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  1. Star Trek Voyager Elite Force is a pretty good First Person Shooter made by Raven using the engine from Quake 3. It's the best Star Trek game in my opinon: great atmosphere, good level design, a new story set in the Voyager universe, you can even explore the Voyager and talk to the crew; there's even a multiplayer mode which is an old school.
  2. Unlike the first game, Elite Force II is largely set onboard the USS Enterprise-E stationed in the Alpha Quadrant. The game's storyline is a semi-sequel to the movie Star Trek Nemesis, and the end of Star Trek: Voyager series.
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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Demo. Elite Force is the ultimate in sci-fi first-person shooter action, using the Quake III Arena engine. The first game based on the Star Trek Voyager universe, Elite Force pits players against a multitude of Star Trek enemies, including the relentless Borg and never-before-seen aliens in intense single-player and multiplayer combat missions.

Elite Force v.1.2 Patch

This patch updates Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force to version 1.2.

Star Trek Elite Force Pc

Welcome to the Elite Force 1.2 patch.

For those playing on Elite Force version 1.1, This patch has two major components. For single player, it adds the Jeri Ryan voice pack. This will update the original game to use dialogue for Seven of Nine performed by Jeri Ryan, who plays the character on the show.

For multiplayer, this updates the Holomatch engine to version 1.2. This will allow players who do not install the Expansion Pack to compete against players with the Expansion Pack for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag games. A number of new multiplayer skins are included as well, including Borgified Captain Janeway.

For users on Elite Force version 1.0, there are a number of bug fixes included as well. Please read the Readme for more detailed information.


We recommend that all users apply the patch, and we look forward to your feedback.

The Elite Force Development Team

StarStar Trek Elite Force DownloadStar Trek Elite Force Download

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Star Trek Voyager Game Download

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Free Star Trek Elite Force Download