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Trying to keep a traditional cardio workout interesting can be a challenge to say the least. Sitting on a bike indoors and just pedaling away has the ability to turn your favorite music, TV show or movie into the most unbearable thing on the planet. This phenomenon has derailed a number of my attempts to put in some straight cardio time, way more than I care to admit.
To try and take out the dull factor I started trying to spice things up by integrating intervals. It not only gives me a better workout but it also keep my mind active thinking ahead on what is coming up in the workout and how hard I can push without crashing before my time is up.
I used to road bike competitively for a short time and while training for a race early in the season when the weather was not being cooperative (which in the northwest is all but two weeks out of the year) I had to force myself to put in the miles on my bike trainer. The only way I kept my sanity was through the use of intervals. Whether I did a short 15-minute ride or a long 2-3 hour killer, intervals were the only way I could coax myself back on the bike.
So when we got a request for a bike cardio routine I thought I would share a quick cardio interval in hopes that it would save someone else from dreading their cardio routine.
The workout video above incorporates a very quick moving interval that is over so fast you won’t feel as though you were on the bike for anywhere near the actual time. In my opinion, this is the best way to not only force in a cardio workout but also improve your overall endurance and/or burn the most calories in terms of cardio for weight loss.
So how many calories can you expect to burn with this routine? Well that of course all depends on the amount of effort you put into it but if you push yourself you can burn up to an average of 9-14 calories a minute, or a total of 162 – 252 calories for this routine.
We have included the transcript for this routine below so you can use it on your own when you don’t have access to a computer to watch our video. Also keep in mind that this is an interval program and though it was made specifically for cycling it can easily be used for any other form of cardio; running, elliptical, stair climber, row machine, arc machine etc.

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The Road Bike Manual details every workshop task you can think of, with dozens of videos and hundreds of images that illustrate key steps. Price: £2.99 / $2.99 Download: The Road Bike Manual for. Easy to follow bodyweight-based program designed specifically for cyclists to build functional strength and turbo-charge your power and endurance on the bike. MENTAL Train your brain and build mental toughness to help you get the most out of your training & deliver when it really counts.

Interval training For Weight Loss (Total Time = 18 min)

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  2. Usually, there is a circuit of exercises in a Tabata routine, but here are some exercise bike workouts you can incorporate into your exercise regimen. Tabata Program 1: 20 seconds – at a perceived resistance level of 6 to 7, go as fast and as hard as you can.

Warm Up (3 Min increase every 30 seconds)
Start at lowest setting
~30 Sec Rest
Interval #1 (2 Min) 4 times through (seated)
20 Sec High
10 Sec Low
~30 Sec Rest
Interval #2 (2 Min) 4 times through
20 Sec Med Seated
10 Sec High Standing Sprint
Interval #3 (6 Min) 4 times through
40 Low/recover
20 Medium high Hill Climb Standing
10 Sprint Seated
20 Medium High Seated
Cool Down (4 Min)
Two Min Drop every 15 seconds (start medium high)
Stretch (15 seconds each)
Left/Right Calf on Bike
Left/Right Hamstring on Bike
Left/Right Quad off Bike

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