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  • Yes, I speak Spanish, but zandronum will not let me write in Spanish. I have version 3.0, the last one (I think). Doom Project Brutality 3.0 Download Contents.Common changes. Dynamic spawn program, influencing what monsters, weaponry and products you.
  • First of all, tell me where exactly the best thing is to send a report so that the developer reacts faster? And that is, there is a discord and something else, I do not know) I will try to supplement the sheet from time to time, as long.

Penultimate WADS List

Hey boys….

Project Brutality 3.0 Test Download

Here’s a list of just a few wads that are ESSENTIAL with the almighty Project Brutality.


Ap biology lab manual resource center. Bro, this mod is great, it really feels like playing Project Brutality 3.0 in Zandronum (Obviously without some animations that would be quite heavy for Zan already), I loved it. PS: I would like you to add the Nailgun in a future version, I would really appreciate it.

Here is the currently pinned list of recommended wads for PB, I’ve added wads that I have installed to the list and left everything else the same. Enjoy.

I encourage everyone to share their own wads that are especially great with Project Brutality. @ me and I may update this list.


Project Brutality 3 Mod Download

You can find most download links in Public Files at ProjectBrutality.com courtesy of our great community.

– Maps Of Chaos (XXX)
– Ashes 2 0 6 3 (Sterilized) (XXX)
– Eviternity (XXX)
– Knee Deep in ZDoom (XXX)
– HONTE: Hell ON The Earth (XXX)
– Unfamiliar Episodes (XXX)
– DTWiD: 1, 2, Ultimate, Lost Episodes (XX)
– Scythe 1, 2, X (XX)
– Sunlust (XX)
– DOOM 2 ReBuilT (XX)
– DOOM 2 Dark World (XX)
– Valiant Vaccinated Edition (XX)
– Dark Universe (XX)
– Community Chest IV (XX)
– The Ultimate DOOM X (XX)
– Epic, Epic 2 (X)
– Going Down (X)
– PS2 Quake Reborn (X)
– Japanese Community Project (X)
– Monster Hunter Ltd 1, 2 (X)
– Dimensions Of The Boomed (QUAKE Levels) (X)
– Whitemare
– Hellbound (X)
– ZPack
– Vanguard
– Oops! All Tech Base (X)
– Plutonia Revisited
– Finely Crafted Fetish Film
– Stardate20X6
– BauHaus
– Lunatic
– Exomoon
– Jenesis

Project Brutality 3.0 Mod

– Evil Returns (X)
– Hi-Tech Hell (XX)
– Urania (Plutonia based megawad) (X)
– Escape from Urania
– Alfonzone
– Fork
– UACultra
– No guts, No Glory
– Requiem
– Bloodstain
– Plutonia 2
– Brotherhood of Ruin (X)
– Ultimate Doom 2 (X)
– Insanity
– Memorial
– Winter’s Fury (X)
– New gothic movement
– Ultimate Torment And Torture (XXX)
– Thunpeak (XX)
– Resurge
– NeoDoom
– Legacy Of Heroes (XX)
– Phobos
– Abandoned Mansion
– Lexicon
– Compendium

These are just what I have installed at the moment.

How To Install Project Brutality

The superb ones are marked with (X). The more X’s the better!!!