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Serial numbers are used in SOLIDWORKS PDM to automatically generate a number series. This is a great way for PDM to generate a number to use for parts, assemblies, and drawings numbers. Each series of numbers can be customized for each type of file. PDM can be set up to automatically generate the number and to use this number as the file name.

In this article, we will be covering how to set up the serial numbers, set the variable the data card to use the serial number, and to set SOLIDWORKS to use the serial number as the file name.

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Solidworks Serial Number Location Number

Setting up the Serial Number

The serial number first needs to be set up in the Administration tool. Open the Administration tool and connect to the vault. Then navigate to the Serial Number node, right-click on the node, and select New Serial Number.

This will open the dialog box where you can name the Serial Number, choose if the number comes from a list or a string, select the format for the string, and the increment value.

For this example, the Part Number serial number will be from a string.

Will have a prefix of PT- and a 4-digit number.

And will increment by one.

Now that the Serial Number has been set up, PDM needs to have a place to use them. This is done through a field on the data card. When this field is configured, PDM will assign a number to the field from the serial number series.Driver epson l800 windows 7 64.

Setting up the Field in the Data Cards

In the Administration Tool, open the card node and locate the card to which the serial number will be added. For the Part Number serial number, I located my data card named “SOLIDWORKS Parts Card”. Double-clicking on the card will open the card editor. Keep in mind that in order to use the card editor you will need to have a local vault view on the machine and be signed into the vault. The permission to use the card editor is tied to the user that is logged into the vault view.

Once the card is open in the card editor, the link to the serial number needs to be established. Select the number field, and in the right column under the Default Value section, you can choose Serial Number and then choose the part number serial number.

Saving the part in the Vault

Now that the serial number is created and the data card is set to pull serial numbers when a part is saved into the vault, the data card will appear with the part number field filled out.

The part number will be assigned in the data card, but you still need to give it a file name and a description when it is saved to the vault.

Using the serial number as the file name.


Now that you have PDM creating part number, SOLIDWORKS can be set to use that serial number as the file name. The option for this is found in SOLIDWORKS under Tool>SOLIDWORKS PDM>options.

Under the Vault Settings (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Only) section, select the vault, then under the part, assembly and drawing tabs select the serial number to use and check the option to automatically name new files with serial number.

You can also choose the option so that when a file is saved using save-as it will pull the next serial number. In order to set these options, the Admin needs to be signed into the vault view on the machine. This is the only user that has the permissions to set these options.

Now, when a part is saved into the vault, the file name is automatically populated by a serial number.

The serial number is a great way to organize and ensure the consistency of the part, assembly, and drawing numbers and to help keep your vault organized.

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Solidworks serial number location code

Serial numbers, found on the distribution box, associate your computer with the SolidWorks products you have purchased.

If SolidWorks products are already installed on your computer, their serial numbers are displayed by default.

Solidworks Serial Number Generator

  • Enter your SolidWorks serial number if it is not already displayed.
  • If you have serial numbers for products that are not included with your SolidWorks license, click the product entry underneath Do You Have Other Serial Numbers? and then enter the serial number for that product.

If you have an internet connection, the serial numbers you provide will determine the products to which you are entitled as you continue through the installation process.

Where To Find Solidworks Serial

Because there are multiple ways to purchase SolidWorks products, some serial numbers can cover two or more products. For example, a SolidWorks serial number might enable you to install SolidWorks Simulation without entering a separate SolidWorks Simulation serial number. In addition, some products do not require a serial number. If you have any questions about your serial numbers, contact your VAR.
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