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  • Fast and highly secure copy and verification with common checksum methods
  • Organize all clip metadata in the central Silverstack library
  • Advanced features for immediate playback and QC
  • Create professional PDF reports and share them with team members
  • Export metadata to all common third-party tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Resolve, etc.
  • Option for accessing your Silverstack library in the cloud
It feels great to start 20 backup jobs and know this massive data is handled with care and responsibility!

Stephan Schneider, DIT

Buy Pomfort Silverstack V6 (Download, Permanent) featuring On-Set Data Management for Film, Secure Copy with Common Checksum Methods, In-Depth Metadata Acquisition & Editing, Support for All Major Camera Formats, Clip Transfer to Various 3rd-Party Tools, CDL and LUT Grading Engine, Basic Audio File Handling & Playback, Mac Compatible.


  • Pomfort Silverstack Xt v5.3.1 (Mac OSX) RELEASE INFO: Pomfort Silverstack Xt v5.3.1 (Mac OSX) 121.95 MB. Clever Media Management for Film Productions. The software for simplified media and color workflows. Backup Huge Amounts of Movie Data Quick and Securely. Offload and archive in high-speed with checksum verification – Silverstack offers.
  • Silverstack Offload Manager Camera Backups and Reports – Simple and Secure. The Silverstack Offload Manager is a highly secure and yet very simple tool for offloading and backing up camera footage.

Pomfort Silverstack For Mac Osx

Pomfort Silverstack For Mac Desktop

Pomfort’s Silverstack 5 is a major upgrade to its flagship media management product. The update focuses on the evolving role color occupies in today’s film production workflows and includes essential features that make it easy to manage and create looks in combination with source media on set and beyond.

Pomfort Silverstack For Mac

Silverstack now also performs tasks to efficiently supply looks for QC, dailies creation, and for editorial. Featuring the automated matching of media and color information in one clip library, It facilitates and accelerates workflows in film productions of all sizes. Features like the new grading controls, the import option for single looks or archives from LiveGrade or other tools, the extensive matching wizard, and the customizable reports now with color information, significantly help the production team in their daily activities.

Silverstack’s integration with common third-party tools like DaVinci Resolve or AVID Media Composer enable to transfer media and color information in a streamlined way. In addition, the opportunity to generate customizable clip reports with just a few clicks gives the entire production team a quick and detailed overview about all relevant production data.

The newly built-in output for HD-SDI monitoring meets on-set staff’s common requirements for checking source material. Silverstack XT enables teams to review clips in full 10-bit quality by using HD-SDI playout devices from Blackmagic Design (with AJA support coming soon). Furthermore, frame lines can be used to display clips with a variety of aspect ratios in the Silverstack Media Player, on HD-SDI monitors, and for the transcoded clips.

Pomfort Silverstack For Mac Operating System

A yearly subscription for Silverstack can be purchased for $399, the yearly subscription for Silverstack XT (a higher end version) is $599. Pomfort allows you to rent Silverstack and Silverstack XT for the duration of 14 days/one month/ wo months. Silverstack XT is now also available as a bundle offer with LiveGrade Pro. Silverstack 5 can be acquired at the Pomfort webstore . A 14-day trial demo is available for download.