Quick Fix Windshield Chip Repair


When the unfortunate time comes when you notice a rock chip in your windshield the best thing to do is get it repaired before it spreads. Auto Glass of Lewisville offers free mobile windshield repair in Plano, Flower Mound, Garland, and the surrounding metro area. It’s really not expensive to save that cracked or chipped windshield.


Windshield Repair Is More Environmentally Friendly It's easy to just toss a damaged windshield out instead of troubleshooting its break. But vehicles’ windshields are difficult to recycle, and unnecessary replacement means more auto glass needlessly tossed into your local landfill. Quick Fix Specializes in Headliners & Auto Glass Repair, RV Foggy Windows and interiors, Convertible Tops, Leather Seats, Carpet,Upholstery, Rock Chips, Sunroof Glass, Window Regulators, Residential glass, Windshield Replacement. YOOHE Car Windshield Repair Kit - Windshield Chip Repair Kit with Windshield Repair Resin for Fix Auto Glass Windshield Crack Chip Scratch 3.7 out of 5 stars 3,872 $9.99. Your Windshield Repair Options. Option 1: Buy a DIY Repair Kit. The cost of a DIY windshield repair kit is about $15.00, a lot of patience, and a steady hand. These DIY kits are ideal for minimal chipping damage. You can pick them up at a variety of stores, follow the instructions, and (hopefully) have a repaired windshield in a minimal amount.

At Auto Glass of Lewisville, we have experienced windshield repair technicians that in most cases can provide the service at no charge to the customer. The reason for this is because insurance companies would prefer to pay for a windshield glass chip repair then perhaps an auto glass replacement. Another bonus from having your insurance company take care of the bill is that the deductible is waived in most cases.

Repair a windshield

Rock Chip, Now What?

Most people in Lewisville, TX own an automobile, and most also prefer to save money when the opportunity presents itself. The best thing to do when you notice a rock chip in your windshield is to get it repaired as soon as possible. The reason for this is because that harmless little rock chip can start to show its ugly self when the chance arrives.

A change in climate, driving over a speed bump or shutting the car door are all possibilities of that harmless little rock chip on your windshield turning into you needing a full-fledged auto glass replacement. So to prevent this happening to your family we suggest you call Auto Glass of Lewisville at 214-865-6058 as soon as you notice that chipped windshield.


Why Should I Repair my Windshield Glass?

One of the most important reasons for windshield glass repair is safety. If not properly taken care of it can easily turn into a windshield crack. If this happens your going to need auto glass replacement, which will end up costing possibly hundreds more. Not to mention sacrificing the support of your frame that the windshield provides. So let’s have a quick break down on some of the benefits of why I should repair my windshield glass.

Windshield Repair benefits

  • Windshield repair is free most of the time
  • Could save hundreds by catching it as a rock chip
  • If it cracks you lose valuable safety features
  • Auto Glass of Lewisville provides free mobile service to your home or office
  • We handle all insurance claims for you the customer

To top off all the wonderful benefits listed above, we also provide our auto glass technicians with top of the line training and equipment to tackle any glass job thrown our way. All our techs have a minimum of 12 years of experience. Auto Glass of Lewisville also guarantees all our glass repairs or window installations to prove to the customer we have the expertise to handle any glass job.

Free Mobile Auto Glass Service

When you decide to use Auto Glass of Lewisville asks about our free mobile auto glass service. We will be more than happy to send one of our skilled auto glass techs to your home or office. Our professional customer service will be happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule that mobile windshield repair to fix that chip, star, or small crack on your automobile windshield. If you prefer to send a windshield quote through email click here.

Windshield damage is never expected and rarely convenient.

Sometimes a full windshield replacement is the only answer. But at Safelite, if a chip or crack is six inches or smaller, a quick repair may be all you need.

Safelite can repair your windshield when:

  • The chip or crack is 6 inches or smaller
  • You have three chips or less
  • The damage is not in front of a camera or sensor

Our trained windshield repair experts service over a million windshields a year on all types of vehicles.

Trust the safety and reliability of Safelite

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There are good reasons to get your windshield repaired sooner than later:

In fact, it may cost you nothing, depending on your insurance coverage.

Repair A Windshield

Which may require a full replacement, and will likely take longer and cost more. Old unit1 agendasmrs. colville's math class 9.

In most cases, a repair can be done in just 30 minutes.

Quick Fix Windshield Chip Repair

Our exclusive resin is injected into the chip, and after it is fully cured, the repair is polished to near-imperceptibility

Quick Fix Windshield Chip Repair

All Safelite repairs are backed by a nationwide lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to pass lease turn-back and state vehicle inspections.

Auto Glass Chip Repair

When you notice a small crack or rock chip, don’t wait. If another rock hits, the entire windshield can crack, requiring complete replacement.

Quick Fix Windshield Chip Repair Locations

We strive to make your service convenient. We’re often available same-day or next-day at one of our shops, or if you prefer, a Safelite MobileGlassShop™ can come to you.