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12-07-2006, 07:51 PM

Sonicloads Of Cool Games Free

First off I know with out a silencer there will still be enough noise to be loud .
But I need to lower the decible levels as far as I can , and still kill quickly .
This year the @#*&^%@ hit the fan after a hunter on the next farm blasted away with some magnum at sunrise on saturday morning , waking the poor little angles .:twisted:
I just got permission to hunt a family freinds land next year , with the understanding I kill as many doe's as posible
I have not been hunting on the farm in 20 years, but was told it is thick cover and over run with deer .
Will be looking at it early next year , as it is several hours away
Reason I need to reduce the noise , the farm lies between a big subdivision and a town park / town boundry
But there are several hills / ridges to provide a good backstop for a rifle bullet
I will try to get several with the stick and string .
But I want to use cast in something smaller than the 45/70 .
The 45/70 and 50/70 the only rifles I have ever used on deer with cast .
I have rifles and moulds for the 7.62X39 , 303 , 308 , 30-06 , 8 Mauser , soon a 35 Wellen
But would use the 45/70 if needed
I was told by a cousin that a Long shot will be 100 or so yds , because he hunts there
Any sujested places to start ??
I was thinking a faster powder like Unique in the 308 or 303

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Sonicloads Of Cool Games

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