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A simple sticky notes and drawing memo app and widget for home screen. Features: Resizable widgets Local backup and Restore Scrollable text in a widget Handwritten notes Draw notes Share memo as text or a drawing Reorder items Manage trash Organize with folders and sub-folders Password protection Adjust transparancy Customize with different fonts (in home screen. Tired of having all those sticky notes around your desk and you always lose them? Well, Sticky Notes is the app for you! Save quick notes while you work so you never forget important meetings. With Sticky Notes you can jot down any note or reminder that matters to you. A new way to interact with notes. Sticky notes help us manage our to-do lists, tag our objects and documents and capture short. Pretty nice sticky notes app. Really helps with YouTube videos. I really like how you can customize the colour and title because most apps like this don't let you do that. I also really like the simplicity, it's not to complicated, easy, and quick to use.

Microsoft Sticky Notes is a desktop organizational tool that syncs with your other devices. You can create several notes in a range of colors, and choose which ones are on display to prevent clutter.

Ultimate organization

This program keeps what you need where you need it in a simple and appealing way.

Stickies App Download Free

This is more than just a straightforward notes tool. The application integrates with Cortana, the Windows assistant, so that if you type in a date and time, you can click it to turn it into a reminder. Your notes can be organized by color, and you can format them with bullet points, bold text and other features.

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You’ll find it easy to organize your notes using the hub, which allows you to control which notes are on display and to search for a particular item. As well as linking up with Cortana, the application has several other intelligent features. When you type a street address, you can click to view it in maps. Flight numbers will connect to the flight details, and web addresses become hyperlinks that you can click on. It makes you more productive and improves access to the information you need.


If you used a previous version of the Sticky Notes app, your saved notes won’t automatically sync to this application. There might be a workaround, but it isn’t straightforward and you could lose some files.

Where can you run this program?

Desktop Stickies

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This program runs on Windows 10 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. For more extensive features and tools, try Notezilla.

Our take

The Sticky Notes app from Microsoft brings lots of useful features in a simple format. You can prevent desktop clutter to keep everything looking clean. What really stands out, though, are the integrations with Cortana, maps, and links; you can do a lot and do it faster.

Should you download it?

Stickies app for mac

Yes. If you want to integrate with your other Microsoft features, this app is a useful tool.

Stickies For Windows 10