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  1. Plus, SampleTank 3 includes over 2,500 drums, percussion and full groove construction kit loops and over 2,000 MIDI patterns for its brand new MIDI player section. SampleTank 3's library has been carefully assembled and recorded by IK's experienced recording engineers with high-quality instruments played by professional musicians in some of the.
  2. Leauger September 4, 2019 Leave a Comment on IK Multimedia – SampleTank 3 v3.7.3 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX WIN.OSX x64 IK Multimedia has announced the release of the long-awaited third generation of its SampleTank software sampler.

The new SampleTank 2.5 is available in 2 versions: SampleTank XL and L, which differ only by the number of sounds included. If you want the best, the new SampleTank 2.5 XL comes with 2 DVDs and over 2,000 sounds (for over 6.5GB of samples) plus an extra bonus sound disk!

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SampleTank 3.5 Sound Update Win MacOS
Издатель: IK Multimedia
Сайт: http://anonym.to?http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/sampletank3/
Качество: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Внимание! Это ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ библиотеки. Сама библиотека здесь. Виртуальный инструмент здесь.

SampleTank 3 - третья версия рабочей станции от IK Multimedia, получившая множество улучшений и обновлений, включая 33 ГБ библиотеку звуков, поддержку 64-битных хостов, полностью переработанный пользовательский интерфейс, 55 высококачественных эффектов, новое управление грувами и лупами, а также улучшенный сэмпловый движок. SampleTank 3 дает музыкантам еще больший выбор, чем прежде с более 4000 инструментов на выбор в 32 категории, которые простираются через различные жанры и стили - от акустических и электрических до этнических и электронных.
Featuring 11 brand new sound libraries, Custom Shop integration and user requested features
Announcing a major update to SampleTank 3 for Mac/PC, the industry standard sound and groove workstation. The new 3.5 version consists of 11 brand new sound collections (Elektronika Series and Beats Series), which are now also available in IK’s new SampleTank “Custom Shop.” Also introduced — by popular demand — are a spread of new features that make browsing SampleTank 3’s thousands of sounds and patterns even faster and easier than ever before. SampleTank 3 has become an indispensable tool for professional musicians due to its massive 33GB library of premium sounds (over 4,000 instruments from every category), 55 high-quality effects, MIDI patterns, advanced groove tools and a powerfully enhanced sample engine. The 3.5 version also introduces a range of downloadable sound libraries that will expand and grow alongside SampleTank 3, allowing its world of sounds to be customized to suit the needs of any creative workflow.
Version 3.5 marks the beginning of a massive expansion of SampleTank 3's sound content, with exclusive new instruments, patterns and loops. 11 new sound collections covering a wide range of electronic music production styles are now available for SampleTank 3 and SampleTank 3 SE. The new sounds are split between 2 different series: The Elektronika Series contains construction kit loops of the most popular electronic dance music genres of today. The Beats Series contains drums, percussion, special effect sounds and MIDI patterns tailored to meet modern producer's needs. The new Elektronika titles feature 8 genre-specific sound libraries. Each of these libraries include over 250 high-quality combinable construction loops that cover every layer of electronic dance music production: drums, grooves, basslines, melodies, stabs, effects and more, designed to take full advantage of SampleTank 3's loop manipulation features. Genres include: Chillout, Deep House, Drum'n'Bass, Hardcore, Indie Dance, Minimal, Techno, Trance.
The Beats Series titles feature 3 new libraries comprised of one-shots and construction kits - with 20 sound kits and 120 MIDI patterns, for a total of 250 MB each - that are suited for everything from the head-nodding boom-bap of hip-hop to the hands-in-the-air euphoria of stadium EDM. Specifically designed for pad controller playing, these new choices include: Nanotube, NRG, and Power Up. Check out the library descriptions for further details. These three new libraries join The Grid — a beatmaker-centric collection of electronic rhythms and loops released with iRig Pads — to give The Beats Series a total of 4 available titles. And, thanks to SampleTank 3's powerful loop and pattern synchronization features, musicians can mix-and-match elements of all Beats and Elektronika libraries to create millions of different, unique and inspiring groove combinations. SampleTank 3 now offers a total of 12 exciting sound libraries for electronic dance music producers and beatmakers. However, stay tuned as IK will be releasing a continuous monthly stream of new libraries, covering all fields of music from acoustic to electronic and beyond.
All the new sounds are available for purchase via the IK online store. Alternatively, they can also be directly purchased from within SampleTank 3 itself thanks to its new integration with the IK Custom Shop. First launched in 2011 for AmpliTube and then T-RackS, and with an active community of over 1,000,000 registered users, the IK Custom Shop is the most convenient way for musicians to purchase inspiring new IK Multimedia gear while using their favorite software or plug-ins. Users can now browse, preview and download this world of new expansion content directly from within SampleTank 3. And since it's a part of the Custom Shop, every new sound collection is also available for purchase via the same Gear Credits used for T-RackS and AmpliTube. It has an easy-to-use interface and visually rich categories menu that displays sound libraries as Instruments, Loops, Beats, MIDI patterns and Collections - with full audio demos for each library. Beyond this, SampleTank 3 FREE users can now upgrade to SampleTank 3 SE or the full version, and SE users can upgrade to the full version seamlessly from within Custom Shop.
Play well together
These new sounds have also been designed to be experienced with IK's growing range of companion hardware controllers. The new Beats Series is perfect for IK's iRig Pads groove production controller, thanks to its effortlessly deep integration with SampleTank 3's workflow. Traditional keyboard players will also find that the portability and universality of IK's iRig Keys or iRig Keys PRO can't be matched when it comes to playing SampleTank 3 while on the go, anytime and everywhere.
We're listening
IK Multimedia values the feedback of its community, which is why we've implemented a number of features requested by producers and musicians who use SampleTank 3 to empower their daily creative lives. There is now a new favorites system, which lets musicians star and store the sounds they use most. SampleTank 3 instruments can now also be browsed using the arrow keys on any conventional computer keyboard, which makes finding that perfect sound as easy as hitting a key. In addition to these requested updates, SampleTank 3 also amps up its already gorgeous aesthetics via a new organizational system that uses banners to graphically display its libraries. Now it's even easier to find the right sound, right when it's needed.
ST3 Sound Updater v3.5
1.Confirm the previous library installation.
2.Unzip and update.
ST3 Sound Updater v3.5
1. Убедиться, что полная версия библиотеки установлена.
2. Запустить установщик.
3. И всё? Да!
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Большуще архивозблагодаряю! Танк становится все интереснее..


