'Neitio no Daiyogen!' (Japanese: ネイティオのだいよげん!)
January 31, 2002February 8, 2003
237235'Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution' (Wataru and the Red Gyarados!)
Transcription: 'Wataru to Akai Gyaradosu!' (Japanese: ワタルとあかいギャラドス!)
February 7, 2002February 15, 2003
238236'Rage of Innocence' (Red Gyarados's Anger!)
Transcription: 'Akai Gyaradosu no Ikari!' (Japanese: あかいギャラドスのいかり!)
February 14, 2002February 22, 2003
239237'As Cold as Pryce' (Inomoo and Yanagi of the Winter!)
Transcription: 'Inomū to Fuyu no Yanagi!' (Japanese: イノムーとふゆのヤナギ!)
February 21, 2002March 1, 2003
240238'Nice Pryce, Baby!' (Chouji Gym! Ice Battle!)
Transcription: 'Chōji Jimu! Kōri no Tatakai!' (Japanese: チョウジジム! こおりのたたかい!)
February 28, 2002March 8, 2003
241239'Whichever Way the Wind Blows' (Kireihana and Ruffresia! Peace in Meadow!)
Transcription: 'Kireihana to Rafureshia! Sōgen no Heiwa!' (Japanese: キレイハナとラフレシア! そうげんのへいわ!)
March 7, 2002March 22, 2003
242240'Some Like It Hot!' (Magcargot! Getting the Hot Heart!!)
Transcription: 'Magukarugo! Atsui Kokoro de Getto da ze!!' (Japanese: マグカルゴ! あついこころでゲットだぜ!!)
March 14, 2002March 29, 2003
243241'Hocus Pokémon' (A Huge Transformation with Pokémon Magic!?)
Transcription: 'Pokemon Mahō de Daihenshin!?' (Japanese: ポケモンまほうでだいへんしん!?)
March 21, 2002April 5, 2003
244242'As Clear as Crystal' (Thunder and the Crystal! Secret of the Lake!)
Transcription: 'Sandā to Kurisutaru! Mizūmi no Himitsu!' (Japanese: サンダーとクリスタル! みずうみのひみつ!)
March 28, 2002April 12, 2003
245243'Same Old Song and Dance' (Pupurin Twins vs. Purin! Singing Pokémon Concert!)
Transcription: 'Futago no Pupurin Tai Purin! Utau Pokemon Konsāto!' (Japanese: ふたごのププリンVSプリン! うたうポケモンコンサート!)
April 11, 2002April 19, 2003
246244'Enlighten Up!' (Yadon's Comprehension! Satoshi's Comprehension!)
Transcription: 'Yadon no Satori! Satoshi no Satori!' (Japanese: ヤドンのさとり! サトシのさとり!)
April 18, 2002April 26, 2003
247245'Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?' (Fake Okido!? Pokémon Senryu Confrontation!!)
Transcription: 'Nise Ōkido!? Pokemon Senryū Taiketsu!!' (Japanese: にせオーキド!? ポケモンせんりゅうたいけつ!!)
April 25, 2002September 27, 2002
248246'Wish Upon a Star Shape' (Py, Pippy and the Shooting Star!)
Transcription: 'Pī to Pippi to Nagareboshi!' (Japanese: ピィとピッピとながれぼし!)
May 2, 2002May 3, 2003
249247'Outrageous Fortunes' (Nyorozo's Evolution!)
Transcription: 'Nyorozo no Shinka!' (Japanese: ニョロゾのしんか!)
May 9, 2002May 10, 2003
250248'One Trick Phony!' (Battle Park! Vs. Kamex, Lizardon, Fushigibana!)
Transcription: 'Batoru Pāku! Tai Kamekkusu, Rizādon, Fushigibana!' (Japanese: バトルパーク! VSカメックス・リザードン・フシギバナ!)
May 16, 2002May 17, 2003
251249'I Politoed Ya So!' (Nyorotono's Cheerleading!)
Transcription: 'Nyorotono no Chiarīdeingu!' (Japanese: ニョロトノのチアリーディング!)
May 23, 2002May 24, 2003
252[a]'The Ice Cave!'
Transcription: 'Kōri no Dōkutsu!' (Japanese: こおりのどうくつ!)
May 30, 2002N/A
253250'Beauty Is Skin Deep' (Ibuki and Miniryu!)
Transcription: 'Ibuki to Miniryū!' (Japanese: イブキとミニリュウ!)
June 6, 2002May 31, 2003
254251'Fangs for Nothin' (Fusube Gym's Dragon Fang!)
Transcription: 'Fusube Jimu no Ryū no Kiba!' (Japanese: フスベジムのりゅうのきば!)
June 13, 2002June 7, 2003
255252'Great Bowls of Fire!' (Kairyu! Use Imperial Rage!)
Transcription: 'Kairyū! Gekirin Hatsudō!' (Japanese: カイリュー! げきりんはつどう!)
June 20, 2002June 14, 2003
256253'Better Eight Than Never' (Fusube Gym! The Final Badge!!)
Transcription: 'Fusube Jimu! Saigo no Bajji!!' (Japanese: フスベジム! さいごのバッジ!!)
June 27, 2002June 21, 2003
257254'Why? Wynaut!' (Sohnano!? Gym Badges and Sonans!!)
Transcription: 'Sōnano!? Jimu Bajji to Sōnansu!!' (Japanese: ソーナノ!? ジムバッジとソーナンス!!)
July 4, 2002June 28, 2003
258255'Just Add Water' (Ryugu Gym! Battle in the Water!)
Transcription: 'Ryūgū Jimu! Mizu no Nakade Batoru da ze!' (Japanese: リュウグウジム! みずのなかでバトルだぜ!)
July 11, 2002July 12, 2003
259256'Lapras of Luxury' (Laplace's Song!)
