Solid Edge Student Download

Solid Edge Student Download

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Siemens PLM Softwarehas announced a Student Edition of its Solid Edge software for 3D CAD that is now available free of charge to all full- or part-time students at any academic level. This no-charge, 12-month license is available only to students through a download. It contains not only the latest Solid Edge functionality necessary to create detailed product designs, but also Siemens PLM Software’s synchronous technology.
The Student Edition of Solid Edge contains all of the functionality necessary to create complete designs. In addition to Siemens PLM Software’s synchronous technology, students will have access to the full function modules of Solid Edge drafting, sheet metal, surfacing and advanced assembly design.

In order to ensure students have the ability to effectively use all of the Solid Edge functionality provided, registrants are provided with links to tutorials and other online media, and granted access to a dedicated Internet forum that will allow collaboration with other students using Solid Edge. Users of the Student Edition of Solid Edge will also gain access to technical productivity tips.

Solid Edge from Siemens PLM Software is an easy to learn, easy to use, professional mechanical CAD software—available free to students. Using the same unique synchronous technology found in the commercial version of Solid Edge, students can easily use CAD software to rapidly create new concept designs, easily make design changes, and quickly. Get the Solid Edge Student Edition Free. Download Student Edition. Learn more about virtual computer software trials Solid Edge Free Trial Overview. Sign up for the Solid Edge 30-day free trial and discover our complete product development portfolio with affordable 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, and data management tools. Find top discount Siemens Solid Edge Student software deals at Royal. Buy from a trusted Microsoft Partner with thousands of satisfied customers. Shop our store for retail, OEM box products, and downloads. If you find a Siemens Solid Edge Student better deal on a legal product, we'll price match it. It's that simple.

To register for and download the Student Edition of Solid Edge, students can visit siemens.com/plm/solid-edge-student. The license can be renewed each year provided the user remains a qualified student.

For more information, visit Siemens PLM Software.

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What you'll learn

Included: Solid Edge Sample Exercises

We're building a growing library of tutorial exercises into your virtual computer, to help you explore key features of Solid Edge during your trial. Here is a sample:

How to Design a Part using Solid Edge Synchronous Technology

In this Solid Edge tutorial you'll learn how to design a part using the unique synchronous technology in Solid Edge. Learn how to lock planes, create sketches, apply smart dimensions, and create simple shapes, holes, and edges.

Top-Down Assembly Design with Solid Edge

In this exercise you'll learn how to design an assembly in Solid Edge using a top-down approach. We'll discover how to set gauge properties, build tabs and partial flanges, and use tools to make shapes such as cubes, cutouts, and holes.

Working with Imported 3D Models in Solid Edge

In this exercise you will learn how to import and edit 3D data in Solid Edge. You will import an IGES drawing, change dimensions, alter features of the imported geometry, modify and delete features of the model, and use the automatic healing tool.

How to Easily Create Detailed Drawings

In this Solid Edge tutorial you'll learn how easy creating CAD drawings can be with Solid Edge. We will build principal, isometric, auxiliary, and detail drawing views, adding additional information to convey manufacturing intent. Cut man stage my site website.

Solid Edge Download Free

Complete and Automated Sheet Metal Design

In this exercise we'll use Solid Edge's synchronous sheet metal modeling techniques to create a battery clip in galvanized steel. We will create and modify flanges, manage design intent settings, and assign material, bend radius, and thickness.

Bottom-up Assembly Design with Solid Edge


In this tutorial we will add a cover and fasteners to a Solid Edge assembly using the bottom-up approach. We'll learn to use the Parts Library and orient the part correctly, add assembly relationships, and pattern parts at an assembly level.

How to Create 3D Rendering with Solid Edge

Solid Edge St9 Free Student Download

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create realistic looking photo quality images in Solid Edge. We will apply materials to parts of the model, add a background image, adjust view and set render options, and then render the image.