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Чот у меня не прокатило обновиться. Сам апдейтер написал, что все обновлено корректно, но плагин перестал открывать инструменты. Пишет 'Falled to load instrument'. ((((((((((( Win 8.1 Studio One все x64. Обидно((
После упорных танцев с бубном, наконец дошло, что кроме библиотеки еще нужно и сам плагин обновить до версии 3.5.
Теперь все работает в лучшем виде!

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intellect · 07-Апр-15 22:46(спустя 32 мин.)

из твоего сообщения непонятно, ты обновил только библиотеку, или плагин тоже?


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big_burn · 08-Апр-15 14:26(спустя 15 часов)

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не пофиксили, а добавили инструменты. 11 новых библиотек.


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Windchimes (из раздела Percussion) - инструмент есть, а семплов к нему нету(( странное обновление

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67538971Windchimes (из раздела Percussion) - инструмент есть, а семплов к нему нету(( странное обновление
Что-то ты не так делаешь. Есть там и инструмент и сэмплы к нему.


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Что-то ты не так делаешь. Есть там и инструмент и сэмплы к нему.
Да, действительно всё есть. Думаю дело в том что я удалил ненужные инструменты с сэмплами. Хотя удалял одноименные папки и сэмплы, но вот в новой версии что-то да не работает. Ща установил всё полностью - всё есть.


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semiono · 15-Июл-15 17:56(спустя 2 месяца 9 дней, ред. 15-Июл-15 17:56)

Подозрительная папка 'Marktree' в папке 'Synth Pad', там не должно этого быть впринципе.
Instruments15__Synth PadMarktreeMarktree.st3i
Instruments15__Synth PadMarktreeWindchimes.st3i
Похоже это в начальной установке напутали, в обновлении как и положено эти инструменты есть.
Однако, я без инсталятора ставил, обычным копированием.
Главная»Программы и Дизайн»Материалы для мультимедиа и дизайна»Библиотеки и саундбанки для сэмплеров, пресеты для синтезаторов
Sampletank 3 Download Torrent

IK Multimedia Sample Tank 3 v3.7.0 Incl Keygen FIXED-R2R


Sampletank 3 Se Download

IK Multimedia Sample Tank 3 v3.7.0 Incl Keygen FIXED-R2R
Team R2R Sept 17 2017 WiN 95 MB

The ultimate sound and groove workstation
The SampleTank 3 interface is divided into 3 main environments for layering, mixing and editing sounds and grooves. Weve taken the main aspects of the music production workflow and separated them into 3 main functional environments: the Play interface, the Mix interface and the Edit interface.

The PLAY page will be immediately familiar to SampleTank users: On the left is the browser where you load Multis (previously known as Combis), Instruments and Patterns. On the right is the Part Viewer where you can see the contents of each Part and adjust its most basic parameters.


SampleTank 3 lets you load multiple MIDI patterns in each Part. Now you can build inspiring grooves directly within the software and play them at will. The Live tab lets you bring SampleTank 3 on stage with you easier by giving you a clean way to organize your performances by set lists and Song, letting you have your sounds ready to play instantly with its smart loading management system.

Sampletank For Pc

The MIX page provides a traditional mixer interface with 5 effects slots for each channel. There are 21 channels in all: 16 channels for each Part, 4 returns for global send effects (like reverb and delay) and a master channel. This arrangement lets you get extremely creative – you can have up to 30 effects on a single instrument!

The EDIT page provides full access to SampleTank 3s powerful synthesizer engine. There you can run your samples through everything from envelopes to LFOs to filters – And speaking of filters, SampleTank 3 features 10 new filter types for extreme sonic sculpting.

SampleTank 3 now supports direct integration with iRig Pads, IKs ultra-portable MIDI groove controller.

Plug in your iRig Pads (or other pad-based MIDI controller) and you can take advantage of SampleTanks Pad interface, which lets you assign SampleTank 3s 16 parts to the 16 pads on your controller for a seamless and tactile out-of-the-box music production experience.


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