Transcription: 'Rapurasu no Uta!' (Japanese: ラプラスのうた!)
July 18, 2002July 26, 2003
260257'Hatch Me If You Can' (Protecting the Egg! The Life Born in a Storm!)
Transcription: 'Tamago o Mamore! Arashi no Naka de Umareta Inochi!' (Japanese: タマゴをまもれ! あらしのなかでうまれたいのち!)
July 25, 2002August 9, 2003
261258'Entei at Your Own Risk' (Entei and Friends of the Hot Spring!)
Transcription: 'Entei to Onsen no Nakama-tachi!' (Japanese: エンテイとおんせんのなかまたち!)
August 1, 2002August 16, 2003
262259'A Crowning Achievement' (Yadoking! King's Symbol!)
Transcription: 'Yadokingu! Ōja no Shirushi!' (Japanese: ヤドキング! おうじゃのしるし!)
August 8, 2002August 23, 2003
263260'Here's Lookin' at You Elekid!' (Nanako and Elekid!)
Transcription: 'Nanako to Erekiddo!' (Japanese: ナナコとエレキッド!)
August 15, 2002August 30, 2003
264261'You're a Star, Larvitar!' (Do Your Best, Yogiras!)
Transcription: 'Yōgirasu Ganbaru!' (Japanese: ヨーギラスがんばる!)
August 22, 2002September 6, 2003
265262'Address Unown!' (Unknown of the Country of Mystery)
Transcription: 'Fushigi no Kuni no Annōn' (Japanese: ふしぎのくにのアンノーン)
August 29, 2002September 13, 2003
266263'Mother of All Battles' (Bangiras and Yogiras!)
Transcription: 'Bangirasu to Yōgirasu!' (Japanese: バンギラスとヨーギラス!)
September 5, 2002September 15, 2003
267264'Pop Goes the Sneasel' (Nyula and the Sacred Flame!)
Transcription: 'Nyūra to Seinaru Honō!' (Japanese: ニューラとせいなるほのお!)
September 12, 2002September 16, 2003
268265'A Claim to Flame!' (Silver League Begins! Shigeru Returns!)
Transcription: 'Shirogane Rīgu Kaimaku! Shigeru Futatabi!' (Japanese: シロガネリーグかいまく! シゲルふたたび!)
September 19, 2002September 17, 2003
269266'Love, Pokémon Style' (League Preliminaries! Battle of the Magmarashi Flame!!)
Transcription: 'Yosen Rīgu! Magumarashi Honō no Batoru!!' (Japanese: よせんリーグ! マグマラシほのおのバトル!!)
September 26, 2002September 18, 2003
270267'Tie One On!' (Meganium vs. Fushigidane! Spirit of the Grass Types!)
Transcription: 'Meganiumu Tai Fushigidane! Kusa Taipu no Iji!' (Japanese: メガニウムVSフシギダネ! くさタイプのいじ!)
October 3, 2002September 19, 2003
271268'The Ties That Bind' (League Finals! Full Battle 6 vs. 6!!)
Transcription: 'Kesshō Rīgu! Furu Batoru Roku Tai Roku!!' (Japanese: けっしょうリーグ! フルバトル6VS6!!)
October 10, 2002September 20, 2003
272269'Can't Beat the Heat!' (Rival Confrontation! Kamex vs. Lizardon!!)
Transcription: 'Raibaru Taiketsu! Kamekkusu Tai Rizādon!!' (Japanese: ライバルたいけつ! カメックスVSリザードン!!)
October 17, 2002September 27, 2003
273270'Playing with Fire' (Bursyamo Returns! Battle Against Hazuki!)
Transcription: 'Bashāmo Futatabi! Hazuki to no Tatakai!!' (Japanese: バシャーモふたたび! ハヅキとのたたかい!!)
October 24, 2002October 4, 2003
274271'Johto Photo Finish' (To the End of the Destiny Battle! Respective Way!)
Transcription: 'Furu Batoru no Hate ni! Sorezore no Michi!!' (Japanese: フルバトルのはてに! それぞれのみち!!)
October 31, 2002October 11, 2003
275272'Gotta Catch Ya Later!' (Goodbye.. And Then, Setting Off!)
Transcription: 'Sayonara.. Soshite, Tabidachi!' (Japanese: サヨナラ…そして、たびだち!)
November 7, 2002October 18, 2003
276273'Hoenn Alone!' (Parting with Pikachu..!)
Transcription: 'Pikachū to no Wakare..!' (Japanese: ピカチュウとのわかれ!)
November 14, 2002October 25, 2003

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Home Media[edit]

In the United States, two three-disc DVD sets were released by Viz Video and Ventura Distribution,[1][2] which each contained 32 episodes each (10/11 episodes per DVD). These DVDs are now out of print.

Viz Media and Warner Home Video released Pokémon: Master Quest – The Complete Collection on DVD in the United States on October 11, 2016.



  1. ^This episode was removed from rotation in international broadcasts.


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  • Pokémon anime website at TV Tokyo(in Japanese)
  • Pokémon TV Anime at Pokémon JP official website (in Japanese)
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