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Thirty years on since The Return Of The Durutti Column, Vini Reilly is back with his band. It’s something a family affair this time, as his girlfriend Poppy Morgan brings more of her electric piano and backing vocals to the mix. The Durutti Column are, according to their Wiki (I have no idea, I just got into them a couple of weeks ago through some weird internet K-hole) from England, and they revolve around one central member, Vini Reilly, who apparently was/is bros with Ian Curtis and Morrissey.

The Return of the Durutti Column
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 1980
RecordedAugust 1979
StudioCargo Studios, Rochdale, England
GenreAmbient, dream pop, post-punk
ProducerMartin Hannett
The Durutti Column chronology
The Return of the Durutti Column
Alternative cover

The Return of the Durutti Column is the debut studio album by English band The Durutti Column. It was released in January 1980, through record label Factory.


The initial two thousand copies also included a flexi-disc single with two tracks by producer Martin Hannett: 'First Aspect of the Same Thing' and 'Second Aspect of the Same Thing'.

The original 3600 LP sleeves were made of coarse sandpaper (similar to the Situationist book Mémoires), designed to scratch LPs which were placed on either side of it. The sleeves were assembled by members of the bands and label-mates Joy Division and A Certain Ratio. A regular printed sleeve for later copies was designed by Steve Horsfall. Cricket 2005 game free downloadall softwares. Some later pressings featured a sixth untitled track on side two.

'Sketch for Summer'/'Sketch for Winter' was released as a single (Gap Records SFA-491) in Australia, with a sleeve by Andrew Penhallow of Gap.[1]

In 2013 a modified version was issued as a vinyl album by Factory Benelux (FBN-114) with an 11-inch square sheet of coarse glasspaper attached to the inner sleeve, visible through a die-cut in the front cover. The die-cut was based on the 1978 Factory 'bar graph' logo designed by Peter Saville. On this edition, the Hannett tracks were included on a bonus 7-inch single on hard vinyl.[2]

The album was given the Factory Identifier FACT14 (Vinyl), or FACT14-C (Cassette).


Professional ratings
Review scores
Record Collector[4]

AllMusic called the album a 'quietly stunning debut, as influential down the road as his labelmates in Joy Division's effort with Unknown Pleasures.'[3]

Track listing[edit]

All written by Vini Reilly.

Side A
  1. 'Sketch for Summer'
  2. 'Requiem for a Father'
  3. 'Katharine'
  4. 'Conduct'
Side B
  1. 'Beginning'
  2. 'Jazz'
  3. 'Sketch for Winter'
  4. 'Collette'
  5. 'In 'D'
Bonus flexi-disc
  1. 'First Aspect of the Same Thing'
  2. 'Second Aspect of the Same Thing'


The Durutti Column
  • Vini Reilly – guitar
  • Pete Crooks – bass guitar
  • Toby Toman (credited as Toby) – drums
Additional personnel
  • Martin Hannett – production
  • Chris Nagle – engineering
  • John Brierley – engineering
  • Anthony H. Wilson – sleeve artwork (uncredited)


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FACT 14c The Return of The Durutti Column
LP: UK 1980 (Factory FACT 14) [sandpaper sleeve] */**
LP: UK 1980 (Factory FACT 14) [black sleeve] *****
LP: UK 1980 (Factory FACT 14) [white label of black sleeve edition] *****
CS: UK 1986 (Factory FACT 14C) [boxed] ***
CD: UK 1988 (Factory FACD 14) **** The return of the durutti column rar
7': UK 1980 (Factory FACT 14) [flexi-disc] *
LP: AU 07.80 (GAP/EMI FACOZ 1002)
CS: AU 07.80 (GAP/EMI TC-FACOZ 1002, 500 copies)
Sketch For Summer (3:01)
Requiem For A Father (5:08)
Katharine (5:30)
Conduct (5:02)
Beginning (2:28)
Jazz (1:38)
Sketch For Winter (2:24)
Collette (2:23)
In 'D' (4:12)
Sketch For Winter (2:25) ****
Run-out groove
~ FACT 14 4 PBG A1, Sound Clinic, EG, S-6

Durutti Column Discography

~ FACT 14 4 PBG B1, EG, S-3
Not stencilled
~ FACT 14 4 PBG AI, FACT 14 A1, Sound Clinic, EG, S-4

Otis The Durutti Column

~ FACT 14 B1 14 PBG BI, EG, S-2
Factory Australasia
~ FACOZ 1002 A, Maxicut At 301, Otto ******
~ FACOZ 1002 B, Maxicut By 301, Otto
Black sleeve and white label test pressing
~ FACT 14 A3, 4 PBG, Townhouse, CR
~ FACT 14 PBG A3, CR
Tracklisting - Martin Hannett's Testcard 7' flexi*
First Aspect of the Same Thing (3:42)
Second Aspect of the Same Thing (2:59)
~ LYN 7561

Durutti Column Lc

The Durutti Column is Vini Reilly on guitar
and Martin Hannett on switches
Recorded at Cargo, Rochdale
Mixed at Strawberry, Stockport
Engineers Chris Nagle and John Brierley
33 1/3 rpm
Published by Movement of 24th January Music
A Factory Records Product
(P) © 1979
* Martin Hannett's 'Testcard' 7' flexidisc. (Shares the same FAC number as the album.)
** There were three editions of the sandpaper sleeve (total edition of 2,000): Some have FACT 14 sprayed on (in black or white) and the 7'; some haven't got the sprayed FACT 14 but the 7'; and some have no spray and no 7'. (The sprayed FACT 14 was official.) There are initial pressings on dark-red (see-through) vinyl. Some sleeves (a smaller subset probably) are sprayed 'THE RETURN OF THE DURUTTI COLUMN'. Though unusual in the context of the whole edition, they are official.
*** With sandpaper insert.
**** Released as part of FACD 224.
***** Black sleeve issue is an additional mix (version) with less reverb & more phasing. Variable textured sleeves.
****** Otto is the name of the cutting engineer
Production: Martin Hannett
Design: Dave Rowbotham and Anthony Wilson (Sandpaper sleeve concept) / Paintings by Dufy (Black sleeve reissue)
The sandpaper sleeve is an homage to Situationists Guy Debord & Asger Jorn's Memoires (book, w/sandpaper cover; original edition published 1959).
There is a promo poster for the Factory Australasia edition, 30' x 40', designed by Andrew Penhallow.

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